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Star (*) - Complies with (or could be easily retrofitted to comply with) FCC educational standards.
ActionMan   ACTION MAN (26 x 30)
Utilizing animation, live-action footage, computer graphics and morphing techniques, this series is a visual treat as ACTION MAN fights crime with the help of his elite multinational task force -- at the same as trying to unlock the mystery of his past. This action-packed, youth-based action series, in the vein of "James Bond" and "Indiana Jones" is sure to thrill both children and parents. (animated/live-action)
A meteor crashes in Arizona bearing single-celled alien organisms that evolve into monstrous creatures determined to replace all life on Earth with their kind. It's up to scientists Ira Kane and Harry Block, with a little help from Lt. Lucy Mai, teenage wannabe fireman Wayne Green and the odiferous alien tracker, Gassie, to figure out a way to stop the "Genus" and its humanoid manifestation, Scopes, before life as we know it goes the way of the dinosaurs. (animated)
Archie's World   * ARCHIE'S WEIRD MYSTERIES (40 x 30)
Things are getting weird in Riverdale, home of all-American boy and high school newspaper reporter, Archie Andrews. Ever since an experiment in the high school physics lab went awry, Riverdale has become a magnet for the stuff of which "B-Movies" are made. A swamp creature has taken up residence in the old swimming hole! Frankenstein's monster is hanging out in Lover's Lane! Mad scientists, werewolves, vampires, giant ants, UFO's and zombies are invading Riverdale. It's thrills, chills and a whole lot of laughs. Join Archie and his pals - beautiful Betty, sexy Veronica, devious Reggie and eccentric Jughead - as they do their best to unravel ARCHIE'S WEIRD MYSTERIES. (animated)
New Archies   NEW ARCHIES (13 x 30)
The classic characters of Riverdale High are back with the same fun, chaos and laughter, only this time we are seeing them as nine year olds! (animated)
    BATTLETOADS (1 x 30)
When three high school surfers from Oxnard, California become magically endowed with special powers, they transform into powerful humanoid toads in order to fight the Beast Police and rescue a captured princess. (But once a surfer, always a surfer!) (animated)
Beverly Hills Teens   BEVERLY HILLS TEENS (65 x 30)
Set against a backdrop of wonderfully and comically exaggerated wealth, a group of fun-loving American teenagers face typical teenage concerns in a constant state of comic turmoil. (animated)
Bump in the Night   BUMP IN THE NIGHT
The following trio of lovable characters has emerged from every child's imagination and landed under the bed of a young boy: MR. BUMPY, the zany green, purple-warted mischievous sock-eating monster with the uncontrollable energy of a 10 year old. Mr. Bumpy is constantly getting into mischief, along with his two best friends SQUISHINGTON, the malleable blob of blue goo who dwells in the household plumbing, and MOLLY CODDLE, the level-headed comfort doll that is a collection of doll parts sewn together by Mom. (animated)
A young video gamer, Kevin Keene, is sucked into his TV set and becomes the ultimate hero - CAPTAIN N. Saving Videoland from Mother Brain and her host of video villians, THE N-TEAM and CAPTAIN N hold the forces of evil at bay. Based on the phenomenally successful NINTENDO game system. (animated)
    CHIP & PEPPER (13 x 30)
Wild twins wreck havoc on the set, with fun music, computer animation and animated cartoon shows. (live-action)
    A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1 x 90)
Charles Dickens' classic tale of the miserable, stingy Ebenezer Scrooge is now a full-length animated musical. In the course of a single night, Christmas Eve, Ebenezer's cold heart is warmed forever as he is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Ebenezer grasps the true meaning of Christmas as he embraces the holiday and his friends and family that he had abandoned so long before. This tender tale of hope and redemption comes to life with the voices of Tim Curry, Whoopi Goldberg, Ed Asner and Michael York. (animated)
C.O.P.S.   C.O.P.S. (65 x 30)
"Fighting Crime in a Future Time," The members of C.O.P.S. are all extraordinary crime-fighters - each one a master of a special skill, each one dedicated to the cause of justice and the eradication of organized crime. (animated)
The academy award winning voices of Whoopi Goldberg and Christopher Walken star in this exciting and quirky science fiction special based on a property from George Lucas' company. Atomic excitement ensues when the evil Dr. Mayhem attempts to conquer Dynatron City with an army of Robot Drone Soldiers. (animated)
Double Dragon   DOUBLE DRAGON (26 x 30)
