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Friday May 31, 2002
PSO Episode I & II Trial Online
[ Posted by:
BobDroid | Time: 02:53:10 AM ]
[ Category: PSO Episode I & II News | Comments (0) ]

The servers for the PSO Episode I & II Trial are now online. The website for Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II has also been created. Users of the trial version may find themselves getting disconnected often. This is because the servers are extremely busy, and since this trial is desgined to help fix any problems in the servers, maintenance is sometimes performed without warning.

Sonic Team Loses PSO Card Battle
[ Posted by:
BobDroid | Time: 02:00:11 AM ]
[ Category: Other News | Comments (0) ]

After displaying the PSO Card Battle Game at E3, Sonic Team apparently "lost" 5 action figures they were using to help them develop the game. If anyone who attended E3 this year found action figures of a Chaos Bringer, Rag Rappy, HUmar, Sinow Beat, or Hildebear, Sonic Team asks that you contact them using the email address You can also view pictures of the missing figures here

Wednesday May 29, 2002
HUnewearl Statue now available
[ Posted by:
BobDroid | Time: 10:33:49 PM ]
[ Category: Other News | Comments (0) ]

Sega's Sonic Factory store is now accepting orders for the HUnewearl PSO Statue. Each statue costs ¥12,000(about $96.59). If you plan on buying one, visit this page as soon as possible. Only about 500 statues will made, so this is sure to become a collector's item.

Monday May 27, 2002
First Phantasy Star Collection Videos
[ Posted by:
BobDroid | Time: 02:43:19 AM ]
[ Category: Other News | Comments (0) ]

IGN was able to get some videos of the upcoming GameBoy Advance game "Phantasy Star Collection" at E3 last week. The videos look almost exactly the same as Phantasy Star II on Sega Genesis. You can view the videos here or the corresponding News Story.

New Item Mod Code
[ Posted by:
BobDroid | Time: 02:36:12 AM ]
[ Category: PSO News | Comments (0) ]

A new variation of the "Item Mod" code allows cheaters to change the name of a PSO item into whatever they want. The code also allows cheaters to hide/modify the description of the weapon, and create it so it has no requirements for usage. Beware of this new code, as it could allow cheaters to trick you into picking up dangerous items.

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