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Welcome to your one stop place for information and discussion of 
DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) related issues.

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UPDATED: May 20, 2002 03:35 PM

May 19, 2002 - Just added new charts listing all local channels on both Dish Network and DirectTV.  Many thanks to Steve Jay Mehs for typing up these charts.  THANKS STEVE!!!  

May 17, 2002 - Added the History Of DBSTalk page. It contains a rundown on how and why this site was created. Makes for some interesting reading.

May 16, 2002 - Removed CNN Sports Illustrated from the Dish Channel Chart, DirecTV Channel Chart and the  Package Comparison Chart. Also replaced CNN/SI with ESPN News on the XM Radio Listing.

May 10, 2002 - Changes ahead for Dish Network HDTV.  CLICK HERE for more info!

May 8, 2002   Added TVN 24, removed TV Polonia and Radio Polskie 1 & 3 from the Dish Network Channel Chart and made the same changes on the Dish International Chart.  Also updated the General Comparison Chart and made a few minor changes on the DirecTV Channel Chart.

May 1, 2002 - Added Showtime HD (High Definition) to the DirecTV Channel Chart on channel 543.

April 18, 2002 - Added ESPN Classic back to the Dish Network Channel Chart.  Also changed the name of 'Discovery Science Channel' to 'The Science Channel'.  Added Christian Television Network to the Sky Angel Chart.

April 9, 2002 - We've added a new chart called the XM Radio Listing. It's a complete breakdown of all stations that exist on the service.  Many thanks to Scott Greczkowski.

March 23, 2002 - Well, we have officially moved to our new server and it seems to be working great.  Much faster speeds and many, many more features.  I'd like the thank all of our members who have contributed to DBSTalk over the past year both in visitorship and through financial contributions.  Without you,  we would never be where we are today. 

March 20, 2002 - Updated the DirecTV Channel Chart  and Package Comparison Chart to reflect Yankees Entertainment & Sports (YES).  Also,  as you may have read,  we will be moving to a new server soon with a new discussion forum.  Things are moving along well and I know you will like the new features of the forum. 

March 7, 2002 - Added a new link to the Links page called the Television DMA Guide. Check it out if you get the chance.  Also, if you need to reach all of the administrators here at DBSTalk.Com,  you can use one handy e-mail address.  This address reaches all of us at the same time: AdminAll@dbstalk.com.

March 3, 2002 - Replaced StarNet with RFDTV and added The NFL Channel on the DirecTV Channel Chart.  HBO Plus is once again called HBO2 (Jamielee). Added channel numbers to Package Comparison Chart.  Thanks to Eric G for the help in updating these charts. 

Feb 24, 2002 - Made some changes to a couple of packages today. Removed The Limited Pak and Select Choice from the Package Comparison Chart since these two packages are no longer available to new DirecTV subscribers. Also updated the DirecTV Channel Chart with new channel numbers for The Travel Channel and Discovery Health.

Feb 14, 2002 - Updated the Dish, Spanish and Sky Angel Channel Charts.  Also added a link to the discussion forum on all charts.

Feb 3, 2002 - Updated some of the charts to reflect channel changes and prices.  Everything should be good to go.  I've also added a link on the LINKS page to an excellent web site showing different wiring diagrams for setting up your dish.  Check it out HERE.  

Jan 27, 2002 - Just added a new link to the links page.  It's Dish Stars Inc.  An excellent source for satellite related information and to find a local dealer in your area.  Please check it out when you get the chance.

Jan 20, 2002 - Lots of updates to the channel charts to include changes that will occur on 1/22 and 2/1, in terms of channel additions and price/package.  Also added additional Discovery and Music Choice Channels to DirecTV Channel Chart.  Added Much Music and split IFC/WE in the Dish Net Channel Chart (will occur on 1/22).  Updated Spanish Comparison Chart with new packages (New DirecTV Packages will be available 2/1) and more complete info.

Jan 12, 2002 - Most of the charts have been updated with various changes. As reported at the CES,  DirecTV will be adding 10 more local cities to their lineup.  They also will be changing their packages and prices in February.  Dish Network will be raising their prices by $1 on some of their programming packages.  Be sure to visit the discussion forum for details and news.  Registrations is not required so don't hesitate to jump right in. 

Jan 7, 2002 - The big announcement today is the eventual release of a new set top box called Moxi.  Looks like quite a product.  You can read about it on a special web page created by our very own DBSTalk Moderator/Admin  Scott Greczkowski.  Thanks Scott!  

Jan 2, 2002 - Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope this year brings you good health and happiness.  With the must carry local channels going into effect,  updates were made to Local Channels chart.  Also,  ESPN Classic was removed from the Dish Network lineup changing the Dish Channel Chart, Who Has What and Package Comparison charts.  Many thanks to Steve Jay Shem for keeping up on these updates.  He's a valuable member of our team!  I've also added a new link to the Links page containing information about how DBS works called DBSTech.  Please check it out if you get the chance!

Dec 15, 2001 - We've had some channel chart changes.  Added Star Net, Colours, and Safety Net to Dish Channel Chart. Also updated Package Comparison and Who Has What charts as a result of the 3 new public interest channels.  Be sure to visit the Echostar Knowledge Base to find out what new local channels you will be receiving after January 1st. Most of the new channels will be in the 8000 block and shaded in green.  The price of locals will go from $4.99 to $5.99.

