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Hello and Welcome

This is a site about myself and the area in which I live.

It attempts to provide some basic information about who I am, the area in which I live and provide an audience for some of my photography; whilst allowing me to learn how to build a web page.

Here you will find a few pictures (including some of myself), some information about me and where I live, instructions on how to get in touch with me by IRC, Email, or MSN and much, much more...

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- dedicated to lulu, who introduced me to IRC in the nicest possible way -





News happenings and such other. Please take with a grain of salt (after consulting with your dietician).


16 May

Added some brainteasers to the "Distance" page and also updated the "Humorous Quotes (link at bottom of page)" page.

13 May - Thei and the Dragon

He procured himself a ride within a friend's automobile, upon entering of which he began to find himself transported in a manner most alarming towards his destination, the hospital being a destination with much merit when embarking upon such a journey. He arrived, unscathed save psychologically, but with time up his sleeve. And, so rumour would have us believe, an armpit. To do his time justice, he called on the services of a friend of the family, who happened to reside in the near vicinity. (This being after the postal office (and its menagerie of postal boxes) had divulged its single letter into his willing hands). A delightful hour of repose, relaxation and idle chatter followed, broken only by the automobile we met previously coming to rest against a tree - not in the manner desired. Fortunately for the tree, the speeds involved were not only minimal, but also angular. Fortunately for the automobile, the tree was rounded and its girth offset with respect to the automobile's gravitational centre. Our valiant hero, cavalier paragon that he is, set his life back into the dubious hands of fate, entering once again into the battle-scarred automobile, which made its way, poste-haste, hospitalwise.

Not content with the vagaries of speed, velocity and mass (not to mention large immoveable objects), our hero threw care to the laundromat and placed his life into the arms of the Medical Profession. The people who kill people, whilst attempting to save the very life they lose. After the required stabbing, pressing, poking and observing, he made his way to the microwave, and lost several minutes of his life. The minutes embedded themselves firmly into a thin sheet of plastic, which he then took to the medical profession who was sitting in her small room, second on the right. In this case she was a petite Egyptian, who placed the trapped minutes onto an enlightening box, and peered intently at them; without doubt becoming very enlightened.

Our hero, having finally reached his destination after many trials and tribulations, and a single chocolate milk, had still yet one final indignity to suffer. He was made to lie upon a table, and allow the medical profession to examine him, presumably to ensure he was indeed the right hero and not some Hollywood replica. Checksums checked, CRC's CRC'd, airways breathed, thoracic cavities rang true, and the supermarket was broached, plundered and pilfered. Leaving our hero back in the automobile returning whence he came, respite with the knowledge that his pneumothorax was all but cleared (and 4 packets of cream biscuits, a large block of chocolate and a large packet of Thins potato crisps).

2 May

Back to hospital for an X-Ray. Sadly no improvement, so its a wait for another few days now. No exhertion allowed. None at all... This means that the 'hole' in my lung has been leaking air into the pleural cavity around the lung. Hopefully it will seal up and the air will absorb, or at least partially so, before my next microwave. Otherwise its chop chop.

28, 29 April

<Midnight> After 8 litres per minute of Oxygen for 2 days, no positive change was noted so am now back home - attempting to recover and will have another X-Ray soon to check progress. Pain is under control, but sleeping isn't pleasant - lying down isn't comfortable. The good news is that mortality rates are less than 5% and this is a small ~5% collapse. The bad news is that it hurts, it re-occurs, it demands total rest, and it scares me that I might roll over and pop my lung when I'm sleeping. Anyway... off to bed.

27 April

Suffered a re-occurance of a spontaneous pneumothorax. I may have to spend some time in hospital 'inflating'. I'll let you know.

Basic Flying Rules:

1. Try to stay in the middle of the air.
2. Do not go near the edges of it.
3. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly in the edges.

16 April

A great deal of absolutely nothing has happened. Its been a wet few weeks. Not the torrential downpours of the wet season, but wet and sodden nonetheless. The camera battery died, and being a Sony, required a special battery; so I now have a new battery. Its twice the capacity of the old one which is handy. I shall now go collapse in an appropriate spot. Collapsing at the keyboard is embarassing. I might consider sleep.

30 March

Telstra Webhosting experienced problems, resulting in a the loss of this site for a few days. Added a few more pictures, some green tree ants, some flowers, a panorama of a local airstrip... I am nearly out of webhosting space, ie: the site is full.

7 March

Preliminary design on the oz-page kept me from doing anything here. It has now flooded, prompting me to take some photos - and post them to this site. I've also updated the templates I am using to XHTML 1.1 Compliancy, so the latest few pages and hopefully all newly added pages will be compliant with this latest standard. It is very wet, raining lots. The ground is sodden and spongy, expect the mould to start forming with a vengeance; Oh what fun it is to live in a rainforest!

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