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Interfaith Alliance News www.tialliance.org/
To learn more about the Interfaith Alliance go to the website by clicking on the highlighted text.
The Interfaith Alliance is a national organization which has recently formed a chapter in Brevard County.  The Interfaith Alliance has six primary goals:
1. To safeguard religious liberty
2. To ensure the civil rights of all Americans
3. To strengthen our public schools and guarantee the separation of church and state in the public schools
4. To eradicate poverty
5. To champion a safe and clean environment
6. To promote good government, especially civil discourse in the public sphere.
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Temple Israel Ritual Committee
The Ritual Committee is inviting members of the congregation who would like
to participate in four areas of honors at Shabbat evening worship services to
volunteer in advance.  If you would like to light Shabbat candles, carry the
Torah scroll in the processional, have an Aliyah (recite the Torah blessings),
or do Hagbah (lift the Torah scroll after the reading), please call me and I will
help you to find an available date for you do participate in Friday evening Shabbat
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“Chesed v’Emet”
Temple Israel's “Chesed v'Emet” (meaning kindness and truth),  our group of
caring members,  has been very busy working on creating organizations to help
our members.
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    Grief Support
    Our Program has started and we are trying to find out what works best for our members. In order to accommodate those who prefer afternoon or evening we will alternate our meetings between Monday nights and Wednesday afternoons.  If anyone would prefer to have an individual meeting instead of attending the group, please call Temple Israel (631-9494) and leave a message for Adele Orlinsky.  Adele would be glad to set up and appointment to meet with you and is available during the day or evening.

    Dealing with a loss is a sensitive and painful issue and help is just a phone call away. Your Temple wants to provide this help for you.
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    “Bikur Cholim”
    The third group of caring members in our “Chesed v'Emet” will be performing
    the Mitzvah of “Bikur Cholim,” visiting the sick. This group is headed by
    Adele Granat and is still looking for volunteers to help visit the sick
    in the hospital, at home, and in nursing homes. Visiting will take place on
    the telephone and in person. Our visitors will be trained by Rev. Herb Agee,
    Chaplain at Wuesthoff Hospital. If you are interested in participating in this
    important Mitzvah, please call Temple Israel at 631-9494.
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    Funeral Arrangements
    The fourth area of caring is with funerals, an area of concern which Rabbi Friedman is
    organizing with the help of Linda Murphy, Temple Israel’s para-rabbinic, and
    Dr. Lee Sheinbart. We have arranged a “Temple Israel Funeral Package” with
    Wylie-Baxley Funeral Home and with Fountainhead Funeral Home. The purpose of
    the package is to eliminate the need for family members at the time of death,
    a terribly stressful time, to have to go to the funeral home to make painful
    decisions. The “Temple Israel Funeral Package” is available only to our
    members and the price is $2850. This price is also available to our members on
    a pre-need, planning basis. At Wylie-Baxley Funeral home (636-2441), please
    speak with Jeff Oliver. At Fountainhead Funeral Home (727-3977), please speak
    with Gil Carlson.
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Mitzvah Projects
We in Temple Israel are honored to be able to support two programs designed to
help the poor and hungry, one program in our community and one in the world at large.
These two programs are completely separate and do not overlap and we should feel
very proud for participating in these two Mitzvah projects.
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    Jewish Federation of Brevard Food Pantry
    In our community, each participating member of the Jewish Federation of
    Brevard, including Temple Israel, has agreed that every person who comes to a
    meeting will bring a can or box of food to the meeting to help stock the Federation’s
    Food Pantry, which is used to help the poor and hungry of our community.
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    Additionally, at every community meal and every meal sponsored by a community
    organization, including Temple Israel, 3% of the cost of the meal will be
    added to the amount charged for the meal, the monies to be sent to Mazon, a
    national Jewish organization which feeds the Jewish and non-Jewish poor and
    hungry in this country.  To contribute make your check payable to MAZON and send to:
    MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
    1990 So. Bundy Drive, Suite 260
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

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