Dragonmaster Billy Lee has recently been reunited with his long lost twin brother, Jimmy Lee. Together they use a combination of martial arts and the non-violent "Code of the Dragon" to battle the dark forces and frightening villains of the all-powerful Shadowmaster. (animated)
Gadgetinis   GADGET AND THE GADGETINIS (52 x 30)
The classically popular Inspector Gadget is back in his first all new incarnation in 17 years. This time he has been recruited by an elite international peacekeeping organization - which means new larger-than-life capers, new gadgets and a new set of assistants: the Gadgetinis - a group of tiny robotic versions of Inspector Gadget who are frequently the unintended victims of his bumbling. But in the end, thanks to his heart of gold, his indefatigable spirit and a little help from his brilliant niece Penny, Gadget always manages to save the day. (But not without a good bit of property destruction along the way. (animated)
Gadget Boy   GADGET BOY (26 x 30)
GADGET BOY is the world's youngest, most blundering bionic detective and is assisted by his nanny, Top Secret Agent Heather and his faithful robotic dog, G-9. After receiving their top-secret assignment via an exploding fax tie, our trio travels the world to stop the evil Spydra in her nefarious schemes. Whether Spydra is bringing the world's statues to life, cloning inventors with giant insects or repainting the Mona Lisa in her own image, our heroes thwart her every move, using ingenuity, G-9's morphing powers and GADGET BOY's own bionic devices. (animated)
From the test tubes containing the precious samples of genetic materials from the world's greatest detectives, the almost-perfect experiment yielded: GADGET BOY. He's small, he's bionic, he's precociously intelligent… and he still needs his blanky! Now Gadget Boy's exploits transcend time! Pursuing the evil Spydra throughout the ages, Gadget Boy must thwart her "historic" crimes, undo her misdeeds and set history right again! (animated)
Hammerman   HAMMERMAN (13 x 30)
Set before his pyrotechnic rise to stardom, (M.C.) Hammer is still Stanley Kirk Burrell, helping kids at the local community center and dreaming of making it big as a rap music star. When some "magic dancing shoes" step into his life, Stanley is transformed into HAMMERMAN - the first musical superhero! (animated)
Just as Christmas in Hollywood is starting to look glum, three darling pets discover an opportunity to make some extra money by entering a singing contest. Cuz, Dude and Rosie must battle the streets of Hollywood to make their way to the contest, in hopes of winning the $1000 first prize. In the end, our adorable friends discover that the true meaning of Christmas isn't about money and presents - it's about being with those you love. (animated)
In the DIC Holiday Theater Special, HULK HOGAN: ALL-TIME CHAMP, we'll find out that the Hulkster is more than up to the challenge. With a little help from his friends, Hulk battles his way through tigers, jewel thieves and Amazon women when his plane crash-lands in the jungles of South America; then, he foils the deep-sea plans of a gold-hungry pirate Captain who is forcing our Wrestlers to load sunken treasure onto his ship; then, when a friendly Alien accidentally lands in JYD's yard, Hulk makes sure an organization of super-spies doesn't use him for their own evil ends; and finally, a routine visit to Captain Lou's uncle turns into a far-out visit back through time to Sherwood Forest and the days of Robin Hulk and his Merry Wrestlers! But - not to worry, Hulkmaniacs - it's all in a day's work for HULK HOGAN: ALL-TIME CHAMP. (animation)
Hulk Hogan   HULK HOGAN'S ROCK 'N' WRESTLING (26 x 30)
Nothing about this show is ordinary. Loads of wild comedy. Explosions of exaggerated high-energy emotions. Action-packed cliffhangers. And even more energy is added to the dynamic pace of the show by a strong rock music track during action sequences. The emphasis of the show is on the wrestlers' wild and outrageous personalities. None of them average and all of them different. The wrestlers, good and bad, have all kinds of adventures, get into all kinds of scrapes, and battle each other on the wrestling mats. This no-holds-barred action/comedy hour ends with a humorous but valuable health and safety tip. (animation)
Hurricanes   HURRICANES (65 x 30)
The adventures never end for our fictional HURRICANES soccer team as they tour the world from the deep jungles of South Africa to the busy cities of Moscow and London. The team's enthusiastic 12 year-old owner, Amanda and tough-but-sweet coach, Jock lead the team through matches against Egyptians, Translvanians and even a team of Australian wallabies! And for every match, there is an equally exciting adventure off the field! (animated)
