Members of the Washington Grays, Camp 919 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans stand before the Monument dedicated to our Confederate Dead during a Memorial Service held in May, 1999

Monument to Our Confederate Dead
A wreath of flowers and flags of the Confederacy highlight the Confederate Monument in honor of our deceased compatriots.



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This battery of heavy artillery, called the "Washington Grays," was accepted in State service for twelve months on April 22, 1861 and assigned to the 7th Regiment, N.C. State Troops as Company A on May 29, 1861. On June 22, 1861 it was mustered into State service as Company K, 10th Regiment N.C. State Troops (1st Regiment N.C. Artillery) and on August 20 it was transferred to the Confederate States service. Originally known as "Sparrow's Company," after its first Captain, it later became known as "Shaw's Company," when 1st Lieutenant William Shaw succeeded Captain Thomas Sparrow, who was promoted to Major on January 9, 1863.

On August 29, 1861, this battery was captured at Fort Hatteras and confined at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, until paroled and exchanged. By the end of January 1862, the entire company had been exchanged and re-formed at Wilmington where it was detailed on garrison duty at Fort French. It remained at Fort French through June 1863 when it was transferred to Fort Lee near the same city. It remained on garrison duty at Fort Lee until May 8-9, 1864. On May 8 a detachment was sent to Weldon under Lieutenant John M. Blount. The rest of the battery was transferred to Smithfield on May 9, where it remained on guard duty until June 20 when it was ordered to North East. After spending three days at North East, the battery returned to Smithfield where on June 26, 1864 it was further divided. Forty-one men were sent to Wilmington, and the balance of the battery remained at Smithfield. Muster rolls indicate battery headquarters were located at Wilmington for July-October 1864. On November 10, 1864 the battery was included in a detachment sent to Masonboro Sound where it remained until recalled to Wilmington on December 16. From Wilmington it was sent to Fort Fisher where it participated in the action on December 24-25, 1864, and was captured when the fort fell on January 15, 1865. The men captured at Fort Fisher were confined at Elmira, New York, while the officers were sent to Fort Columbus, New York Harbor. All were confined until paroled for exchange or released after the war had ended. The detachment at Weldon remained there from May 1864 until General Lawrence Baker withdrew to join General Johnston on April 12, 1865. Failing to penetrate the Federal lines, General Baker surrendered his command at Bunn's House, Nash County, on April 20, 1865. Lieutenant Blount's detachment was not listed on the parole rolls, consequently it must have left General Baker's command before he surrendered. The other detachments of the battery, on duty at Wilmington, were absorbed by other commands, and as infantry, after the evacuation of Wilmington, they participated in the subsequent operations below Kinston, at Bentonville, and were surrendered by General Johnston April 26, 1865.


The Washington Grays are currently working on a Grave Registration Program. Using GPS's or Global Satellite Systems, we are locating and recording all of the graves of our Confederate dead in our area. In doing this, a permanent database will be maintained to insure none of these graves will ever be lost or destroyed.

The Washington Grays, Camp 919 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans meet the first Tuesday of the month at Charlie Tom's Restaurant in Washington, North Carolina. The Meeting time is 6:30 PM.

Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Membership can be obtained through either direct or collateral family lines and kinship to a veteran must be documented genealogically. The minimum age for membership is 12.

The SCV has ongoing programs at the local, state and national levels which offer members a wide range of activities. Preservation work, marking Confederate soldiers' graves, historical re-enactments, scholarly publications, and regular meetings to discuss the military and political history of the War Between the States are only a few of the activities sponsored by local units.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a historical, patriotic, and non-political organization dedicated to insuring that a true history of the 1861 - 1865 period is preserved.

In addition to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, there is an organization of the Washington Grays which is a black powder skirmishing group. The Washington Grays are in the Tidewater Region of the North-South Skirmish Association, also know as the N-SSA. This organization shoots competively in matches known as skirmishes using muskets, carbines, revolvers, cannon, and mortars. Tidewater Region skirmishes are held at Fort Mahone in Capron, Virgina and the National skirmishes take place at Fort Shenandoah, in Winchester, Virginia.



Sparrow, Thomas, Captain
Shaw, William, Jr., 1st Lieut.
Whitehurst, J.J., 2nd Lieut.
Thomas, A.J., 3rd Lieut.
Cowell, Benjamin, Ensign
McDonald, John M., Surgeon
Carmer, J.R.H., 1st Sgt.
Robbins, Thomas, A., 2nd Sgt.
Potts, J.R., 3rd Sgt.
Gautier, D.A., 4th Sgt.
W.H. Von Eberstein, 5th Sgt.
Stevenson, W.M., 1st Corporal
Hall, Harrison, 2nd Corporal
Mastin, C.M., 3rd Corporal
Cordon, W.W., 4th Corporal
Blount, J.M.
Bond, J.F.
Bridgeman, S.
Brown, J.L.
Buxtarf, F.
Clark, R.H.
Cornell, Ezra
Cornell, J.W.
Davis, J.M.
Doughtry, C.H.
Eborn, N.O.
Ellison, J.E.
Ellison, T.H.
Fulford, Erwin
Gallagher, C.K.
Goffin, William
Grimmer, W.L.
Grist, A., Jr.
Grist, S.L.
Hancock, J.B.
Hancock, W.H.
Hanks, W.H.
Hardenberg, S.
Hardenberg, T.A.
Harrell, Samuel
Harrison, Thomas
Harvery, W.H.
Hawkins, J.W.
Jarvis, J.W.
Jarvis, O.
Jenkins, W.H.
Johnson, J.H.
Labarbe, L.J.
Latham, J.G.
Latham, T.J.
Latham, W.W.
Liddon, D.S.
Lilley, W.B.
Longman, J.
Mallison, Charles
McCullough, J.A.
McLoughlin, M.
Mohrn, Charles
Mooring, W.B.
Morton, V.R.
Myers, W.B.
Ott, Godfrey
Parvin, W.H.
Pate, Joseph
Patrick, W.H.
Pedrick, W.J.
Pugh, W.W.
Quinn, L.C.
Reany, H.S.
Redditt, D.E.
Reid, L.H.
Respess, Henry
Respess, J.J.
Richardson, G.W.
Rogers, Samuel
Satterthwaite, L.E.
Satterthwaite, T.H.
Satterthwaite, W.E.
Schenk, S.G.
Shaw, E.B.
Shaw, R.B.
Stalling, J.E.
Stalling, S.R.
Swindell, F.M.
Thomas, C.C.
Thomas, J.A.
Treadwell, A.
Voliva, J.P.
Wallace, J.M.
Waters, Asa.
Waters, Bartemus
Waters, J.C.
Whitecar, J.R.
Whitehead, J.S.
Williams, S.W.
Willis, W.B.
Wilson, Charles
Woolard, H.K.
Woolard, J.B.
Wooten, J.O.

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