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Clandestine | Hot Soup | Seamus Kennedy
Debi Smith | Tanglefoot | Linda Dunn


This Houston-based Celtic band has exploded on the music scene in the last few years. Clandestine is E.J. Jones on Highland bagpipes, Jennifer Hamel on guitar and vocals, Gregory McQueen on fiddle and Emily Dugas on percussion and vocals. Their roots are solidly planted in tradition but their youthful verve and innovative arrangements bring the music to life. The original numbers by E.J. Jones and/or Jennifer Hamel blend seamlessly into the total show. Their exemplary musicianship led to their being the only American band invited to compete in the "New Band Competition" in the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, in France and placing in the finals in 1997. They have just been invited to return in 2000. Their sound is so contemporary and exhilarating that it had the overflow audience moshing in the front of the stage at the 1999 Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA!
"There are several bands playing Celtic music in America…Clandestine, for my money, is the best on the continent right now." ~Brian McNeill
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Hot Soup!

Everyone knows about soup: it is good and good for you - and your mother is pleased you had some! In the same way, Hot Soup serves up a blending of many fine and diverse musical sensations to create a tasty dish that is warm and satisfying. Comprised of Sue Trainor, Christina Muir and Jennifer Agner, the harmonic convergence of their voices is magical and the tunes cover a wide span of rhythms and styles. Recognizing few boundaries, Hot Soup will cover blues, folk, Celtic, swing, Calypso and novelty tunes in one evening. Whether presenting known favorites or unique originals, Hot Soup's shows are high-energy, utterly charming and totally engaging. Served up in solo, duo and trio configurations to suit your taste.

"..voices harmonize beautifully and live performances sparkle" ~ Sing Out!
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Seamus Kennedy

Long before there was a computer on every desk, Seamus was providing "interactive entertainment" to delighted audiences from one end of the country to another. He is quick with a quip and likes nothing better than to discover someone in the audience who is similarly inclined. Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, he sings the music of his native land with emotion born of knowing it's history firsthand. But he is far from simply a singer of Celtic songs. Fast-paced humor is very much a part of what Seamus does, whether he's telling a series of rapid-fire jokes or launching into a lyrical parody. He will segue seamlessly from an Irish ballad about a dying town to a rollicking reel and then move into American music, equally at home with folk, pop, country or traditional. Throughout it all, he is having such a grand time that you can't help but want to join in.

"…a wonderfully entertaining Irishman with a happy-to-see-you smile that could light up the sky..a captivating performance." ~ Anchorage Times

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Debi Smith

The long-haired beauty from the Four Bitchin" Babes has been called "Maria Callas in blue jeans". Her years of touring with her sister, Megan, as the Smith Sisters, took her to some of the most prestigious festivals and club, allowing her to hone her performance skills. Playing guitar, bodhran or piano, Debi Smith is as versatile stylistically as she is instrumentally, moving from a contemporary original into traditional folk, throwing in a country tune for good measure and punctuating the whole show with warmth and humor. Her amazing three-octave range and her superb writing skills are the cornerstones of a stunning solo album on Shanachie, More Than Once, which received a Washington Area Music Award for "Best Contemporary Folk Recording" in 1998 .

"For me, Debi represents great songs sung with a God-given voice like few others. She is pure music. " ~ Tom Paxton

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Everything about Tanglefoot seems to be larger than life. These five guys from Ontario pull out all the stops in their high-octane, full-throttle show. They're fun, they're loud and they are writing great songs. Joe Grant, Steve Ritchie, Al Parrish, Rob Ritchie and Terry Young bring a rare intensity and energy to their art which has them touring throughout Canada, the United States and Great Britain to wildly enthusiastic crowds. Every member takes a turn on lead vocals and then they put all that talent together to deliver a harmony sound that is simply breathtaking. Combining tradition with creativity, the hilarious with the poignant and the furious with the passionate, Tanglefoot fuses high musical standards with superior showmanship.
"A spirited quintet of robust male voices with an unquenchable lust to perform that comes across the footlights like a cyclone" ~ Stephen Pedersen, Halifax Chronicle-Herald
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Noteworthy Friend: Linda Dunn

Linda Dunn, who designed this website, is a spectacular artist in her own right. Here's a short bio and a link to her website so you can find out more about her and how to contact her.

Linda is a new voice on the Americana scene in more ways than one. She can wrap her smoky alto around a bluesy-country tune, kick the slats out on a rockin’ number or bop through a pop parody. Armed with a Masters degree in Creative Writing, this is a tunesmith with attitude. When one of her demo tapes found it’s way to Bob Dawson, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s engineer, he contacted her to offer to produce her next release at the renown Bias Studios. The result is a stunning debut album, Linda Dunn, with production qualities that match the strength of the artist’s skills. Whether introducing us to her worn-out "Guardian Angel" or eulogizing Jimmy Hendrix "In the Chelsea", Linda is a lady with something to say and the talent to say it in a way that engages both our intellect and our emotions.

"Intelligent, sassy, literate and playful…a rare combination" – John McCutcheon.
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