    HYPERNAUTS (13 x 30)
When three young recruits from the Academy of Galactic Exploration blast off into the vast uncharted depths of space, they depart not as mere astronauts - but as HYPERNAUTS! Absorbed in dazzling computer graphics imagery, these compelling characters must pilot their incredible machines through hostile environments and brave new worlds. While battling an invading armada of deadly robots known as the Triiad, the junior explorers discover a new alien friend and mentor, Kulai. As they learn to work together, the young heroes transform from raw, rebellious cadets into mature, experienced HYPERNAUTS. (live-action)
Dennis the Menace   INCREDIBLE DENNIS THE MENACE (13 x 30)
Based upon one of the most successful and evergreen comic strips ever published (and inspiration for the hit live action movie), Hank Ketchem's classic "DENNIS THE MENACE," this series stars the irrepressible Dennis and his unwilling best friend, the grumpy Mr. Wilson. This heartwarming and hilarious series depicts the adult world from a child's perspective. (animated)
Inspector Gadget   INSPECTOR GADGET (86 x 30)
He's the world's first bionic policeman! Our bumbling detective is equipped with an incredible array of gadgets and a niece named Penny and a dog named Brain -- to help him in his never-ending battles against crime and corruption. (animated)
DIC's classic character, Inspector Gadget, is everyone's favorite bionic policemen. Aided by his niece, Penny and his faithful dog, Brain, Inspector Gadget is out to save Santa Claus and Christmas from the evil clutches of Dr. Claw and his mindless followers. This Christmas special was nominated for an Emmy by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. (animated)
Inspector Gadget   * INSPECTOR GADGET'S FIELD TRIP (26 x 30)
Presented as a video field trip and utilizing live-action geographical footage, children's outings are no longer confined to the local library or fire station. Courtesy of Inspector Gadget and his "Gadget-Guided" international tour, kids can now visit such faraway places as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal or the NASA Space Center. Already enamored with the humorous Inspector Gadget, learning will be fun while children expand their geography and knowledge of foreign lands. (live-action/animated)
Jayce Wheeled Warrior   JAYCE AND THE WHEELED WARRIORS (65 x 30)
Based on a successful Mattel toy line, this is the story of Jayce and his allies as they battle evil and save the world. (animated)
    JINGLE BELL ROCK (1 x 30)
Inspired by the worldwide Christmas hit "Jingle Bell Rock" (which was licensed for this program), this rock 'n roll family Christmas show introduces us to a troubled Santa Claus who will soon be facing bankruptcy unless he can find some quick cash! With the help of Buddy, a would-be rock 'n roll singing elf and his new hit song, "Jingle Bell Rock," Santa's funds are replenished as the world hums along to its favorite new Christmas song. Starring the voice of legendary comedian Milton Berle. (animated)
    LADY LOVELYLOCKS (10 x 30)
As benevolent ruler of the mystical land of Lovelylocks, Lady Lovelylocks struggles against the evil workings of Duchess Ravenwaves who seeks to take over the kingdom. (animated)
After 20 years of searching on the island paradise of Oahu, the evil archaeologist Dr. Karl Von Fragman has finally found the five legendary "evil" slammers. In a dastardly attempt to conquer the world, Dr. Fragman purposely releases the sinister spirits of the evil slammers. Ronnie, the local cap-playing champion, stumbles upon one of the "good" slammers and liberates the remaining "good" slammers in order to stop Von Fragman in a classic battle of good versus evil. (animated)
Siegfried & Roy   THE LEGEND OF SARMOTI: SIEGFRIED & ROY (4 x 30)
SIEGFRIED AND ROY are the world-famous Masters of the Impossible whose Las Vegas extravaganza has smashed every record imaginable. Adapted for animation, this mini-series is a set in the fantasy world of Sarmoti, where Siegfried and Roy are two quick-witted adventurers determined to find the rare creature who has become a myth to most of its citizens. Siegfried and Roy utilize their mind-boggling illusions, gripping stories and astonishing animal entourage as the very tools to fight off the evil Titans as well as entertain their followers. As "Butch & Sundance" of a magical fantasy world of fairy tales, folklore, legends and myths, SIEGFRIED AND ROY defy categorization and never cease to amaze even the most skeptical of believers. (animated)
Zelda   LEGEND OF ZELDA (13 x 30)
