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New Anthrax Terrorist Profile Released

On 9/11 foreign terrorists struck the United States of America. Over the next several weeks, we were struck again, this time by a domestic terrorist who is still at large, and may strike again.

You can help to take this threat of terrorism out of our daily lives.

This killer has waged psychological and biological terrorism on us using our own postal service, with just a few letters. Now lets use psychological profiling and analysis to take the war to him.

This NEW detailed profile is based on the handwriting analysis of the anthrax killer, done by Mr. Mark Smith, at the request of Vince Cannistraro, former CIA Director of Counter Terrorism, and verified as accurate by Law Enforcement Officials currently working on the case.

Mr. Mark Smith is a 35 year veteran and autority on handwriting analysis. The methods used to compile this new profile on the Anthrax Killer is revealed in his new ebook "Hand to Mind" - How to Analyze Anyone's Handwriting ... even the Anthrax Killers:

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How to Analyze Anyone's Handwriting

.... even the Anthrax Killer's.

Mr. Smith is most known for his live on-the-air handwriting analysis of Oprah Winfrey, during which he revealed her "childhood abuse issues" eight years prior to her public admission.

It is a certainty that many of us, at one time or another, have come in contact with this man, through work, school or even possibly in the military.

Please review the Anthrax letter handwriting samples and handwriting analysis on this web site then consider:

Have you seen this handwriting anywhere before?

Does our profile sound like someone you know?

The Unabomber was a similar case of domestic terror by mail, and he remained at large for 17 years, yet, when his manifesto was published he was apprehended within weeks.

We canít afford to wait 17 years this time, so weíre publishing a profile of this murderer through an analysis of his Anthrax letters now.

A personís handwriting speaks volumes if you know what to look for. Even an expert can only disguise a limited number of things by deception in their writing.

It is more important now, than ever, to arm yourself with knowledge and help prevent this from happening again. There is no emergency warning system, of any color, for this kind of terrorist threat.

What is more terror provoking than the possibility of having a lethal weapon delivered right to your mailbox? Learn what to look for on envelopes before you open them.

Remember that two of the people that died, the medical worker, and the elderly lady in Connecticut had no seeming connection to the other cases, and no link has yet been found. It can happen again.

If you need a greater incentive than simply helping to find this killer, the FBI is offering 2.5 million dollars for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who sent these letters.

Don't assume that your information is unimportant. The FBI has asked that you report your information even if you think it might be unimportant or that someone else may have already reported what you know.

You may know the anthrax killer, and be able to bring this murderer to justice. Your call may be the one that provides them with the one piece of information they need to solve this case.

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 How You Can Help!
  • Review the Anthrax letter handwriting samples and psychological profile on this web site.

  • Does our profile describe someone you currenly know or used to know? Does it sound like someone you work with or used to work with? Does it sound like a former classmate?

  • Report leads to America's Most Wanted or the FBI

  • Forward this information to your friends and colleagues using our Tell a Friend feature, or;

  • Print out the Anthrax Killer's profile and post it in a public area for others to see and review.

There is one certainty ....

Someone HAS to know this killer

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