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Chap. -2: Rise of the Zeon
Chap. -1: Dawn of Mobile Suit Warfare
Chap. 00: The Firestorm of 0079


Chap. 01: Project V
Chap. 02: Garma's Glory
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Hardcore Fans Advisory

Many of you hardcore fans out there will probably noticed that various texts and "photographs" may not jive completely with what are vaguely treated as canonical. Most of the times, these are intentional, in the same vein that many side stories (official or not) also contradict known facts. We are implementing certain amount of artistic license in interpreting, interpolating, extrapolating and embellishing the events seen in the TV series. If you notice some oddity that looks like a mistake on our part, don't be shy to write to us.

OYWF Staff

Dr. Core - Series Editor, Writer
Nightingale - Chapter Editor, Research
Richie Ramos - Modeller, Writer
Tetsushi Tomonaga - Photorgrapher, Artist
Bong Chan - Artist

Mobile Suit Gundam is © Sotsu Agency, Sunrise and Emotion.
The One Year War Files is © 2001 Dr. Core/CT Chin, Nightingale/C. Liu, Richie Ramos, Tetsushi Tomonaga and Bong Chan