The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy-adventure In the sword-and-sorcery genre, based on the celebrated Ninetendo videogame, with a strong sense of humor and undercurrents of a budding romance between the two leads, Zelda and Link. (animated)
Liberty Kids   * LIBERTY'S KIDS (40 x 30)
This exciting new series thrusts the viewer into the dramatic fray of the War of Independence, as seen through the eyes of two kids who've been taken in and given jobs as roving reporters by the Renaissance man of the Revolution, Ben Franklin. British teen Sarah sees both sides of the war and doesn't like either, while American teen Gregory is a passionate defender of freedom and liberty. French orphan Henri, who's also taken in by Ben, may be younger than his new "big brother" and "big sister", but he often sees most clearly. The series is packed with action, yet it confronts moral decisions head on. It's not concerned with the politics of history, but uses the drama of the events as a backdrop for the conflicts faced by its protagonists. (animated)
Clowns of Happy Town   LITTLE CLOWNS OF HAPPY TOWN (13 X 30)
Meet the joyful family of clown characters who inhabit the frolicking place known as Happytown. Their job is to bring smiles and happiness to everyone, even that mater of gloom and doom known as Awful McBad. (animated)
Tom and Lucy Little, members of a tiny family of people a la Tom Thumb, help normal-sized Henry Biggs save his family home from greedy, mean Uncle Augustus. (animated special)
The Littles   THE LITTLES (29 x 30)
Henry, a normal sized boy, discovers The Littles live in his home and he joins them on many of their adventures as they travel to many far off places of the world. (animated)
In celebration of the Fourth of July, this three part special brings The Littles to New York City where they gain a greater value for democracy and liberty. (3 part animated special)
Madeline   * MADELINE (33 x 30)
Based on Ludwig Bemelman's classic books, MADELINE stars a clever little redheaded girl whose capricious antics have won the hearts of children, parents and educators everywhere. Narrated in rhyme by Christopher Plummer, who was awarded a Prime Time Emmy Award for his voice-over work, MADELINE has been recognized as one of the highest quality animated programs produced for television. MADELINE's many awards include a Cable ACE Award for children's series, TV Guide's Top Ten Children's Programs and a recent Emmy. (animated)
The beloved MADELINE is staring in 26 brand new episodes for the year 2000. Never before has such a clever, adventurous and mischievous little girl withstood the challenge to entertain generation after generation and now, even a new millenium. Continually faithful to the spirit of the classic children's literature by Ludwig Bemelmans, these richly-textured period pieces capture the exotic spirit of Paris in the forties. This new series is an enchanting opportunity to fall in love with those "twelve little girls in two straight lines" one more time. (animated)
Madeline in Paris   MADELINE: LOST IN PARIS (1 x 90)
She's captured millions of hearts and has been adored by every generation - now Madeline stars in her first animated feature ever! Full of spirited fun and five fantastiques new songs, LOST IN PARIS is narrated by Christopher Plummer and stars the voices of Lauren Bacall and Jason Alexander. When a lost uncle from Vienna pays a surprise visit, Madeline's dreams of family life seem wonderfully fulfilled - until she find herself in the middle of an unfortunate scheme. Madeline must call upon all of her courage and cleverness to foil an evil plot to take her from the only family she's ever known. Join Madeline, Miss Clavel, Pepito, her eleven school friends and her ever-so-smart dog, Genevieve in a thrilling Paris adventure as they all rediscover the true meaning of family. (animated)
The Magic Flute   THE MAGIC FLUTE (2 x 30)
Based on the opera, THE MAGIC FLUTE, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this story is about a young prince who was given a magical flute by the Queen of the night to help him find the princess and return her to the Queen. The prince is captured by the King, and both the prince and the young princess discover the truth of her past and that the treachery of the Queen of the night has serious consequences for the entire kingdom. (animated)
Limos, Premieres, Saving the World…just another day in the lives of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Teenage Superstars who play Teenage Special Agents in their weekly mini-movies. This show gives the viewer something extraordinary. We get to see two of the biggest teen stars in the world comment on their "film" adventures and then, with the power of animation, we join them - at the premiere - to watch their on-screen Super Teen Agent identities fight the good fight and save the world from evil. These girls go right from the pre-show interview in real life straight to exotic locations like the Great Wall of China as animated Special Agents. (animated)
