Pozdrav iz Ljubljane: Greetings from Ljubljana.

Glad to see you've pogoed on down, for whatever reason, to my personal web page. Hope the traffic wasn't too bad. If you didn't already know, my name is Wes Eichenwald. Come on in. Have a ginger ale.

Here's the least you need to know: In the fall of 1996, tired of marking increasingly more pointless time in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, I packed my bags and moved to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, the northwesternmost province of the former Yugoslavia and an independent republic since 1991. Not too many people outside of Central Europe have heard of Ljubljana, but many Westerners who have seem fascinated by it (I think it has something to do with the compound BLJ in the center of the name: BLJ, BLJ, BLJ...let it roll around in your head for awhile and you'll get the idea).

This web site (currently in its third incarnation) is a gathering place for a good deal of the words I've created and images I've captured since moving to Ljubljana. It might be subtitled "Variations on a Theme of Encounters with Slovenia and Other Places." But it isn't (too clumsy). With help, I've tried to create an online experience that's unique, stylish, informative and fun -- and definitely not just another personal web page. Dive in and splash around for a while. The water's fine once you get used to it.