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Death Match


Want to have your news added?  Send in an email and we will get it up!  Mods, Skins, Links, Anything and Everything Folks!

Demo Manager 2.0 - Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2001 by Pezman

UsAaR33 stopped by the forums today to inform us all that Demo Manager 2.0 is out.  Complete with a massive facelift and a slew of new features.  Here is a listing of the goodies...

  • Demo Analyzer: This, as you can see in the screenshot, tells w what files are required to play, as well as whether they are installed, cached, or missing. You can also see the type of demo and the mapname (with a screenshot ).
  • Summary Print-Out: This will write all that data from the analyzer into a TXT file. The TXT file should be included with your demo (I really hope websites that distribute demos start using this!)
  • Auto-Recording: A highly requested feature, UDEMO can automatically record a demo whenever the level is changed. And the best part is that you are free to specify the format.
  • Multiple demo directory support: Again, highly requested. 'Nuf said.
  • All options saved. This should make life much easier
  • Some other interface enhancements.
Head over to his site to download this bad boy.

Cave Men - Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2001 by Pezman

Ever wondered what it would be like to play UT in a true 3-D environment?  The boys over at UltraUnreal sure did, and they are taking steps to act out this boyhood fantasy by creating a UT Cave to play UT in (confusing I know).  No longer are the days of sweaty guys playing games all night the norm!  We must take video games to the next level of interactive gameplay.  The man behind this crazy idea has created an entire site showing the fully detailed information about how to create this experience.  Here is a screenshot to show off what I'm talking about...

Click to enlarge

Around the Community - Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2001 by Pezman

Around the community in seven links.  Here is the abbreviated version of a whole load of UT news...

  • GamingGroove - CliffyB was interviewed over at Billy "Wicked" Wilson's new site, rather lengthy interview filled with info on how Ciffy's perceives the gaming industry and more.
  • Directory 512 - New site, more maps, check out DM-Blue, and CTF-Antimatter
  • li>Giant Maps - Their website is back and running even better than before with chat, forums and more.  They are looking for community members too.
  • Totally Unreal - The Tonnberry maps are now available for download.
  • SAS Into the Lion´s Den - 23 new screenshots, more members join the team, and a professional composer put together the music for the mod.
  • Fragadelic - DM-YeshaYahu is a very stylish 1v1 map released, I like the use of curves on this one.
  • Identity Crisis - This site opened its doors the other day and features models and skins, not to mention some nice tutorials.

Cleaning house! - Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2001 by Pezman

Yes folks we are cleaning up section of the site before the in-laws come into town.  For the most part I've been removing dead links and cleaning up old contest page references and goodies like that.  We are gearing up for a bit broader coverage of the Unreal Tournament Community focusing on some of the killer Mods that are our there.
Incase you didn't notice we also changed the poll.  It appears that a lot of you comedians are choosing to answer forums?  Well, how about I throw down some links to our forums since you don't seem to know that we DO HAVE forums!  Get your candy rear on over and sign up, thus you will part of the 'in crowd'... heh, well maybe not.

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Tac Ops Map Pack - Posted Monday, November 26, 2001 by Pezman

Get ready to get your game on! On eight brand new Tactical Ops maps that is. Over the weekend while you were stuffing your face with turkey the boys over at Tactical-Ops released a map pack with ten maps! This bad boy requires Tactical Ops 2.1 or later and weighs in at a 35 Megs, so hope on over to the mirrors section and get a downloading.

Max to Unreal Ed - Posted Monday, November 26, 2001 by Pezman

Eureka!  Mappers around the world can now rejoice in the fact that they no longer must bang their heads against a desk while trying to create a map in UnrealEd.  Spooger has released a 3D Studio Max to UnrealEd (that .max to .t3d for you techies) Converter.  This will allow you to export renderings in 3D Studio Max and import them into UnrealEd, complete with texture alignment.  If you are frantically reading for this juicy link... well... here it is, and over here but not here.

Jolt Into Action - Posted Monday, November 26, 2001 by Pezman

Well stop your grinning and drop your linen!  The folks over at claim to be the worlds largest UT League.  They host huge 64 and 128 single player knockout competitions!  Well, there is a load of links for you to check out if you are interested in competing with other gamers so browse on...

