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This website was created as a platform for exploring and investigating both the legal and political ramifications of one of the most important and unique trials in history.  Edited by an award winning investigative journalist and an esteemed member of the Scottish Bar.  These pages are intended to help the reader learn about how the trial is structured, and the background of  various people involved in all aspects of the Lockerbie Investigation.

There were those who predicted that this trial would never take place and there were those who worked tirelessly, but ultimately unsuccessfully, to try to ensure that it would not.  My purpose is to give you an account of my part in attempting to secure, over some rather powerful opposition, that there would in fact be a trial. 


Prof. Robert Black  

(from his lecture; From Lockerbie to Zeist)

I am sure there are other higher ideals in life, mine are pretty simple. The fact that I do it passionately is that I am trying to ask questions on behalf of others who are not here to ask for themselves.  Long term, I believe in the human spirit for good and someone will break ranks and fill in all the blanks.  In all my career, no case has been more deserving of this.  Lack of accountability is now seen in some quarters as an asset.  The man in the street is constantly been given the notion by our leaders that it is ok to blame someone else.  What happened to honour?   

Ian Ferguson  (from a letter to a father who lost his daughter on Pan Am 103)




Thursday, March 14, 2002:

The Court has unanimously rejected the appeal of Abdel-Basset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.

Read the decision in full:


Click on a link to read:   1. The Indictment

                                         2. Those Who Died

                                         3. The Costs

                                         4. The Trial Judges

                                         5. The Court


For the Crown                                                           For The Defense

Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, QC                          For Megrahi: William Taylor, QC

Advocate Depute, Alistair Campbell, QC                                        David Burns, QC

Advocate Depute, Alan Turnbull, QC                Jr. Counsel    John Beckett Junior Counsel, Jonathon Lake                                           For Fhimah:  Richard Keen, QC

Junior Counsel, Morag Armstrong                                               Jack Davidson, QC

                                                                                         Jr. Counsel  Murdo MacLeod  


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