Assassination Attempts on Meier

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While the tabloids of the ufological rainbow press speak of the “end” of the Meier Case, others are attempting to even expedite it. Indeed, twice, on June 8 and 10 for the 14th and 15th time someone has attempted to murder the contactee Meier; once even in broad daylight  and both times before witnesses!

It appears that Meier’s most recent publications have incited these latest events because, for the first time, he accuses a secret government mafia, similar to the “Men in Black,” of having manipulated and switched several of his earlier photographs. The fact is that serious Meier Case investigators, such as American atmospheric scientist Prof. James Deardorff, U.S. Air Force Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, or Michael Hesemann, have been convinced for years that the Meier Case was “contaminated” (see Chapter 23 of Hesemann’s Geheimsache UFO). Nonetheless, authentic photographs, movie footage, metal samples, and especially the statements of eyewitnesses verify the fact that Meier did indeed have genuine contacts and continues to have them to this day.

A shot rang out around 4:40 p.m. on June 8, as Meier walked across the court yard in front of the farm house in which he lives. The bullet soared past him so closely that he could feel the air move as the projectile barely missed his forehead. Three witnesses were present - two women and a man who stood a mere 30-50 meters/yards from Meier and they observed how Meier had been fired upon. But the sniper, who had been thoroughly hidden in the bushes, used Meier's and his friends' moment of shocked numbness to disappear unrecognized. Only the point of entry of the caliber 22 bullet was discovered—the bullet was lodged in a tree at the precise height of Meier’s forehead.

On June 10, 1998, around 3 a.m., less than 35 hours later, the second assassination attempt took place: Meier, who is a night worker, was walking across the court yard toward his friend Silvano, when he felt a powerful blow to his left kidney. Someone had hurled a throwing knife at him which, apparently, turned in midair and had struck him with the handle. Silvano, who stood a mere meter away from Meier, was only able to sense a person running from the brush where the knife thrower had been hiding. Meier later commented: “I can only say that I find it despicable and sad that somebody would attempt to eliminate the truth in this way.”

I have nothing more to add.


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