Last updated: April 8, 2002

The May 2002 issue of PSM magazine contains a nice little mention of MKDA. Check it out here.

The good folks at Midway were kind enough to send me this picture of...wait a minute. Midway got this picture from US. They didn't send us any....never mind, check out this new render of Scorpion.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is featured in this month's issue of Game Informer. This issue reveals new characters, backgrounds as well as our new play mechanic. On Sale Now !!

In this hidden underground shrine, holy men incubate the egg of the last Great Dragon. Legend tells that upon its return, the Dragon King will rule Outworld once more. (click image for larger version)
Having regained Shao Kahn's favor. Shang Tsung was allowed to freely roam Outworld. As a base of operations he constructed a small dwelling. In the center of that dwelling lays a courtyard surrounded by acid where he would defeat and consume the souls of his captive enemies. (click image for larger version)
Matters of great importance to the Shokan race are brought before the Pillars of Ancient Heroes in Goro's throne room. (click image for larger version)

MKDA Scorpion Movie: (resolution - 320x240)
Quicktime version (zipped 7.1 meg) click here
Windows Media Version (zipped 6.1 meg) click here

MKDA Director's Cut Movie available now !!
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