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This is the first and largest WikiWikiWeb, known simply as Wiki. Because it is the first Wiki, and is frequently referenced, a lot of people have their first Wiki experience here.

That's fine, and we want to help you experience how Wiki discussion can help you work and think collaboratively, but please remember that other people are already working here, and they may find some things you might do to be inappropriate to this Wiki. Discussion here is focused on PeopleProjectsAndPatterns, mostly as they relate to programming. Other WikiWikiClones focus on other subjects, and you may eventually want to visit and join one of them or set up your own. MeatballWiki, in particular, likes to encourage experiments in hypermedia collaboration.

Here are a few things you can do here to get a feel for Wiki: Some say you should probably read widely on this wiki and participate on existing pages before adding any other new pages. On the other hand, AddingNewPages LikeThis can be just the thing to keep things fluid. Frankly, you don't have to spend much time on Wiki before you figure out how you fit in.

The following show various types of links, sometimes called references, that one can create or follow on Wiki: There is no "Purdue Pattern Repository"; it is a made-up name to show how Wiki handles references to non-existent (i.e. undefined) pages. The hyper-linked question mark is our visual clue that the page it refers to is undefined. Creating a new page is as easy as pressing the question mark and adding text - but please don't do this as it will destroy this little example.

Some of the larger portions of Wiki have been categorized. See: If you want to go a little deeper:
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