    MAXIE'S WORLD (16, 32 x 11)
Surfside High School student and cheerleader, Maxie has fun and adventure solving crimes and investigating mysteries as anchorperson for her own TV show. (animated)
    MEET JULIE (1 x 60)
MEET JULIE is an exciting action/adventure story about nine year old Carol and a very special doll given to her by her father. Carol's father is the owner of a company that provides security services, and when he gets an assignment to guard an art exhibit at the Louvre, he takes Carol with him. During their transatlantic crossing, Carol falls overboard. She is rescued, but not before the water near her doll is struck by lightening, bringing the doll to life. Later, when Carol's father is abducted, along with a priceless collar on display at the Louvre, it's up to Carol and Julie to join forces and rescue her dad and track down the crooks. (animated)
    MONSTER MASH (1 x 60)
Inspired by the famous pop song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, this fun-filled movie-length fright-fest fantasy is destined to become a modern Halloween classic. Frankie, Wolfie and Drac have fallen on hard times. Frankie's batteries need recharging, Wolfie's losing his hair and Drac's wearing dentures. If getting old wasn't bad enough, then being summoned before a Guild tribunal for having lost their scare factor is even worse. Given one last chance to scare a typical human family, these classic monsters don't stand a chance, until their "scared" family steps in to help them. Fear mongering has never been so much fun! (animated)
Mummies Alive   MUMMIES ALIVE! (42 x 30)
Co-produced by Ivan Reitman, one of Hollywood's top producers ("Ghostbusters"), MUMMIES ALIVE follows the exploits of four Egyptian warriors brought back to life to protect and serve the reborn spirit of the young Pharaoh, Rapses. Using their Egyptian powers, the lost martial arts of "Egyptsu" and an incredible solar-powered chariot, the MUMMIES oppose the mysterious evil entity, "Scarab." When they're not "wrapped-up" in heart-pounding action, they're trying to adapt to our modern world - with outrageously comical results. (animated)
New Kids on the Block   NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK (15 x 30)
Those crazy rock 'n roll heartthrobs from the international teenbeat phenomenon, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK are now on tour. Each episode follows the wild adventures of the New Kids between each concert. Will the New Kids be able to escape and still make it back to the arena in time for their show? Each episode includes exclusive live-action, high-energy concerts performed by the New Kids themselves. (animated)
Based on the all-time favorite children's song, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," this preschool driven show features big, lovable, plush-costumed farmyard animals and their teacher, Old MacDonald. With lively recognizable songs, energetic dancing, simple arts & crafts - the emphasis is on kids and FUN! (live-action)
Martin   * OUR FRIEND MARTIN (1 x 60)
Four kids have the adventure and learning experience of a lifetime as they travel into the past to meet a young Martin Luther King, Jr. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the courageous champion of human rights, the teens experience some of Dr. King's most thrilling moments, dramatic challenges and emotional victories. But when they try to save Dr. King's life and bring him to the present, they learn his true impact on the cause of human rights and discover the importance of his place in history. (animated)
Pepe Plata   PEPE PLATA (65 x 30)
Sit-com from Univison about the world's richest teenage zillionaire rock star and major-league practical joker. Pepe isn't just another new kid on the block; he owns the block. Pepe would like to be the typical teenager, but that is hard to do from the back seat of a Limo, or from one of the innumerable rooms of a forty-story mansion surrounded by a moat and protected by a drawbridge and wild animal preserve. He is looked after by his faithful Valet Alfonso and hangs out with a group of regular guest stars: Olivia, the wealthy next-door neighbor, who has her eye on Alfonso. Dyana, Alfonso's niece, has the solution to every problem if not the skills to solve them. Ten year old Humberto is a role model for the less smart Pepe. Brandon, the live-in gardner and zookeeper adds a touch of Magic to the show. Rudy, Pepe's musical mentor, offers a voice of truth in a musical wilderness.
