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Donna's Professional standing in Desk Top Publishing combined with her joy in the Design, Implementation, Publication and Integration of graphics and text are integral to her position. Yet, even more than experience and opportunity, Donna possesses a rare quality: That Of Dedication, Understanding, Compassion, and, most of all, a Feeling of Other's Needs and Necessities....

Donna can not be said to have reached "success" by chance, Her's was a bumpy road many of us have experienced in one way or another yet failed to maneuver. A journey full of obstacles of denial, refusal, and hardship. What Donna accomplished was rare and unique to so few: she Learned and Discovered from her journey, then recovered her joy, love, hope and the key ingredient of all!! HER GIFTS TO SUCCESS.

Yes many Youth are presently negotiating those hard, cold, unwavering boulders. For, as the mountain may crumble, the boulders have remained. And, as in most cases, it is the very SAME obstacles that have failed to wither or completely crumble; even against the mighty dedication of the wills of so many!

I have chosen to write this opening Home Page for Donna Kimmel because I have sensed the importance of writing about HER as others see her. As she has demonstrated to all of the members of her family; strangers; even for those she has never met!

Please, if you are in need of encouragement, opportunity, education, or need a simple prayer, do not fail to write any of us. And, if you truly care for others, give our program a chance to fill your needs; utilize our Hosting, Design and Promotion; Volunteer; Form a Youth At Risk Program in YOUR community and we will assist.

Your Friend and Donna Kimmel's Partner
RJ Rocky Scarfone


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