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(Photo courtesy of Pet Shop Boys Partnership Ltd)

Pet Shop Boys Up-Close & Personal

Arjan chats with Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant about relationships, Eminem and touring a kinder America

MAY 28 - For more than 15 years, the uncontested kings of "Brit Pop" have captured listeners with unconventional music that elegantly favors both style and substance. The boys have started a nationwide tour in support of the new album. Arjan caught up with the Pet Shop Boys early last week to talk about their new sound, relationships, homophobia and a kinder America.
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John Mayer Fills ‘Room’ With Life
With his handsome Abercrombie & Fitch looks and earnest radio-rock, 24-year old newcomer John Mayer is a star in the making. His album ‘Room For Squares’ has sold over 500,000 copies without significant airplay and MTV hysteria.

Darren Hayes Dusts Off 1980s On Debut Solo Album
Darren Hayes’ first solo album Spin (Columbia Records, 2002) is an ode to 1980s. Inspired by the first generation of pop, the former half of Australian duo Savage Garden, delivers a mature album with 12 plain, yet soulful pop tracks.
City Review: Vive La View in Atlanta's Midtown!
Midtown is Atlanta’s Little Europe with its quaint ethnic eateries, art boutiques, and coffee bars. The area is developing a unique European feel which combines relatively safe urban living with coffee sipping, rollerblading and a passion for art.
Concert Review: Party Just Begun for Big Mouth Furtado
Vancouver-born Furtado has an incredible momentum going with her debut long-player ‘Whoa Nelly!’ This unusual album combines intense vocals with a funky blend of trip-hop, pop, Portuguese fango, and most of all, raw lyrical attitude. 
Euro-Hip Kylie Delivers Infectious, Fun Fever
From euro-hip superstar to mainstream pop newcomer, Kylie Minogue is surprisingly taking the North American pop charts by storm. Move over Britney, Kylie is here to stay. With ‘Fever’ she delivers an infectious and fun pop album. Almost perfect. One question remains… Does she ever get sad?
Media’s Golden Girls Are Bigger Than The News
Greta van Susteren, Katie Couric and Paula Zahn are making it big in  television news. But is
style winning over substance when the golden news anchors are becoming bigger than the news they report?
Celebrity Review: Powerhouse Britney Turns Pop-Corny
With a new album, new Pepsi commercials and a feature film debut, Mrs. Britney Spears seems to have it all. But for how long?
A Sexier ‘World’ Still Worth Watching
MTV has started airing a brand-new series of its Real World saga.  This season the show is taped at fancy loft location in Chicago, IL. and promises to be sexier and more explosives than previous seasons.
The Fast and The Furious is a Furiously Flashy Flick
Universal Studios has released the DVD for 'The Fast and The Furious.'
With spastic MTV-style camera work, ‘The Fast and The Furious’ is mainly a raw and flashy visual spectacle.


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