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Rules for more games will be added to this page on an ongoing basis. As the list of rules grows, a search engine will be added to allow for quick location of games matching your desired criteria. If you have rules for a game that is not here or suggestions, please e-mail dbarker@one.net. (Corrections and additions to rules already here are appreciated also!) The more feedback you give, the better these pages will become...

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Disclaimer: We assume no responsibility for disputes resulting from the contents of these pages. The purpose of these pages is to serve as a repository of basic rules for card games. They are not intended to be an authority, only a starting point. There are as many rule variations as there are card players. Card games constantly evolve. The key to an enjoyable card game is to make sure all the players are in agreement on the rules before starting the game. Hopefully the contents of these pages will help further your enjoyment of card playing!

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