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Environmental Mining Council of British Columbia

April 24, 2002

Shareholders at AGM demand Placer Dome come clean: VANCOUVER - Placer Dome Inc., is inadequately disclosing and addressing tens of millions of dollars in liabilities for outstanding environmental problems at several of its mining operations around the world, shareholder activists and environmental leaders said today at the global mining company's annual general meeting.  “Placer Dome's unwillingness to deal openly and forthrightly with pressing mine reclamation costs in Montana, the dumping of tons of toxic mine waste into rivers in Papua New Guinea and the ... Read the article

April 22, 2002

Environmental Mining Council releases critique of major industry sustainability report. Read the article

February 1, 2002

ATLIN --- The highest court in British Columbia has refused to allow the Tulsequah Chief Mine project in northern B.C. to go ahead. The Court of Appeal said the Province of B.C. did not take into account how much the proposed mining project would seriously affect the Aboriginal people of the area. Read the article

December 13, 2001

Enforcement of mine pollution laws weak and getting weaker: Paltry fines and inadequate inspections let companies off the hook.
VANCOUVER – B.C. mining operations are rarely inspected by provincial government staff, and in the few cases where environmental infractions are discovered the resulting fines are so low as to have almost no impact on curbing pollution, a new report says.   Read the article

December 7, 2001

Undermining Biodiversity
A common refrain in mining circles is that the industry has a minimal impact on biodiversity, or the sum total of life on earth.  BUt dig a little into the unstable ground supporting the mining industry position and a far different picture emerges.  Small though the land base supporting existing and proposed mines is, the industry's ongoing actions have profound - often irreversible - impacts on the web of life of land and water.
Read the article

September 25, 2001

Mining and Sustainability: The case for the Tulsequah Chief Mine
This report, prepared for EMCBC by Tom Green, Ecological Economist, develops a model for assessing the compatibility of proposed mines with the requirements of sustainability. The model is then applied to the Tulsequah Chief Mine reopening project proposed by Redcorp Ventures Ltd. Assessing whether proposed mines contribute or detract from sustainability is a challenging undertaking. Read the article
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