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The NEW Anthrax Killer Profile

The Anthrax Killer ...

  • is a male

  • is NOT Arab

  • is a loner

  • is Technically Educated had to receive technical training by SOMEBODY (not necessarily college educated).

  • is probably former or current U.S. Military or other Government security related organization.

  • has physiological problems ( probably bi-polar )

  • is sexually dysfunctional in some manner possibly a-sexual or possibly involved in co-dependent relationship. (feed off each others negativity)

  • feeding on a sense of power from this attack.

  • is elated over his exhibition.

  • possibly has martyr complex

  • wants the world to conform to his misplaced sense of justice.

  • exhibits paranoia

  • has a level of comfort around the Trenton NJ area due to present or prior association.

  • likely has a scientific background/work history which may include a specific familiarity with Anthrax.

    • If you don't think that you know anyone who exhibits these traits you can still help to catch the Anthrax Killer by printing out this profile and posting it in a public location.

      Click Here for a 1-page printable profile flyer

      Location Suggestions: Public bulletin boards, bus stops, library bulleting boards, grocery shopping bulletin boards, your bulletin board at work, etc.


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