Nali City Moves - Posted Monday, November 26, 2001 by Pezman

The Nali have packed up and moved over to the newly forming BeyondUnreal Network!  They still offer all of the great content they had before, just a new URL that you need to save to your favorites.  If you are looking for a killer map review / download site this is the place for you.  The new address that you need to scribble down is

Maps Maps Maps! - Posted Monday, November 26, 2001 by Pezman

Today is Monday Maps, and we have a spectacular list of maps for you! We were able to update our Maps Section with a load of quality fan maps. We would like to thank the good folks over at Nali City for the wonderful list of reviewed maps. We are hoping to bring a wide selection of Maps, Mods, Skins, and more in the next few weeks so keep your eyes posted!

Site Updates - Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2001 by Pezman

I sifted through all of the emails over the last few days and updated the Fan Art Gallery, and added a bunch o' LANs to the LAN party listing.  I like to draw some attention to the Support Section, let's try to avoid sending tech support issues to me, and send them to T E C H   S U P O R T  instead.

Around The Community - Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2001 by Pezman

Well, you have missed out on quite a bit of news, I am going to push together some new and old news from the past few weeks to get you all up to speed...

  • GODZ: Well, the boys over at Godz have been busy bees.  They have released their first movie of their mod demonstrating the attack moves, it weighs in at nearly 6 megs. They also threw up a new site redesign, and some maps to boot! Check out everything here.
  • Animated Crosshairs: Smegathis released a pack of 5 animated crosshairs for use in game.  You can catch a preview of those reticules here, or you could simply download the pack.
  • Multi Player Zone: The UK blokes ave been busy relaunching their UT community site with new Leagues and Ladders.  An impressive addition is the dynamic server listing and joining section.
  • Console Commands Guide: MPZ finished up their complete console command page.  Here is a snip we stole from their page:
    "This guides aim is to familiarize the average user in navigation of the Unreal Tournament System Console. It is by no means intended as a definitive list of all commands available within the system console, but is directed toward the admin side of a games server from within the game (in fact certain commands have been purposely omitted) And as a reference to already competent League server admins, and to those who would like to be server admins and don't know where to start."
  • SAS Into The Lion's Den: They announced some new additions to their programming staff.  Not to mention I noticed a few new screenshots, and some images of their latest terrorist model.
  • Platinum Level Design: Aaron released some new maps for download on his site, hit up the page and scroll down to see the latest map DM-Decifer.
  • UMOD Tool: The site is in Russian so allow me to give you the lowdown. This program will help you work with UMOD files. Is can "Unpack" files from UMOD, "Install" UMOD into the game directory, "Remove" deleting file from Unreal or Unreal Tournament contain in selected UMODs and "Design" UMOD files.
  • They wanted another shameless plug so here it is :)

I'm Not Dead - Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2001 by Pezman

I would like to inform everyone out there that I am alive and kicking.  I finally have jumped up off of my death bed and I'm back to updates on the site.  I would like to thank all of the guys in the forum for their E-cards, and everyone else who sent me the nice emails.  We are long overdue for some updates here so allow me to roll out the backlogs of outdated news just incase you haven't been informed of all of the news you missed.  Thanks again everyone!

Happy Halloween! - Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2001 by Pezman

It's that time of year again, and some gamers are showing their Unreal excitement.  Aside from the "Where do I get a Skaarj costume?" question, some great ideas came though.  One of those is the custom pumpkin carving that Calid413 made...

Around The Community - Posted Monday, October 29, 2001 by Pezman

Ok folks, I am finally off of my death bed, I have been sick as a dog and notable to get to work to make news posts.  Fear not, as I am drugged up (pssh,with medicine) and back to supply you with the news.  We'll start off with abit of a backlog of news...

  • - New New New!  That is the what is happening over there.  They have added a slew of new features and a new look to boot! 
  • SAS Into The Lion's Den - More Map Shots are now available for viewing, you'll also find some wallpapers, interfaces, and other goodies.
  • G O D Z - They have posted some new shots of their animated models, the feathers are quite impressive.
  • Luggage - Screenshots of upcoming CTF maps

Unreal supplies prerequisites to be a hero. - Posted Monday, October 29, 2001 by Pezman

It isn't every day that a member of our UT community is in the news, but today isn't just any day. Scott "Hell Is Other People" Abernethy, saved a woman's life earlier this month, what makes this so special you ask? He credited UT for his quick reflexes! Scott was interviewed by the paper after he pulled a woman from her bicycle seconds before it was run over by a truck. He is quoted saying "My quick thinking was probably due to all the internet computer games I've been playing". Well we salute you Scott for your quick thinking, and are pleased to know that in some completely twisted fashion our game was able to help you out. If you are interested in reading more on this you can head on over to Evil Empire Gaming and get the full story. uses NewsPro

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