If you click the heading, you will jump to a graphical outline. Double-click on the little boxes to jump to desired locations in this site.
   If you click the above picture, you will be placed into a JAVA enabled diagram. Notice that the menu on the lower frame changes as you click in the lower diagram, but the explanation is in the top frame. As you navigate using buttons in the top frame, a pointer moves in the lower frame. There is about 1/3 of a book of text throughout the various menu items. This diagram presents all aspects of the overall theory, and is the core of this site.
   The popup-boxes on this page present a personality test to help you determine your own particular cognitive style. You start the test by choosing a style in the lower frame. A trait, for that style or for others, is presented in the top frame - respond by clicking on the color bar in the lower frame. You will notice that a graph comes up to present your cumulative scoring - if you click on this graph, you can see the expected answers for the current trait. Click again on the graph to get back to the cumulative score.
   If you wish a more textual approach, you can find it here .
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