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President Khatami says nations should not be punished in place of terrorists Tehran, Sept 25, IRNA -- Iran's President Hojatoleslam Mohammad Khatami told visiting British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw here uesday that Iran fully understands the feelings of the Americans about he terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11. He said although the American administrations had been at best indifferent about terrorist operations in Iran (since 1979) the Iranians instead felt differently and had expressed their sympathetic feelings with bereaved Americans in the tragic incidents in the two cities. Hojatoleslam Khatami said the Sept 11 incidents in New York and Washington had tolled the bells for the world and alarmed the humanity at large, and reminded that ill-wishers were out to exploit the tragic incident as a reason for confrontation of civilizations and cultures and to portray a truly peaceful Islam that has love for all humans as being a phenomenon inherently against the West. He said Iran, in the meanwhile, has repeatedly said that catastrophes should not be responded by catastrophes. President Khatami said with reference to the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on September 11 that even though adequate evidence in proof f the criminality of one or a group of persons should be secured and presented that will not warrant confrontation with innocent nations. He said once the people responsible for the attacks have been singled out beyond reasonable doubt the world governments would obviously be ready to get tough with the criminals. He reminded that any scheme (for the Persian Gulf region) and any formula for that part of the world that should disregard Iran's due share in the regional security would simply further complicate the regional situation. President Khatami said the September 11th. incidents in New York and Washington should not be allowed to be connected with irrelevant incidents in other parts of the world such as those in the occupied Palestine. He said the best competent forum to address the issue of terrorism is the United Nations, and commented that the European Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) had a big role to play in the fight against world terrorism. Elsewhere in his meeting with the British envoy Khatami said Iran is interested to develop closer relations with Britain, and observed that both Iran and the British Government had to do everything possible to make sure that negative judgments in the minds of the Iranian people about Britain that had persisted from a remote past would be for ever erased. The British envoy said in response that President Khatami's proposition of dialogue of civilizations and his proposal for an assembly of leading religious authorities of the world and representatives of present-day philosophers would certainly be a big check against any eventual confrontation between Islam and the West. He also commented that a global fight against poverty and discrimination is the pre-requisite for a meaningful struggle against terrorism. Jack Straw who arrived in Tehran Tuesday is the first British Foreign Secretary to visit Tehran since the triumph on February 11, 1979 of the Islamic Revolution. HR/HR End

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Khatami, Putin agreed on the need to uproot terrorism Tehran, Sept 25, IRNA -- Iranian and Russian Presidents Seyed Mohammad Khatami and Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation Monday surveyed the aftermaths of the terrorist attacks in US, stressing the need for international cooperation in order to uproot terrorism. According to the presidential office, President Khatami stressed that if terrorism is an ugly international phenomenon, effective combat aimed at uprooting it, too, can neither be unilaterally led, nor hastily conducted. The Iranian president called for an international fight against terrorism, based on rationalism, and not revengeful sensationalism. President Khatami also repressed serious concern over the lives of more civilians at stake, particularly the oppressed Muslim nation of Afghanistan. Referring to the sensitive geo-political position of Afghanistan, President Khatami noted that Tehran and Moscow share close viewpoints in the issue, asking for broader ties between the two major regional countries. The Iranian president also announced Iran's readiness to cooperate with Russia in international fight against terrorism, and proposed more active presence of both countries in all regional developments, particularly under the tough current conditions. President Putin agreed with his Iranian counterpart's proposals in all regards, agreeing that it is the international bodies that should lead the international campaign against terrorism and to mobilize all counties in the world to address the issue effectively and collectively . Putin also announced the Russian Federation's full will and readiness to cooperate with Iran in bilateral fields, in addressing the regional issues and in international combat against terrorism. The Russian president meanwhile emphasized that for his country, cooperation with Iran in addressing the regional issues is of utmost importance and that it is one of the priorities of Russia's foreign policy. NA/JB End

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