Dec 10, 2001 - Removed Channel 639 from Dish Net Channel Chart since TV Japan has  been removed from 119. Removed Channel J from DirecTV Channel Chart. Also minor updates on the General Comparison Chart.  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Nov 16, 2001 - Updated the Dish Channel Chart to reflect the Holiday Music Channel on 982.  

Nov 11, 2001 - Updated charts to reflect the name change of Fox Family to ABC Family. 

Nov 10, 2001 - Sky Angel chart updated.  On another note,  the Dishplayer has recently been giving a lot of people trouble due to bad software downloads. I encourage everyone reading this to e-mail Charlie Ergen (ceo@dishnetwork.com) and voice your displeasure.  In the long run,  it might help us get some results.

Nov 4, 2001 - Added new acronym page.  This page will help you understand the meaning of some of the abbreviated terms commonly used in these kinds of forums. Please let us know if you think there should be any added to the list.  Thanks!

Nov 1, 2001 - Added Record International, to Dish Channel Chart and Dish International Chart. New package pricing on Brazilian Package (Thanks to Tony).  Removed Dish On Demand channels 526-529.

Oct 28, 2001 - Today we've added a DirecTV Commercial Systems Forum.  This new forum was created upon request because there were some commercial installers out there that needed a place to exchange ideas.  DBSTalk is happy to provide a place for them to gather.  DBS users are also encouraged to participate in the discussion since our user base is filled with some "street smart" individuals who know a lot about DBS systems. 

Oct 25, 2001 - Removed The Early Childhood Network and added University Of Washington TV to Dish Channel Chart and Package Comparison, also added Shop At Home to DirecTV Channel Chart and Package Comparison Chart.

Oct 19, 2001 - Updated the Dish Channel Chart to reflect new Korean Channel.  

Oct 12, 2001 - Did some updates today to the channel charts.  Hope you are all enjoying DBSTalk.Com.   Since our inception at the end of June,  we have had over 135,000 hits. On behalf of myself and the moderators, a big thanks to everyone for making this site such a success.

Sep 25, 2001 - Removed PPV Guides from channels 299 and 411 from Dish Network Channel Chart and added Starz W to General Comparison chart.

Sep 16, 2001 - Added The Israeli Network (channel 656) to both Dish Network Channel Chart and Dish International Chart.  Added new "The War Against Terrorism" forum.

Sep 13, 2001 - Updated Sky Angel chart. Replaced channel 9716, Family Net with Liberty Broadcasting.

Sep 7, 2001 - Updated the Spanish Comparison chart, the DirecTV Channel chart and the General Comparison chart. 

Sep 6, 2001 - Updated DirecTV channel chart. Took out the Tivo and MS UTV demo channels since they no longer appear on DirecTV's guide on their website and added the Wink interactive in the 490s channel range. "Who has what?" chart also updated.  Also added a link on the links page to a web site that has information about hooking up 1 Dish to receive both Dish Network and DirecTV at the same time.  Check out that page HERE.

Sep 5, 2001 - Updated Dish Network channel chart with new shopping channels, removed Pleasure added Hot Zone and added the non-spanish international channels still up on 119.  Many thanks to Steve Jay Shem for the update.

Sep 3, 2001 - Added a link to the Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA) listing. Should help you in determining where your city ranks in the great scheme of things and when you should expect to have locals on DBS.  Only about 35 or so are available so if you rank at number 157,  you have a long wait.

Sep 2, 2001 - I would like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contact us about corrections to the charts.  We really appreciate it!  We continually strive to make them as accurate as possible.  Thanks again!

Aug 28, 2001 - Hey folks! How would you like your very own DBSTalk E-Mail address? You can choose whatever name you like with the @dbstalk.com extension so it would look something like this:


The great thing is that you don't need to change your existing e-mail address. All e-mail addressed to yourname@dbstalk.com will get automatically forwarded to your "real" e-mail address. As a registered user, this works great if you would like to place a visible e-mail address in your user profile without revealing your actual address. Also works great in other places on the net such as newsgroups or other forums.

If you would like to have an e-mail address, just e-mail me your requested username and your "real" address so I can set you up ( webmaster@dbstalk.com ). Since this is a private venture, you will not receive any SPAM messages from me unless it's an important announcement. Sign up today and hurry...good names are going fast!

Aug 24, 2001 - General Comparison page has been updated with some additional information.  We also obtained permission from Skyreport.com to reprint their news articles in the forums so you will be seeing entire news stories instead of just links.

Aug 20, 2001 - Today we've added some more charts.  As you can see the links on the left are growing.  Lots of good information.  Don't forget that under the satellite news links,  you can link directly to Yahoo and it does an automatic search of both Echostar and DirecTV news.  Makes it much easier than having to go to Yahoo and type in the search words.

Aug 19, 2001 - Okay,  I've been doing some tweaking on the site all weekend and I think it's really starting to take shape.  I've been getting some really good feedback so thanks to all who have given your 2 cents.  There is still more to add to this site so please bare with us during the construction. As always,  thanks for visiting and have fun!

Aug 18, 2001 - Welcome to the new DBSTALK.COM home page.  We hope you find this page informative and useful.  Many thanks to Steve Jay Shem for providing the info thus far. Over the coming weeks we will be making additions and improvements to this page so stay tuned!

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