Photon   PHOTON (26 x 30)
The heroic Guardians search the universe for uncharged crystals from the original energy source, Photon, and charge these crystals with light in order to save the universe from the evil of the Warlord of Arr, who wants darkness and death. (live action)
    POLE POSITION (13 X 30)
A stunt racing and daredevil family team put on thrilling shows of automotive acrobatics as well as run an undercover crime-fighting organization privately funded and working in cooperation with the government. (live action)
Poochie   POOCHIE (1 x 30)
While millionaire magazine publisher, E.G.Prince, is off doing important things, his dog Poochie is left in charge. She communicates through a computer robot, Hermes and writes a popular column for Prince's magazine while personally helping one of her readers. (animated)
Popples   POPPLES (23 x 30)
Furry little creatures who bring fun and excitement wherever they POP up, Popples live in a world scaled for adults and these Popples have problems-a-plenty. But they are an inventive, acrobatic bunch and they always come up with a creative solution to any obstacles along the way. (animated)
Pro Stars   PROSTARS (13 x 30)
They are sports superstars, ambassadors of goodwill, heroes to kids from all over the world, and they have bonded together to form the PROSTARS. Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson are equipped with wild sports gadgets, which enhance their already amazing physical abilities. (animated)
"Record Breakers" is an exciting live-action remote controlled car racing show for kids. International wrestling star, Jesse "The Body" Ventura hosts each show which is chock full of remote controlled racing from different cities in the U.S. The show combines the action and competition of a major sporting event with fun and zany comedy. For a show that is unique, exciting and original try Record Breakers. (live action)
Rimba's Island   * RIMBA'S ISLAND (52 x 30)
This series features six lively, colorful costumed animals who dwell deep in an idyllic rainforest. The show features fun songs, multicultural music, rhythmic movement and simple stories for preschoolers. The characters teach children about self-esteem, the wonders of the world and the satisfaction of getting along with others. (live-action)
Sabrina   * SABRINA, THE ANIMATED SERIES (65 x 30)
Sabrina Spellman is a cute twelve year-old with a big heart and an even bigger secret: she's half mortal and half witch! The only people who know of her powers are her teenage witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, their lovable mortal Uncle Quigley, her best friend, Chloe and her mischievous cat, Salem, a Warlock who's been turned into a feline as punishment by the Witches Council. Despite her Uncle Quigley's warnings to not use magic to solve problems, Sabrina often "borrows" spells from the Spookie Jar and wreaks middle school havoc with her friend Harvey. With a touch of magic and a dash of mayhem, Sabrina and her hilariously miscast spells are sure to win your heart. (animated)
Sailor Moon   SAILOR MOON (159 x 30)
A young girl named Serena and her four high school friends have been chosen to receive powers from mysterious Celestial Guardians. Only Serena is able to access the powers needed to fight the evil forces of Queen Beryl by transforming into SAILOR MOON. The combination of her fierce battle cry, "Moon Power," and the hi-tech powers from her secret locket has made SAILOR MOON the female force of the new millenium. (animated)
The Secret Garden   THE SECRET GARDEN (1 x 90)
Eleven year old Mary Lennox was left an orphan and sent to stay with her aloof, hunchback uncle and his mysterious family in Yorkshire, England. As this tart-tongued little orphan attempts to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the manor house, she is lead to the biggest mystery of all - a locked garden. (animated)
Sherlock Holmes   * SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THE 22ND CENTURY (26 x 30)
The world's greatest detective has returned - and this time, he's fighting crime in the brave new world of the 22nd century! Sherlock Holmes has been brought back from the grave to battle Professor James Moriarty, the only adversary Holmes ever considered an equal. Moriarty, accidentally cloned by an unscrupulous scientist, is determined to dominate the crime-free world of the future. To help Holmes stop him, the personality of Holmes' loyal friend and companion, Dr. Watson is programmed into the brain of an android. Co-produced with Scottish Television, this series is visually highlighted by a striking blend of traditional 2-D and 3-D CGI animation. Each thrilling, action-packed mystery is inspired by one of the actual literary classics of Arthur Conan Doyle. (animated)<
Sonic the Hedgehog   SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, ADVENTURES OF (65 x 30)
Sonic the Hedgehog is the most fearless hero on Planet Mobius where his supersonic speed and teenage irreverence constantly thwarts the comedically despicable Dr. Robotnik. Sonic's idolizing little buddy, Tails, tags along on every fast-action, gag-driven adventure. (animated)
Sonic   SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (26 x 30)
Sonic the Hedgehog, the #1 character recognized worldwide, is back on Planet Mobius and faster than ever! As the fearless leader of a group of freedom fighters, Sonic attempts to free the citizens of Mobius from the tyranny of the evil Dr. Robotnik. This quality series was originally produced for ABC Saturday mornings. (animated)
Sonic   SONIC UNDERGROUND (40 x 30)
On the planet Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog is reunited with his long-lost siblings, Sonia and Manic. Together they form an underground band and fight to overthrow the evil Robotnik, who has outlawed anything fun and creative such as music, dancing or even books. Pursued by Robotnik's army of swatbots and the bounty hunters Sleet and Dingo, there's never a dull moment for Sonic and his siblings as they search for Queen Aleena, their mother and the rightful ruler of Mobius. They'll jump right in when it's time to fight the forces of evil - but given half a chance, they'd rather make music. With some amazing instruments, the trio will play their outlaw brand of rhythm and melody whenever and wherever they can! (animated)
Santa Claus has made an announcement - he is retiring and has picked the perfect successor - "Robotniklaus!" Sonic and his sister resolve to persuade Santa to return and set Christmas straight. When the two track down the Santa who made the announcement, they discover he's just a phony robot and the real Santa Claus is being held prisoner. With the power of the blue streak, X-TREME SONIC rescues the real Santa Claus and delivers all the stolen presents - all before dawn on Christmas Day. Santa is so impressed he actually considers retiring if Sonic would take the job. "Wow!" says Tails. "You'd make a great Sonic Claus!" (animated)
    STARCOM / U.S. SPACEFORCE (13 x 30)
Starcom is a military unit stationed in space. It's missions include everything from dealing with alien invasions to searching for intelligent life. (animated)
Strawberry Shortcake   STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE
Strawberry Shortcake is back and sweeter than ever in this four-series special premiere. A birthday celebration for Apple Dumpling, a trip to the North Pole to find gifts for Strawberry's friends, the search for Spring, and a get-well party for Honey Pie Pony are the topics of these four half-hour specials, designed to bring the charm of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends to a new generation of children.
