a modern updo
on a roll One elegant option for a holiday hairstyle is Lara Flynn Boyle's upswept, braided do. As with a well-made pair of shoes, the beauty of an updo lies in the details. "The side part and the braid give this style a modern edge," says Oscar Blandi, who created the original look on Lara Flynn Boyle (left) and also re-created the look on the model seen here.
step one Apply mousse (or straightening balm to curly hair) to damp hair for texture. Part hair on side. Blow-dry with a round brush. Roll two-inch sections up into pin curls, and clip. "This will smooth hair and add 'bend,' " says Blandi. Apply a hair gloss throughout.
step two Unclip curls and brush hair up into a ponytail. "Place it where your head begins to curve," says Blandi. Pull out a small section from the top, and clip in front. Slide a hair rattan (a doughnut-shape holder) up the ponytail. Divide tail into two sections. Roll top section up; clip with pins under the rattan.
step three Roll the bottom section under, and pin underneath the rattan. Pull sides of top section down around the support, and pin. Pull sides of bottom section up, and pin. Hair should completely cover the rattan. Unclip the small section of hair you've clipped in front, and braid. Wrap braid around bun, and secure with a bobby pin. Apply a strong-hold hairspray.






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