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(Prashant, Simran)

The successful team of Prashant-Simran come together again in'Thamizh', after their earlier films like 'Parthen Rasithen' and 'Kannethire Thondrinal'. Produced by Deivanai Movies, veterans in film production, the film is directed by debutant Hari who had worked as assistant to directors K. Balachander and Charan. While Hari pens the story and screenplay, Charan writes the dialogues. Apart from Prashant and Simran, there is Livingston who plays an important character. And a supporting cast of Raghuvaran, Nasser, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vadivelu, Charlie, Vyapuri, Manorama, Damu, Urvashi, Ponnambalam, Rajan P. Dev, and Baburaj. The film has music by Bharadwaj, editing by Lenin-Vijayan, stunt choreography by Super Subbarayan, sets designed by Mohan-Rajendran, and cinematography by Venkatesh.

Shooting commenced in Chennai and will shift to locations im Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. Some scenes are being shot in Sikkim, reportedly the first time a Tamil film is being shot there. A few scenes were picturised on Prashant, Charlie, Vadivelu, and Crane Manohar in Karaikudi. Thamizh, Amavasai, Murthy and Poochi are friends. Thamizh is the handsome one, with girls crowding round him, like bees to a flower. At times the girls profess their love, some even proposing marriage. When he is harassed, Tamizh has a way out. He promptly takes a 'Thaali' out of his pocket and says, "I'll marry you right now! I'm ready, are you?". The girls taken aback vanish from the place. One day when a college girl professes her love, Thamizh takes her to the nearby temple, and does the standard act. And when the flustered girl tries to escape, Thamizh and his friends admonish the girl for the callousness with which she and others treat 'love'. The scene is followed by a song by Thamizh and his friends. Prashant played Thamizh, Charlie played Amavasai, Vadivelu was Murthy, while Crane Manohar was Poochi.

Yet another scene was shot on Prashant, Nasser, Ashish Vidyarthi and some stuntmen. It was a routine day at the market place. Suddenly the ambience is disturbed by the entry of two vans, which speed around and screech to a halt. From one emerges Rathnam followed by his henchmen, ready for a fight. From the other emerges another rowdy, with his own armed goons in tow. The people around flee the scene, apprehensive of the fight to follow. Thamizh, who comes there with his friends, sees the scenario, approcahes the two gangs, and warns them of distrubing the peace of the place. "This is a place where families come too. If you both insist on disturbing the peace here, we are not going to be passive spectators. It's better if you continued your feud somewhere else!" At his words the two gangs leave the place. Prashant played Thamizh, while Nasser and Ashish played the gang leaders. 

"Thamizh" will have action, sentiment and humour and will entertain the whole family," says producer Amudha Durairaj. With the successful track record of the earlier films of Prashant-Simran teaming together, 'Thamizh' is a film we can look forward to.

Malini Mannath 

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