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Revised 13/05/2002 .

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January 1, 2002

MoparStyle.com was created by Dave Schultz (aka Big Kahuna - aka BK) with the goal of being the very best Mopar Enthusiast site on the Internet. With so many great Mopar sites on the Internet that's a tall task, but here is the plan:

Forums: MoparStyle.com has the most complete Mopar forum on the Internet. Just about anything goes -- but only in the proper forum. Need help with your Mopar? Go to the Service Station Forum. Want to make fun of an EBay post -- or even place a shameless link to your EBay auction? Go to the Everything EBay Forum. Want to talk about friendly off-topic stuff? Go to the MoparStyle Tavern Forum. Want to get into an argument over politics or religion? Go to the Debate Stump Forum -- just keep your "Friendly arguments" there. There are also be Forums for Rumors, member's cars, classifieds, and various clubs. All of these forums will be moderated and inappropriate threads will be moved to the proper forum and inappropriate posts will be removed. There is a Forum Code of Ethics page, so all will know what is acceptable and what is not. Moderators apply the whacker uniformly. I appointed the first set of moderators, but there will be semi-annual Moderator Elections each January and July. Click on the Forums hyperlink to the left for more information.

Information: The ultimate goal is for MoparStyle.com to be the one place to go for informative articles on all makes, models, body styles, engines, dream cars, and people that made Mopar so near and dear to us all. I will solicit professional and prospective magazine writers to write high quality articles for this domain. Authors of accepted articles will receive a credit by-line for the article and a web page for their favorite MOPAR. I have already created pages for some of the topics I would like to see covered. If you feel like you have the Right Stuff to write a professional article on one of the yet to be completed topics -- then check out the Help Wanted Page for more information. This is a chance for prospective writers to show magazine editors why they should be writers at their magazine. They will be watching! I will be a critical editor since we want only the very best articles on this site.

Technical Articles: Are you about to rebuild your engine, restore your K-Frame, convert an automatic MOPAR to a 4-speed, put a V-10 in a B-Body, paint a car in your garage, perform a rotisserie restoration, or converting a street Mopar to a 10 second racer? Then buy a couple disposable 35mm cameras and take plenty of clear photos every step of the way. Don't forget to make notes that will help others avoid mistakes. These are the type of articles we all want to read. You will receive credit for your technical article. We will also have a tech section in the forum where helpful threads will be stripped of the fluff posts and archived.

Member's Mopars: Would you like a web page of your MOPAR? Check out the Member's MOPARs section to see how you can have a Professional Looking web page and a desirable (one that you can remember!) URL address. Your car's page will regularly be submitted to the major search engines.

Promotion: Press releases will continuously be sent to various car clubs and car magazines in an effort to receive publicity. This web site will be set up with all of the appropriate Web Rings. All pages in this domain will be submitted monthly to over 8,000 Internet Search Engines and link pages. We also hope that members will invite their friends to be part of the MoparStyle.com community.

Advertisement: Making MoparStyle.com into the very best Mopar Internet site requires professionalism. We will use premium hosting services for both the web site and the forums. We will use premium forum software. All of this not only requires time for the design and maintenance of the web site, time from the volunteer moderators, and time for those who will submit their articles. It also costs big money. I am willing to pay all of the expenses, if that is what it takes, because I am a Mopar Enthusiast. However, if I can receive some of my out of pocket expenses back from the selling of advertising -- all the better. If you sell a product or service that you feel is used by the visitors of this site -- I ask you to consider having your Banner Ad place on the right side of a page. I have kept the cost to do so very reasonable. Click on the advertising link to the left for more information.

It will not be an easy task to build MoparStyle.com into the very best Mopar Internet site, but with some help from my Mopar friends -- we can do it. I urge all Mopar Enthusiasts to become members as soon as the forums are up and running -- and to check their favorite forums daily. If you feel that you can put together a magazine quality article on a currently incomplete topic -- I urge you to submit it after reviewing the Help Wanted page.



Pages not yet completed will be followed by a *. More than 40 pages of this site and the Forum is completed. I have posted the incomplete pages so that visitors will know what to check back in the near future for -- and for prospective writers to see which articles are looking for writers.

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