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Here you'll find the only complete archive of SueBee's X-Files fanfiction. Fics are listed chronologically, with the newest at the top. Some stories here contain adult content and are clearly marked as such. If you are underage or offended by that sort of thing, please do not read them. And hey, don't forget to send SueBee some feedback when you're finished. ;-)

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By Hand (8k)
  Sweeter stimulation.
  Classification: MSR, V, telephone smut
  Rating: NC-17...I made myself blush on this one.
  WINNER: Honorable Mention (Outstanding NC-17 MSR) in The 2001 Spooky Awards

Beyond Now (6k)
  This vignette was inspired by a spoiler pic I found at the Haven.
  This is my interpretation of it.
  Classification: V, A, MSR, Future EP spoilers
  Rating: PG

Feeding the Fish (3k)
  Scully's views on the desk.
  Classification: V, A, MSR, Scully POV
  Rating: PG

Deep Within (7k)
  Scully tries to hold on in the wake of her worst fears.
  Classification: V, lots of A
  Rating: PG for disturbing imagery.

Urban Legends (43k)
  Halloween fic, with a twist.
  Classification: MSR, Casefile (I hope)
  Rating: NC-17 for graphic descriptions of consensual
  sexual situations and murder.

Not Yours (15k)
  Scully reclaims her life, all of it.
  Classification: MSR, UST, Scully POV, and a strong dose of A
  Rating: PG for adult themes.

Never Mine (9k)
  Sequel to "Not Yours," but can be read as a
  stand alone fic. Mulder has his turn.
  Classification: MSR, UST, A, V, Scully POV
  Rating: PG for adult themes.

Starting Now (18k)
  Sequel to "Never Mine."
  Classification: MSR, RST, V, some A
  Rating: NC-17 for adult themes and consensual sexual situations.

Slowing Down (22k)
  Scully realizes that slowing down can't happen when time is running out.
  Classification: MSR, RST, some A
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

Bearing Crosses (5k)
  There is a thin line between joy and pain.
  Sometimes, both are felt at the same time.
  Classification: V, A, RST

More Specific (12k)
  Be careful what you wish for...
  Classification: MSR, Post-EP, A, UST
  Rating: PG-13 for adult themes.

Love Hurts (2k)
  Sometimes, love hurts.
  Classification: MSR, Vignette, Post-EP
  Rating: NC-17

So Right (28k)
  Truth is sweeter than fiction.
  Classification: MSR, RST, Post-EP smut
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

Right Now (13k)
  Sequel to "So Right."
  Classification: MSR, RST, Smut sequel
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

Finer Things (17k)
  Life is too short not to enjoy the finer things...
  Classification: MSR, RST, Post-EP
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

Necessary Things (4k)
  In all things, there are necessary things.
  Classification: Vignette, MSR, RST, Post-EP
  Rating: PG

Mental Communion (14k)
  Some things are better communicated without words...
  Classification: Story, MSR, RST
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

Different (21k)
  Something finally changes for Mulder and Scully...
  Classification: MSR, RST, Angst
  Rating: NC-17 for consensual sexual situations.

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