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Virgo Horoscope
for 5/24/2002

When you are faced with a decision dear Virgo, you can say "yes", and commit yourself to something, or say "no" and just walk away. In both cases, you respect your personality and you don't waste any of your energy. But if you agree to a compromise, you're getting yourself involved in something that will be more costly to you than you think. You may realize this at the end of your day today, dear Virgo...

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thursday, may 23

11:38 PM

Usually I'm pretty frugal with my money. So why is it that I owe a whole pantload of money on my credit card right now?

Busy busy blah blah is for chumps but we all knew that.

Wish my plants would hurry up and arrive. Although I do have a package to pick up, I think it's the pesto book that I ordered, and not plants at all.

I should not be up this late on a worknight. I remember when I was commuting via the GO train, I would go to bed at midnight or 1 AM, get up around 6ish and be leave the house around ten to seven. Now I'm lucky if I roll outta bed at 7:30 and leave by 8:05. As you can see, I'm not very high maintenance.

You shouldn't be looked down upon if you choose to wear comfortable versus uncomfortable shoe, regardless of trends. I have to walk on these feet for my whole life, and I'm not ruining them so I can fulfill some ancient decree that all women have to wear uncomfortable shoes to be successful or even respected.

monday, may 20

11:06 PM

Had a great time at the Monster Magnet show last night. Very eclectic crowd. It was held at Club 279, which is the new club above Toronto's Hard Rock Cafe. The place had a really odd setup, but had all sorts of TVs broadcasting what was happening on stage. If you were somewhere and couldn't see the whole stage, you could watch the video feed. Being short, I couldn't see much when we were closer to the front, but when we moved to the back, I could see much better (especially when band members got up on the provided risers). So we didn't need to watch the video feed to see the whole show, but it was nice for when we weren't quite sure what was going on.

The weirdest thing was that as we were leaving, the exiting crowd was told to step aside. Then the band came through past everyone to go backstage. Keep in mind that the exit was at the opposite end of the stage and the band basically had to walk around the perimeter of the whole club. They weren't mauled or anything, but it must have been very unnerving for them to have to go through a bunch of fans to get backstage. Wonder what will happen to Joey McIntyre when he plays there next month?

thursday, may 16

10:26 PM

It bothers me that I don't always say what I want to say here. I just don't feel like having someone with authority at work call me into their office and fire me for breaking some fine-print rule about confidentiality. I don't want to slag the company, because I do enjoy my job on the whole.

Sometimes I just feel so frustrated. And trapped.

I know I should be happy that I work with an all-round pretty decent bunch of people. I should be happy that I am employed at all. (I hate the way I just tried to shrug off my feelings with an "it doesn't matter, be happy anyway" kind of statement.) I'm questioning if it's right anymore. A few months ago, when I was reading all sorts of career books, one of the personality-based ones said that it was really important for me to work somewhere that jived with my values. I had never really clued in just how important that was to me until I saw it in writing in front of me.

I'm glad the industry I'm in does help people, versus just selling them random crap. But I don't know if I believe that we're giving people what they need most right now. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the stuff we produce is important and valuable. However, I think sometimes it's really easy to get so entrenched in it, that we miss out on other things that are important to the people we service. I wouldn't dream to suggest anything because I'm not the target market for thsi stuff, and they're not in a place to do anything about it anyway.

I truly believe that the business world and the way we do work there is wrong. More and more people are burning out everyday. There's no balance anymore. And it's hurting all of us, and in bigger ways than we ever imagined.

Every time I see some kid all punked out, or wearing a concert tee, or just a little out of the ordinary, I feel hope for the world, and that things aren't always going to be like this. I worry that I am being idealistic though, cuz the hippies are now all drones looking to retire.

I don't ever want to be a drone. But I think the metamorphosis has already started, and I don't know how to stop it.

friday, may 10

4:05 PM

This weekend I'm visiting my parents, which means the following:

1) I get to see my sister's new kitten, and her new apartment
2) I get to take home the food processor my mother found for me
3) I get to give my mom her Mother's Day present in person, rather than just phone her
4) I get to visit with my best friend

Hopefully I'll get pictures of the kitten doing cute things. Or pictures of anyone doing cute things.

2:29 PM

What a brave kid. Marc Hall is allowed to attend the prom with his boyfriend