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Retirement Planning

With the explosive growth in America's older population, one thing is clear: the growing number of retirees in the United States is placing a greater strain on the resources of our Social Security system. Many Americans are concerned that they may be unable to enjoy financial independence during their retirement years.

Which of the following questions are critical to planning a secure retirement? Check all that apply.

     How much income will you need during retirement?

     How much retirement income can you expect from Social Security?

     How much retirement income can you expect from your employer's pension plan?

     At what age do you plan to retire?

     How long do you expect to be retired?

     How much capital must you amass before retirement?

     How much do you currently have saved for retirement?

     How much should you contribute to investments each year until retirement?

     What rate of return will you require from your investments to reach your retirement goal?

     How will inflation affect your retirement income?

     How much risk are you comfortable assuming with your investments?


All of these questions are important to consider when planning for retirement. In fact, retirement planning may be the number one concern of Americans as they try to make certain they will be able to afford to retire.

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