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A counter-challenge to Kent Hovind


Below is the text of my counter-challenge to creationist Kent Hovind's challenge to pay $250,000 dollars to whoever will show the truth of evolution "beyond reasonable doubts".

Obviously, this is a spoof meant to uncover Hovind's challenge for the gimmick that it is. Notice that the conditions I required are the same ones that he asks of evolutionists. 

I presented Hovind with this letter on the occasion of a debate we had in Atlanta, on May 12, 2000 and several members of the audience (Christian fundamentalists) murmured that the conditions were "unfair". My point exactly...



Massimo Pigliucci, Ph.D. 1119 Live Oak Circle Knoxville, TN 37932

Phone 423-777-4078 E-mail May 15, 2000

To Mr. Kent Hovind, creationist

Dear Mr. Hovind:

This is a challenge to you in response to your challenge to evolutionists to prove that evolution is the only way to explain the diversity of life on earth, as reported on your web site at I hereby offer you or anyone else $1,000,000 if you can prove, based on empirical evidence, that Christianity is the only true religion and that a god with the exact characteristics of the one(s) described in the bible actually exists, other than in your imagination.

The proof has to be submitted to me in writing and I will turn it to a panel of experts of my choosing who will deliberate on the merits of your submission. There is no deadline for the challenge, except my own hopefully very long and prosper lifetime.


Massimo Pigliucci, PhD