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Our editor's pick

   Arab world's version of `Wants to be a Millionaire' adds politics to formula
While its U.S. prime-time counterpart has been dropped by ABC, the Arab world's version of ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'' remains popular. And to keep Arab audiences tuning in, the show has added another ingredient to the familiar mix: politics.


A lot of time will go into new Ellen talk show

Behind `The Shield': Michael Chiklis loves playing bad cop

Fox's time-conscious series provided ending that was second to none

SportsCenter announcer ready to return from eye injury

NBA TV playoff ratings up by 4 percent

MTV signs the Osbournes for a second season

Cable network plans television movie on John Walker Lindh

Motive unknown for gunman who charged into CBS studio

James Woods to play Giuliani in upcoming TV movie

Model Anna Nicole Smith gets own reality TV show

Short takes: Brokaw says he wanted to be around for one more election

American Indians take business approach to diversity

Brian Williams succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NBC `Nightly News' anchor

Brian Williams succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NBC `Nightly News' anchor

NBC's Tom Brokaw staying put as network anchor, source says

Nielsen Ratings  

May 20-26: Cable Nielsens
By The Associated Press Rankings for the top 15 programs on basic cable networks as compiled by Nielsen Media Research for the week of May 20-26. Each ratings point represents 1,055,000 households. Day and start time (EST) are in parentheses.

Prime-Time Nielsen ratings
The Associated Press Prime-time ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research for May 20-26. Top 20 listings include the week's ranking, with rating for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses.

Season finale push NBC to weekly Nielsen ratings win
Season-ending episodes of ``Law & Order,'' ``Everybody Loves Raymond'' and ``The West Wing'' topped the prime-time television ratings last week.

Charlie McCollum, Mercury News television columnist  
Police series on HBO grasps war on drugs
In the opening episode of HBO's new series ``The Wire,'' two Baltimore narcotics cops are talking about the grinding work of trying to stop the flow of drugs on the city's streets.
`Lear' makes bumpy leap to old Texas
So powerful is the storytelling of William Shakespeare, so rich his characters, that over the years, his finest works have tolerated all manner of modernization and revisionism.
The best and worst of the networks' season finales
As the 2001-2002 network television season makes its way into history, here are some thoughts, notes and quotes about the wonderful world of TV as we know it, love it and hate it:

More columns by Charlie McCollum  

Fall focus is on families

Local Ratings War

A glimpse of the hell Giuliani saw on 9/11

`X-Files' finale posts ratings way out there

Ally McGone

Strange but enjoyable series ender on `Felicity'

`X-Files' makes mark on TV sci-fi history

Fox cancels half its shows as ratings fall

A thoughtful look at the complex LBJ

CBS shuffles shows to help 10 p.m. slot

Fox drops half of its shows; UPN adds sci-fi, including new `Twilight Zone'

ABC, WB make major changes in fall schedules

CBS makes some surprise moves in new season schedule

NBC fall lineup undergoes only minor tweaking

ABC, WB rip up old schedules to start anew in fall


Previous featured TV stories
Updated Saturday, Jun 01, 2002
Brian Williams succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NBC `Nightly News' anchor - 12:19 PM PDT
Brian Williams succeeding Tom Brokaw in 2004 as NBC `Nightly News' anchor - 12:18 PM PDT

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