Street Sharks   STREET SHARKS (40 x 30)
Imagine a time, when DNA genetic engineering has emerged from the science lab into an everyday growth industry. When an evil genetic engineer, Dr. Piranhoid illegally experiments with an untested DNA genetic formula, four brothers are accidentally transformed into monstrous half shark - half humanoids! Delighted with his mistake, the diabolical madman seeks to alter nature and tailor all humanity into sea creatures of his own design and control! So hold onto your fins as the heroic STREET SHARKS kick some serious fin (not to mention satisfying their voracious appetites!). (animated)
Super Dave   SUPER DAVE (14 x 30)
The famous Super Dave Osbourne is the "World's Greatest Stuntman and Daredevil-For-Hire" who takes on larger-than-life impossible missions. With his sidekick inventor and equipment maven Fuji, "Super" is ready to face any adversity. But he is both overconfident and underskilled -- leading to bungled assignments -- and him getting comically bent, mangled or folded in the process causing him to utter his signature phrase: "New pain!" But somehow he always manages to complete his mission -- prior to entering the hospital. ("I'm fine -- just pour me in a jar") (animated)
In this animated special, Super Dave attempts his first educational show, trying to teach a class of kids interesting facts. The lessons take us to outlandish locations, and even flashback to Super's youth, always placing our daredevil in harm's way - with hilarious, painful results. To add to Super's problems, his sidekick Fuji is competing against him with an educational show of his own! Super finally learns that education is no laughing matter - unless you're watching this show! (animated)
Super Duper Sumos   SUPER DUPER SUMOS (26 x 30)
This super-duper super-hero series features three gigantic, half-ton, eighteen year-old sumo wrestlers who are "fish out of water" with their ancient powers in our modern world. Running around in super-hefty-sized thongs, Mamoo, Boomer and Kimo go through a transformation sequence, doubling in size and strength to protect the world from an evil farce…er, force. (animated)
Super Mario Bros   SUPER MARIO III & SUPER MARIO WORLD (IV) (23 x 30)
Another set of adventures starring the now-classic kids' heroes, The Super Marios Bros. This time Koopa has escaped from a Banishment Zone to battle the Super Mario Bros. And he he has a powerful new weapon, the Koopa Kids - Koopa's bratty, yet lovable, offspring! It's the irrepressible Marios versus wild kids gone amuck in outrageous comedy adventures. (animated).
