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Dear participants of the 15th IYPT,
On behalf of Richelieu Lyceum I am glad to welcome you in Odessa, Ukraine.
RL is a school with profound studies of natural science, and students of RL traditionally take part in Ukrainian and international competitions and tournaments on mathematics, programming, chemistry, biology and of course physics.
In 1992 Odessa and RL hosted the 1st Ukrainian YPT, and since then different teams of RL have several times won 1st places on the Ukrainian YPTs and prize places on the IYPTs.
This year we have the honor to salute you here, in Odessa. We do hope you will enjoy your staying here and we will do everything to make both your physical fights and leisure time pleasant and memorable.
I wish you further scientific progress and good luck.

The Mistress of Richelieu Lyceum,
Olga N. Palladiy

Dear Participants of the 15th IYPT,

This year the International Organizing Committee of the IYPT gave Ukraine an honorable opportunity to welcome in Odessa region the best representatives of talented young students from all over the world.
Present-day physics is a basis for a scientific and technical progress. It is physics that determines state and rate of the development of natural science, production and industry level.
Wonderful physical discoveries are result of productive work of many generations of research workers.
Nowadays physics demands new young gifted scientists. I hope that the 15th IYPT will for many of its participants become an event that will determine their further education and career in the physical science sphere .
Odessa region is known by its physical schools of thought, achievements of both school and university students in the international competitions and tournaments.I am sure that the organization level of the IYPT and the level of teams' preparation will satisfy strong requirements of the international physical competitions.
Odessa region is known by its physical schools of thought, achievements of both school and university students in the international competitions and tournaments. I am sure that the organization level of the IYPT and the level of teams' preparation will satisfy strong requirements of the international physical competitions.
I wish good luck to all the participants of the 15th IYPT!

The Governor of the Odessa region,
Sergey R. Grinevtskiy

Now you can see information about Richelieu Lyceum and weather in Odessa.

Dear participants of the 15th IYPT!
On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine we are very glad to welcome you on the hospitable land of Ukraine. In our country we have always paid much attention to upbringing and education of talented children and students, who by all means are the future of Ukraine.
Ukrainian national team has been taking part in IYPTs almost since the moment of their foundation and has more than once taken the prize places.
The atmosphere of a real knights' tournament, high scientific level of reports and reporters, correct and respectful attitude of the participants towards each other, authoritative jury - all these are distinctive features of IYPTs, which promote tournaments' movement throughout the world.
The number of countries that are going to participate in the 15th IYPT this year is record. We do hope that you will long remember days spent in Ukraine, and that wonderful Ukrainian nature, hospitable and friendly atmosphere, which we hope to create for you, will all promote successful holding of the 15th IYPT.
We wish you all scientific progress, and good luck!

Sincerely yours,

Minister of Education and
Science of Ukraine
Vasyl G. Kremen
State Secretary of Ministry
of Education and Science of Ukraine
Valentin O. Zaychuk

Dear colleagues,
We hope that all of you have received our invitations for the 15th IYPT. Please let us know whether you have received invitations or not. We also ask you to inform us about your arrival date and time. In addition let us know about any preferences you have about your accommodation here (food for example). Please don t forget to bring your country s national flags (a big one and a little one). And we remind you that weather conditions in Odessa are usually suitable for sunbathing and swimming. So do take your swimming accessories with.

Dear friends!
On our site you already have got acquainted with a place where participants will live and physical fights take place. We do hope you'll enjoy your accommodation there. For those who want to spend their free time at the seaside we advise you to take swimming accessories with, as at the end of May weather conditions and temperature of seawater in Odessa usually allow to accept sea baths. In addition, we'd like to inform you that the ATMs (Visa, Mastercard) are available in Chabanka resort.
Infromation for team leaders and jury members. We plan to carry out the conference to discuss some actual problems (for example, consider possible changes in the regulations, prospects of further national YPTs development etc.) We should also discuss and organize jury work for the tournament. If you have propositions about such a conference or if you want to report on certain theme, please inform us.

Yours faithfully.
Valery Koleboshin.

Here you can see facilities of RC "Chabanka" - accommodation place of the 15th IYPT.;

Dear friends and colleagues.
We kindly ask you to try to find out the optimal way to get to Odessa from your place, because unfortunately there are not so many possibilities to get here.
Here are some known to us variants to get to Odessa:

May, 22
Flight No. From Arrival time Airlines
767 Warsaw 13:25 LOT
668 Vienna 13:35 Austrian Airlines
1506 Moscow 14:10 Odessa Airlines
304 Istanbul 21:00 Tavria

May, 23
Flight No. From Arrival time Airlines
819 Vienna 14:00 Ukraine International Airlines
221 Moscow 12:00 Transaero
5548 Istanbul 17:00 Southern Airlines

The LOC proposes you the preliminary schedule of the 15th IYPT.

Dear colleagues,
I hope we will be especially happy to meet each other on the 15th IYPT in May. Here is some official information concerning the 15th IYPT.

  1. The 15th IYPT will be held on 23rd May (arrival) - 30th May (departure). The preliminary date of the final is 29th May.
  2. You can contact LOC by the e-mail and personally me - Please send all your messages on both these e-mails.
  3. Please confirm your participation by e-mail and fill out the registration form before 10th February.
  4. We will be grateful for all your proposals on the organization of the 15th IYPT.

Sincerely yours,
Valery Koleboshin.

The preparatory seminar of the 15th IYPT was held in Odessa,  Ukraine on 11th - 14th October. The seminar delegates formulated problems and regulations of the Tournament, to be held in Odessa, Ukraine on 23rd-30th May, 2002.
We thank Dr. Evgeny Yunonosov for the given photos.

We bring apologies for occasional offline status of the 15th IYPT official web page, caused by technical problems.