Astrotoponimy(from the Greek topos=place and nomos=name) is the art of interpreting the meaning of the names of places in a planet's surface...for instance, craters, valleys, ridges, continents. Now that we have explored a lot of places in our solar system thanks to wonderful spacecraft such as Voyager or Galileo, we have plenty of sites in alien worlds with names like those on Earth.

None of these has been interpreted astrologically, mainly because we always have pictured the planets around us. But the fact is that these places can be interpreted much in the same way as the names assigned to asteroids or other orbital bodies. Of course, there is the question of how to get a chart drawn in order to make it meaningful for an individual or a situation, but this will be dealt with in the next page! To get started with Astrotoponimy, it is better to get acquainted with these places first. And the logical initial step is to visit the nearest world to us:our own Moon...

The surface of the Moon has several features such as craters, valleys, mountains, etc., that are also found in other planets and satellites of the solar system.But the fact that makes the Moon unique among other celestial bodies are its lava plains called Maria (singular:mare, sea), Oceanus (ocean), Sinus (bays), and Palus (marshes). Of course, they don't have any water like those on earth, but they are named after these watery sources because of their appeareance from the Earth's surface. In fact, volcanic activity ceased millions of years ago on the Moon, but it left lots of "scars" once the lava floods cooled and formed many different plains, the biggest among them being easily seen with the naked eye.

These lunar seas, bays and marshes are named mainly after different states of mind that cover a huge repertory of human emotions, for instance, the Sea of Serenity, the Lake of Hatred, the Bay of Love, the Marsh of Sleep, and so on. This is interesting because the Moon in an astrological chart represents the emotional nature -among other things. If we follow the old rule that says "as above, so below", we can interpret the lunar seas as the emotional expression of the Moon. Literally, the lava plains we see now came from our satellite's interior, just as we humans let our emotions "erupt". So when the astronomers began to label these geological features they were just under the power of a synchronicity that took millions of years to take shape...So now it's time that modern astrologers begin to interpret them as part of their astrological resources, ever getting multiplied and sophisticated.

This may seem a little bit complicated at first, because a reliable technique is necessary to get a "lunar chart" done, but this will be dealt with in the next page! It is better to get acquainted first with the lunar seas and bays with the map that follows, which has been color-enhanced for better visibility.The features are presented in the following order and color:Oceanus (there is only one) and Mare (seas) in blue, Sinus (bays) in green, Lacus (lakes) in red and Palus (marshes -only three)in yellow. Each group of features appears in alphabetical order, and the main difference between them is that Oceanus,Maria and Palus are big plains and Sinus and Lacus tend to be smaller. A full list of these features appears below the image along with their corresponding numbers on the map and the translation in english of the latin name, which also depicts their corresponding state of mind as well as some astrological keywords for quick reference, and the latitude and longitude of the feature.Some of the meanings are positive, others are negative, depending on the name of the sea and whether it is "well aspected" or not (more on this in next page).The map borders show the lunar latitude at right and left, the lunar longitude at top, and the right ascension at the bottom.

It may seem difficult at first to find a pattern in the map, but just remember how very much like a hieroglyph looked a simple astrological chart the first time you saw one!It is better to get acquainted first with the bigger features (for instance, Oceanus Procellarum, Mare Tranquillitatis, Mare Crisium) and reinforce this with a good look at the full moon the next time it is available in our sky. You can also spot some points that call your attention because of the emotion they represent, like the Bay of Love,the Lake of Solitude,the Bay of Success, etc. Then you can proceed to identify other plains that are around your favorite ones. Once you feel comfortable, click on the link at the bottom and enter the next page to see how an Astrotoponimy Chart of the Moon is done!


0 - Oceanus Procellarum (Sea of Storms-18.4 N-57.4W)Catharsis, release, anger.

