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Monday, April 15, 2002

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Textbook of Natural Medicine

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The 2nd edition of the Textbook of Natural Medicine is a two-volume set, which includes a case. This is an update of the popular first edition and is the most comprehensive and widely-referenced text available on natural medicine. It covers a wide range of approaches for managing and treating over 100 conditions and health problems.

The first edition was reviewed in The Journal of Alternative Medicine as "the ultimate book on naturopathic medicine."

The Textbook includes:

  • Folk use, pharmacology, clinical and scientific indications for herbal medicines, specific nutrients and other natural agents
  • The history and philosophy of natural medicine
  • Supplementary diagnostic procedures, including a description of technique and discussion of clinical application of diet analysis, food allergy testing, hair analysis, Microclot tests and other diagnostic modalities
  • A scientific and practical review of a wide range of therapeutic modalities including botanical medicine, counseling, acupuncture, fasting, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, manipulation, exercise therapy and Ayurveda
  • Syndromes and other special topics, such as hypothyroidism, food allergy, candidiasis and fever
  • Acne, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, affective disorders, alcoholism, Alzheimer´┐Żs and other specific health problems


I refer to A Textbook of Natural Medicine frequently during the day. It is very well-organized with good science behind it.

Dr. Stephen Grable, MD
Acupuncture and Wellness Center
Jacksonville, FL

A Textbook of Natural Medicine is one of the few references I use day to day. No matter what level of knowledge a pharmacist may have in herbs and nutrition, this book will be invaluable. It is a reference everyone in the field can use.

Don Bottoni, RPh
Peoples Pharmacy
Austin, TX

A Textbook of Natural Medicine is an essential reference work for my practice. Its documentation often helps me explain the natural therapies I provide my patients.

R. Wood Wilson, ND, MS
Ayurvedic Natural Medicine Clinic
Seattle, WA

There is nothing else like A Textbook of Natural Medicine. It is thorough, well-documented and a wonderful resource in our practice.

Cherilee Virgil
Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner
Yalad Midwifery
Evergreen, CO

A Textbook of Natural Medicine has provided me with not only a good introduction, but also a strong everyday text for my practice. It has helped open a new dimension in patient care.

D. Glynn Taunton, DO
Oglethorpe Family Practice
Oglethorpe, GA

This text should be required reading for all traditionally schooled health practitioners and nutrition educators.

Roseanne Schnoll, PhD, RD, CDN
Brooklyn College, City University of New York
New York, NY

The Authors

Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., ND
One of natural medicine's leading educators

  • Co-founder and past president of Bastyr University
  • Co-author of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
  • Appointed in 1996 to the Seattle-King County Board of Health, the first naturopathic physician on a health board in the nation

Michael T. Murray, ND
A leading researcher in natural medicine

  • Bastyr University faculty member and member of the Board of Trustees
  • Co-author of the best-selling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and author of several natural health titles
  • Natural food and supplement industry consultant
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