Che-ez! Spyz! Now On Sale!
  Smallest n' Lightest Digital Camera up for grabs. NOW!!
Hard Body. Metallic Looks.
Available in Silver & Blue colors.
Win & Mac USB systems.
Che-ez! Spyz! What is special about it?
Resolution 350,000 pixels
Captures images on 350,000 pixels CMOS sensor. The picture size is 640*480 pixel in High mode and as many as 107 images can be shot (stored) in Low mode.
Don't Miss any beautiful moment !!
With the size as small as a zippo lighter (length 60mm, height 38.6mm, thickness 15mm) and weight just 34gm (without battery), Spyz! can be carried as a pendant in your neck-chain, all the times!
IR-Cut Filter
The secret behind the amazingly sharp picture quality of Spyz! is the Infra-Red Cut Filter. IR-Cut Filter lens gives clarity to the edges of the objects and improves the overall sharpness, making Spyz! one of the best digital cameras in its class.
Che-ez! Spyz! as PC-Camera
Connect to PC usinig USB port cable and using the Che-ez!-Manager software, Spyz! can be used as PC-Camera to capture live-videos on your hard disk.
Che-ez! Spyz! for Web-Meeting
Can be used as a WebCam, for video-chats or netmeetings (using Microsoft NetMeeting).
Please see that the CD-ROM provided with Spyz! does not include MS-NetMeeting. If you wish to download, click here.
Apart from Spyz! Driver, PhotoStudio 2000 is provided to let you modify your images the way you want them to.
Say 'Che-ez' and Never again miss the sweet moments you could cherish later !!
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