News Update: April 18, The 36th Spaceplane has been registered! Click for details!

The Dark Sky Station, a balloon-based vehicle, will be launched the weekend of March 23-24, 2002 from Spaceport Oklahoma.  

The public is welcome to attend!  Join us at 6:00 a.m.
Spaceport Oklahoma is located in Burns Flat, OK, seven miles south of Exit 53 on I-40 between Clinton and Elk City.  The launch date is Saturday, March 23rd, but may move to Sunday or Monday depending on the  weather forecast.

The misson will carry over   500 paper airplanes, called "Spaceplanes", made by Oklahoma school children.

The Spaceplanes will be launched from the edge of space (20 miles up) by the Dark Sky Station and fly back to Earth!

With help from the jetstream, the Spaceplanes could fly as far as the east coast of the US!

Each Spaceplane has instructions telling whoever finds it to register it here

Recovered Spaceplanes will be plotted on the Spaceplane Map.

At the edge of space, the darkness of space will be visible above the Dark Sky Station and the curvature of Earth will be visible below.
Click here to see an interactive 3D view!

Click here to see 3D animations of the launch!