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Full Sized Replicas

Allosaurus fragilis Model Kit (1:12 scale)
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: r790501103
Price: $289.95
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
1:12 scale skeletal model kit of Allosaurus fragilis, the dominant predator of the Jurassic Period of North America.
Kit contains the resin model (107 pieces), a hardwood base, a metal mounting armature, glue, a file, a hobby knife, 17 pages of instructions, and an 82 page text on the animal itself.

"In virtually all regards, your model is superb. In comparison with other such models, yours is by far the best, eclipsing the remainder of the market, not only in terms of the accuracy of the model itself, but also in the inclusion of the scientific background concerning the skeleton, concerning Allosaurus, and finally concerning dinosaur science as well."

David B. Weischampel, Ph. D.
Vice President, Dinosaur Society
May 10, 1993

Color: Bone Size: about 26 inches long