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New Release. - Add a Comment
Well it's not really that new of a release. Project 053 Episode 1 is over a year old but this is the first time it's ever been officially released. You can play the game here.

For those of you who can't play vitalize, which is probably alot of you (thanks alot microsoft..) then you can download a compiled version of the game here.
Posted by: Akira
Alien - Bean Invasion - Comments (4)
Well, I thought it was about time to give you a little closer look at my upcoming game, Alien - Bean Invasion. The game takes place in a near future, playing as the alien Bean, on your mission to wipeout mankind. The game is coming along nicely, and now when school is out, I can spend more time on it. So don´t be suprised if I have another update for ya soon! ;)

Read the preview here and take a close look to those new screenies :)
Posted by: Yoshiman
Calling All GNG Beta Tester's! - Comments (6)
That's right, new beta on the way. Very soon in fact and so I'm asking all those were beta tested the 1st beta to get in contact with me ASAP. And just in case they don't, I'm sending a request for replacement testers so drop me an e-mail or come chat to me on mIRC or MSN and I'll add you to the sub list.
Posted by: Spydaman
Update on Battlements - Comments (8)
Work is coming along great. My coding binge (which 'conviently' occurred during the time I was supposed to be studying for exams..) has put me back on track. The interface went from being a pile of test code and plan files into a working portion of the game in a mere two days. The Natomic guys report the interface is fast and (so far) bug free, which is a big load off of me. :D

My current plan for this week is to finish off Battle-Ed and add any features I think I'll need. I've been considering not releasing it to the general public and adding several new features that will ease the map creation process for me, but before I decide I'd like some feedback. If there's sufficient support from the (3) fans of Battlements regarding this issue, I'll simply wrap up the features and release it so Battlements map makers can get started.

Now, time to update the Battlements preview with a new vehicle and semi-final weapon names.
Posted by: Solid
Today Has Been Fun! - Comments (6)
If sarcasm could be sufficiantly represented on the internet, then you would no doubt know the title is sarcastic. Today has not been fun. Been the usual, working hard at your latest game. Save it, close down. Reload it later to find it's corrupted!!! so you could imagine my delight at finding my hard work literally gone. Luckily! Enough traces of it remain for me to continue! I will not be stopped!!!
Posted by: Spydaman


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