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The Moore Family originates from Northern Ireland, specifically, Ulster.  Having left Ireland after the great Rebellion of 1642, it is believed that they migrated to the Barbados Island.  Eventually, they entered the American Colonies, possibly through Norfolk, Virginia, and slowly, over a period of years, migrated down into North Carolina, moving further southward with each succeeding generation, until finally ending up in Anson County, North Carolina and Cheraw, South Carolina at the opening of the 2nd American Rebellion (The U.S. Civil War). 

Within the pages of this website, you will find the tragical tales and stories of a family clan, ever fighting tyranny, always struggling to survive, and ultimately finding peace in the United States of America, only to end up fighting once again the oppression of an overbearing government in the Great American Civil War.  While trying to recover amidst the economic ruin inflicted upon South Carolina, and the war crimes and atrocities committed by General Sherman, the family was separated.  Part of the family stuck it out in war-torn South Carolina, and part of the family moved to Texas, changing their name to O'Neil . . . perhaps in memory of the great O'Neil clan of Northern Ireland. 

After a separation lasting more than 100 years the family has reunited and now holds Moore-O'Neil family reunions in honor of our valiant ancestors, mighty Celtic men and women of Old, and enjoy the love, friendship, and fellowship intended for us by our loving Creator, The Everlasting Almighty God, in whose presence we will once again join our loved ones.  Amen. 

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