1 - Mare Anguis (Sea of Snakes-22.6N-67.7E)Anguish,obsession,karma,schizoid.
2 - Mare Australe (Southern Sea-38.9S-93.0E)Excitement,fun,playfulness.
3 - Mare Cognitum (Sea of Knowledge-10.0S-23.1E)Intuition, insight.
4 - Mare Crisium (Sea of Crises-17.0N-59.1E)Crises, burns out rigidity.
5 - Mare Fecunditatis(Sea of Fecundity-7.8E-51.3E)Creativity, or dullness.
6 - Mare Frigoris(Sea of Cold-56.0N-1.4E)Unexpressive, blocked, denial.
7 - Mare Humboldtianum(Sea of Humboldt;german natural historian,explorer and geographer/56.8N-81.5E)Emotional reserve, individual feelings, personal approach, emotional overview.
8 - Mare Humorum (Sea of Moisture-24.4S-38.6W)Soft emotional release,insecure.
9 - Mare Imbrium(Sea of Rains-32.8N-15.6W)Strong release, passion, inspiration or lack of spontaneity
10- Mare Ingenii(Sea of Cleverness-33.7S-163.5E)Mood changes, creativity, lightness.
11- Mare Insularum(Sea of Islands-7.5N-30.9W)Privacy, reserve, uniqueness of feelings, "special".
12- Mare Marginis(Sea of the Edge-13.3N-86.1E)Extreme emotions, stimulation to push the limits, or narrow-minded, fearful.
13- Mare Moscoviense(Sea of Muscovy, Russia-27.3N-147.9E)Courage, strength against setbacks.
14- Mare Nectaris(Sea of Nectar-15.2S-35.5E)Sweetness,emotional support, nurturing, softness and receptiveness.
15- Mare Nubium(Sea of Clouds-21.3S-16.6W)Emotional movement, accumulation, definition;lightness or heaviness.
16- Mare Orientale(Eastern Sea-19.4S-92.8W)Emotional control, freedom/oppression,liberation through emotional expression/awareness.
17- Mare Serenitatis(Sea of Serenity-28.0N-17.5E)Emotional equilibrium, calmness that reduces anguish as well as excitement.
18- Mare Smythii(Sea of Smyth-British astronomer-1.3N-87.5E)Emotional expansion, exploration, openness, fickleness
19- Mare Spumans(Sea of Foam-1.1N-65.1E)Imagination, creativity, inspiration, exaggeration.
20- Mare Tranquillitatis(Sea of Tranquillity-8.5N-31.4E)Emotional rest, regeneration, tolerance, acceptance
21- Mare Undarum(Sea of Waves-6.8N-68.4W)Release, catharsis, exaltation, fear, defensive attitudes, intense emotions.
22- Mare Vaporum(Sea of Vapor-13.3N-3.6E)Emotional awareness,feelings that affect ideas, exaltation.

