Thursday 23 May 2002

Hi all. Boy, I haven't had a great deal of time to put towards Wolf the past few weeks :(  There's been
so many things happening in my personal life (work related) that I've been spending most of my internet
time surfing various employment sites! And to top it off, I'd lost my job resume files, so I had to type it all up
again from scratch (now that's poor file housekeeping on my part - I've learnt my lesson! MCS has far
better organizational skills than I do :)

Anyway, looks like I might be spending a bit of time at home over the coming weeks, so, provided the
missus doesn't have me cleaning up the house, I should hopefully find a bit more time to do the things
I want to.

Spear Resurrection "Editor's" version

Well it's about time we released the "Editor's" version of Spear Resurrection! This is the version we used
to create the levels/import new graphics etc before MCS recompiled the whole thing. It includes our own
customised object and map definition files, along with Mapedit etc so that you can easily place all the
extra wall textures and objects in the game. Floedit will also open the files (though I would recommend
you use only Mapedit for actual map creation). Download it
here (I'll make it available from the
Spear Resurrection section of the site also). Make sure you read the included "edit.txt" file first.

Free for general use!

We've had a lot of requests over the past months from people wishing to use the graphics from
Spear Resurrection. Well, now you've all got the OK to use whatever graphics you wish in your own projects :)
Yep, use Floedit with the "Editor's" version of Spear Resurrection, and extract whatever graphics you wish!
Modify them also if you like - I'm sure there's some interesting variations people will come up with :)
I will ask, though, that if you use any of the graphics, that you would be kind enough to make mention
of Spear Resurrection and this site in your game docs (and if ya don't, Baron von Schmitt will be
sending Grau Adler around to mess ya up a bit)! Have fun! :)

MCS' Coding Tips

MCS has been continuing to add some great coding tutorials to his Coding Tips section.
Check 'em out if you haven't done so in recent weeks, as I'm sure you may find something
of interest there.

Texture Library

Yep - I know! I know! I haven't put anything new in there for the last month :(  Well, it won't stay that way,
as I plan to add new sections soon. I promise :)

That's pretty much it for now. Take care all :)

AReyeP & MCS

"So, I hear AReyeP's getting a new job, Herr Baron..."
"Ja! One thing I know though Grau, it won't be as a coder!"
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