Super Trolls   SUPER TROLLS (1 x 30)
When Craven, the evil troll wizard, escapes from the underground kingdom of Trolland, he emerges in San Francisco where he intends to use "human magic" in combination with his own troll magic to conquer both worlds. Will all be lost when Craven assembles the giant, half-mechanical, half-magical Trollminator to do his bidding? (animated)
Matthew Lawrence stars as Sam Collins, leader of a teenage garage band who discovers that an alien warlord has infected the digital world with monster "megaviruses." Sam and his high school friends create the SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER-SQUAD to "Samurize" and actually enter cyberspace and rid the earth of the evil menace. (live-action)
Swamp Thing   SWAMP THING (5 x 30)
Based on the legendary 20-year old D.C. Comics character, Dr. Alex Holland was once a brilliant scientist until an explosion in a secret lab transformed him into SWAMP THING: part man - part plant and all hero. (animated)
Four Beverly Hills teenagers have been chosen to become superpowered galactic sentinels. Their mission is to stop the evil intergalactic Emperor Gorganus, who dispatches ferocious monsters throughout the galaxy. When our teens are summoned to action, their special secret tattoos pulsate like a cosmic pager and they transform into superpowered alien fighters and become Earth's last hope to eradicate the villainous creatures. Not to mention dealing with life in high school! (live-action)
Ultra Force   ULTRAFORCE (13 x 30)
Long ago, an alien spacecraft from another dimension crashed on the moon and left behind a sentient machine called, "The Entity." Attempting to broadcast messages for help, the Entity's alien sound waves released scores of "Ultras" (superhuman beings) across the cosmos. As the Ultras began to appear on Earth, mass confusion and widespread panic ensued. To bring a measure of calm and peace to our terrified world, a heroic group of Ultras, the revolutionary ULTRAFORCE, came into existence. (animated)
Ulysses   ULYSSES (26 x 30)
Based on the Greek legend of the Odyssey, Ulysses is transformed into a futuristic space hero traveling throughout the galactic universe of the Olympus on a quest to return home to Earth. (animated)
Tex Avery   THE WACKY WORLD OF TEX AVERY (65 x 30)
A series of belly-laugh-funny short segments each starring a different member of a wild family of original characters including the bumbling. Roman centurion, "Pompeii Pete," the inept conqueror and the little princess he cannot conquer ("Genghis and Khannie,") the lamest super hero on 4 legs ("Power Pooch"), the world's first inventor ("Einstone"), the ultra pesky "Freddie the Fly" and of course, wackiest hero in the old West, "Tex Avery" himself. An homage to the brilliant, hilarious and groundbreaking animator Tex Avery and the wonderful squash-and-stretch cartoons of his era. (animated)
    WHAT-A-MESS (26 x 30)
Based on the popular Frank Muir book series, this delightful animated series follows a scruffy, noble, Afghan puppy on his comical adventures through life. Although this messy, sloppy, clumsy, yet extremely lovable puppy always strives to do right, he somehow always ends up making a bigger mess than ever. Join WHAT-A-MESS as he tackles the mysteries of everyday life with a daring, somewhat skewed, puppy's point-of-view. (animated)
With thrilling adventures and mysterious clues, "Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego" is an exciting animated series that challenges viewers to figure out the thrilling weekly capers. Carmen Sandiego is the world's greatest thief, and each episode finds her stealing larger-than-life treasures ranging from the Mona Lisa and the Faberge Eggs to the Space Shuttle and the Statue of Liberty. (animated)
Cowboys of Moo Mesa   WILD WEST COWBOYS OF MOO MESA (26 x 30)
A delightful, outrageous series about real cows who ride horses, work the land, raise families, and live harmoniously with one another in the town of Moo Mesa, guided only by a whimsical but always profound Code of the West (C.O.W.). (animated)
Wishkid   WISHKID (13 x 30)
This exciting series features the voice of MACAULY CULKIN ("Home Alone" and "Richie Rich") as Nicholas McClary, an adventurous nine year-old kid. When a shooting star from outer space blazes into his room one day, Nick is granted one wish a week, launching him from one adventure to another. The only problem is...he never knows exactly when the wish is going to run out -- leaving him in some wild predicaments! (animated)
The Wizard of Oz   THE WIZARD OF OZ (13 x 30)
Welcome back to the Merry Old Land of Oz! The dastardly Wicked Witch of the West has been resurrected in a magical ceremony performed by her evil band of flying monkeys. Dorothy and Toto have returned from Kansas to find their old friends and help the Wizard of Oz regain his power over Emerald City. Licensed from the live action movie, this is the only 'Oz' series which contains all the well known signatures and look of the one of the most beloved family movies of all time. (animated)
Wolf Rock   WOLF ROCK (7 x 30)
There is plenty of work to do when world famous radio disc jockey Wolfman Jack hires three teenagers, Sara, Ricky and Sunny to run his rock and roll television station. Along with their pet bird, Bopper, they keep the station manager, Mr. Morris, on the edge of his seat worrying about the next broadcast. Interspersed with the animation stories are real music videos and some short interviews with rock and roll stars. Needless to say, with the help of the mysterious Wolfman, their stories always make it to airtime with fun and adventure along the way. (animated/live action)
    ZAK TALES (13 x 30)
With each episode a lesson is brought to light as Zak shares classic stories to illustrate solutions and insights to daily problems. (animated)
Star (*) - Complies with (or could be easily retrofitted to comply with) FCC educational standards.

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