23- Sinus Aestuum (Seething Bay-10.9N-8.8W)Anger, rage, overwhelming emotions.
24- Sinus Amoris (Bay of Love-18.1N-39.1E) Intimacy, love, purity, falling in love, arousal, manipulation.
25- Sinus Asperitatis(Bay of Roughness- 3.8s-27.4E)Strength, adrenaline, strong impulses, exaltation.
26- Sinus Concordiae(Bay of Harmony-10.8N-43.2E)Cooperation, empathy, communion, false expectations, idealism.
27- Sinus Fidei(Bay of Trust-18.0N-2.0E)Faith, trust,loyalty, openness, courage to take risks, sadness out of deception, self-confidence.
28- Sinus Honoris(Bay of Honor-11.7N-18.1E)Self-esteem, need to get attention, daring to be exposed, stage fright, pride, arrogance.
29- Sinus Iridum(Bay of Rainbows-44.1N-31.5W)Hope, newness, emotional rebirth, recovery, harmony.
30- Sinus Lunicus(Bay of Lunik-from Lunik 2 spacecraft landing site-31.8N-1.4W)Insights, self-exploration, sense of one's own territory, expansion of feelings.
31- Sinus Medii(Bay of Center-2.4N-1.7E)Emotional moderation, harmony, balances negative feelings.
32- Sinus Roris (Bay of Dew-54.0N-56.6W)Beautiful feelings, good intentions, letting go of emotional attachments, renewal.
33- Sinus Successus(Bay of Success-0.9N-59.0E)Emotional wholeness and synthesis, contact with inner self, "I know who I am".
34- Lacus Aestatis(Lake of Summer-15.0S-69.0W)Emotional blossom, chaos, intuition, exploration of inner"jungle"of feelings.
35- Lacus Autumni(Lake of Autumn-9.9S-83.9W)Exploration and discovery of feelings, courage to express emotions, sincerity.
36- Lacus Bonitatis(Lake of Goodness- 23.2N- 43.7E)Tolerance, acceptance, goodness, strength out of trust and security.
37- Lacus Doloris(Lake of Sorrow-17.1N-9.0E)Sorrow, reactions to loss or disappointment, recovery from such states through love and harmony.
38- Lacus Excellentiae(Lake of Excellence-35.4S-44.0W)Sense of responsibility, protection, care, creativity, genius.
39- Lacus Felicitatis(Lake of Happiness-19.0N-5.0E)Harvest, plenitude, sense of completion.
40- Lacus Gaudii(Lake of Joy-16.2N-12.6E)Learning to enjoy life.
41- Lacus Hiemalis(Lake of Winter-15.0N-14.0W)Self-control, emotional discrimination, consciousness, rest.
42- Lacus Lenitatis(Lake of Softness-14.0N-12.0E)Lassitude, permissiveness, softness, passivity, weakness,negligence.
43- Lacus Luxuriae(Lake of Luxury-19.0N-176.0E)Uplifting feelings, overindulgence, raw emotions, sexuality.
44- Lacus Mortis (Lake of Death-45.0N-27.2E)Extrasensorial or enhanced perception, contact with unconscious, mourning, mediumnity.
45- Lacus Oblivionis(Lake of Forgetfulness-21.0S-168.0W)Forgiving, rest, resentment, memory or lack of it.
46- Lacus Odii(Lake of Hatred-19.0N-7.0E)Negativity, envy, resentment, emotional blockages, but also useful energy if well redirected.
47- Lacus Perseverantiae(Lake of Perseverance-8.0N-62.0E)Motivation, persistence,endurance, obsessions, emotional stability amidst ups and downs, enthusiasm.
48- Lacus Solitudinis(Lake of Solitude-27.8S-104.3E)Loneliness, self-respect, self-protection, reserve, emotional independence/vulnerability.
49- Lacus Somniorum(Lake of Dreams-38.0N-29.2E)Visions, dreams, imagination, psychic, exploration of unconscious, creative insights.
50- Lacus Spei(Lake of Hope-43.0N-65.0E)Wishes, aspirations, ideals, desire to grow/learn, hope amidst difficult situations and despair.
51- Lacus Temporis(Lake of Time-45.9N-58.4E)Subjective sense of time, knowledge of inner rhythms and cycles, evasion from the present circumstances, emotional timing
52- Lacus Timoris(Lake of Fear-38.8S-27.3W) Fear, particularly of emotional attachments, aggression, disappointment, self-defense; also being fearless.
53- Lacus Veris(Lake of Spring-16.5S-86.1W) Sense of rebirth, liberation, new life;emotional abundance, plenitude, exuberance, celebration, ecstasy, excesses.

54- Palus Epidemiarum(Marsh of Epidemics-32.0S-28.2W)Reactions to collective social phenomena, emotional diseases, survival, strength to overcome crises, alienation, emotional intoxication.
55- Palus Putredinis(Marsh of Decay-26.5-0.4E)Exhaustion, transformation, giving in, slaying negative feelings, transitions, purification, intoxication.
56- Palus Somni(Marsh of Sleep-14.1N-45.0E)Lethargy, inertia, hypnotic states, mediumnity, self-sedation,dive into the unconscious.

Are you still there? Congratulations! I hope you don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of different places and feelings, in case you haven't activated your Mare Cognitum yet! There is no doubt that the emotional repertory of humans is enormous, and these keywords are just a sample of the main ones. But this is much more than a traditional astral chart can show.I will be updating the list whenever new meanings come to light. Now that you have become familiar with these Moon sites, click on the link below to see how to cast a Lunar Astrotoponimy chart, and also how to use this same map as an oracle!



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