Sock Puppet On Board With Bar None!
PLEASANTON, CA. – May 9, 2002  – 1-800-Bar None, a credit marketing company specializing in credit marketing, sales fulfillment, and technology solutions for the auto industry, has announced its launch of its new National spokesperson - the renowned Sock Puppet, formerly the spokespuppet.

The Sock Puppet, is the first ever canine to be featured in Bar None commercials. The Sock Puppet in his last career starred in nine commercials including a spot during the Super Bowl and has appeared as a 36-foot-tall balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Bar None and Hakan Enterprises, Inc., joined forces to secure the rights for the Sock Puppet – and they are excited to be able to give him a “second chance” in the advertising world.

"Breathing new life into the Sock Puppet will enhance the marketing initiatives of our company" says Jim Crouse, 1-800-Bar None’s chief executive officer. "Getting our message across cleverly and with a touch of humor will grab the attention of viewers and ultimately those viewers who are in need of a car will be motivated to call 1-800-BAR NONE for their financing needs. We’re glad to be able to give the Sock Puppet a second chance, just as we already have for millions of auto consumers who have needed a second chance.”

Bar None’s technological advances in the integration of national television commercials, print ads, and direct marketing programs with an inbound telemarketing center located in Maryland, places the company ahead of the curve in the special finance industry. Bar None assists people who have had difficulties obtaining credit due to financial setbacks and facilitates the acquisition of a new car through its nationwide network of participating automobile dealers.

Bar None is headquartered in Pleasanton, California with a total workforce of 300+ employees. Information on the Bar None company can be accessed at: .

The Bar None web site,, also provides an online credit application with quick credit approvals, common questions about credit financing, and car buying resources in a handy automotive reference guide. Dealers wishing to learn more about 1-800-BAR NONE can also visit the site.


About Hakan & Associates

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