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Is This An F-15 At The Scene
Of The WTC South Tower Crash?

Photo Sequence

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When watching the video look closely for the shadow that the
F-15 causes on the extreme top right corner of the South Tower

Facts and Questions

1) NORAD ordered 2 F-15's to scramble from Otis Air Station at 8:46 AM
( NORAD held on to this information for at least 6 minutes by their own account
and possibly as long as 32 minutes since American Flight 11 was hijacked at 8:14 AM )
2) These 2 F15's from Otis Air Station were airborne at 8:52 AM
3) The F-15 has a top speed of 1875+ MPH
4) Otis Air Station is 153 miles East North East of the WTC
5) The F-15 in this video is flying in the exact direction from Otis to WTC
6) Flying at top speed and factoring in for take-off acceleration
these planes should have arrived at the WTC at approximately 8:59 AM
( why weren't these F-15's flying at full speed and arriving at WTC at 8:59 AM
when it was known AA Flight 11 had crashed into the North Tower at 8:45 AM? )
7) Flying at 1150 MPH and factoring in for take-off acceleration the F-15
in this video should have arrived at the WTC at approximately 9:02 AM
8) Flying at 1020 MPH and factoring in for take-off acceleration the F-15
in this video should have arrived at the WTC at approximately 9:03 AM
9) United Flight 175 impacted the South Tower between 9:02 and 9:03 AM
Is this an F-15 at the scene of the WTC South Tower crash?
11) If this was an F-15... It was on an intercept course with UAL 175, why then
didn't it shoot a missile while UAL 175 was approaching over New York harbor?
12) NORADS's own press release picked up in all the newspapers on September 19
claims "Fighters Were 8 Minutes Away From WTC" Depending on UAL 175 crashing
into the South Tower at 9:02 or 9:03 AM... That would mean that these F-15's average
flight speed was between 540 and 572 MPH... This is only 28.8% to 30.5% of their top speed.

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Still Photos

In the first photo you see the F-15 coming out from behind the North Tower
In the fifth photo you can see the tail section that very much resembles an F-15

Path of F-15


For more photos and information on the F-15
visit the Federation of American Scientists site

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