2002 December 4 Total Eclipse files

These files are copies of those in NASA's eclipse reference publications authored by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson (NASA/TP-2001-209990). They are for personal use and planning - if you wish to use them in another venue, please contact Jay Anderson for permission. In order to preserve appearance and resolution, some of the map files are as large as 400 Kbytes. Higher resolution images suitable for publication are also available by contacting the author.

Weather Story - a description of the location and weather along the eclipse track

Figure 1 - a map of the weather systems affecting the eclipse track
Figure 2 - a map of mean November and December cloud cover along the track
Figure 3 - a graph of mean November and December cloud cover along the centreline extracted from the data used in Figure 1
Figure 4 - a map of the frequency of clear skies in December along the eclipse track in Australia

Table 1 - statistics for sites in Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe
Table 2 - statistics for sites in South Africa and Mozambique
Table 3 - statistics for sites in Australia
Explanation - a description of the data found in tables 1 to 3.

Maps of the track...

Africa 1 - the Angolan west coast
Africa 2 - central Angola
Africa 3 - Angola - Zambia
Africa 4 - Caprivi Strip, Namibia - Botswana
Africa 5 - Zimbabwe - Botswana
Africa 6 - South Africa
Africa 7 - Mozambique

Australia 1 - the southwest coast near Ceduna
Australia 2 - inland, near Woomera and Lyndhurst
Australia 3 - inland, near the end of the track at Old Tickalara

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