1820 Census

Bath County, Ky

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Bath County was formed in 1811 so the first Bath County census took place in 1820.

Status: Pages 1-14 (148-174 in microfilm) are now complete. There are 37 pages in all.

This version of the census is not done! If you can add data that has not yet been transcribed, verify data that's already posted, if you transcribed something differently, or you can add a note to a record that may help another researcher, use the Census Data Form to let me know!

Be sure to read the important notes below before accessing the census pages for the first time!

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Important notes about this census and how it is presented on these pages

This census lists the head of each household plus a count of individuals in the household. In order to provide indexing for easy access to specific families, households have been entered on these pages alphabetically. However, the census page and line numbers are provided so you can reconstruct the original order.

Free white individuals were counted and placed into one of the following age categories:

  • Males: under 10, 10 to under 16, 16-18, 16 to under 26, 26 to under 45, 45 and over
  • Females: under 10, 10 to under 16, 16 to under 26, 26 to under 45, 45 and over.

Note that free white males between the ages of 16 and 18 were usually (but not always) counted twice: once in the age 16-18 column and once in the under 26 column.

Slaves and free colored in the household were also divided into categories of male and female, in age ranges under 14, under 26, under 45, and 45 and up. However, the microfilm copies split this information onto a separate page and the column headings are not carried over to the page! It is extremely difficult to match the numbers up with the appropriate columns. There are also NO row divisions to help with matching up families. So, I have given you my best guess at the number of slaves and free colored in each household and leave it up to you to go puzzle out the details if you like.

Three other columns of information were included in this census: number of unnaturalized foreigners in each household; number of individuals involved in agriculture in the household; and number of individuals involved in commerce in the household. Again, it's almost impossible to match everything up in the microfilm copies. And, it seems the census taker sometimes didn't bother to count the number involved in agriculture -- probably because most everyone had this occupation in the county. So, I have omitted these columns on these web pages.


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