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Tron TV Screen Image Welcome!  My name's Tron Bonne and i'm here with Liz to help you get the answers you need about Megaman Legends!    Every single question here'll be answered to the fullest extent of our knowledge and maybe even some from viewers just like you.   If you have any questions that follow along the lines of things beyond the video game basic playing structures then go ahead and send it in! i'm sure we'll be able to post it here and help you out!

NOW! Let's get on with the basic questions okay Liz?


General In-Game Questions

1. Is there anyway to check out the Dirty Magazines at the Folio bookstore?
1a. I can't believe Megaman would stoop to looking at things like that, It's so perverted! Especally when he could look at me instead!    Anyhow, No, there's no way to check them out in either the american or the Japanese version. Hmph! I wonder if Roll knows about this...

2. Is it true you can actually punt Paprika In Rockman Dash?
2a. I had to take this one guys, apparently, Tron still doesn't like that "dog" subject.  Most definitely! Check out this Real Movie deplicting me giving that pooch the boot! Just dig that yelp and speed baby!  

"Don't Kick Us!" 3. What's up with that "Don't Kick Us!" sign?
3a. Mmheheh... Oh, the idea of my sweet little Megaman being evil just tickles me up and down my entire body!  *sigh* ... "The Don't Kick Us!!" sign is actually referring to what you can do in Rockman Dash alone.   Though there arent any piggies on Kattelox Island, there are plenty of birds, dogs and cats to kick around.
4. Can you REALLY shoot down the poor  birdies in Rockman Dash...?
4a. It's true, we wouldn't lie to you like that. Though the birds aren't very special at all.  They seem to be more along the lines of triangle polygons... Check out this real movie to see what we mean.   Ohh, look at my beautiful EVIL Megaman!

5. Okay, so you can shoot birds..but what about the mutts in Old City? Can you ONLY defend yourself?
5a. Eheh, Tron just zipped outta the room,  she really DOES hate those dogs..  Anyhow, you can beat on 'em as much as you want!

6. And... and the kitties too...?
6a.  Most definitely! Tron really didn't like this bit at all so she made me make it quick. *sigh*
7. What about that YAG Computer School in Uptown?  Is there anything you can do around that place?

7a. Nope, Unfortunately theres no way to get into it. We have a theory that perhaps, much like it was going to be in Rockman Dash 2, that they originally were going to include a mini-game of maybe a Megaman (or Breath Of Fire IV, considering the credits) game or something.   At first we believed that perhaps   that was a 'code' in the Rockman Dash that the young girl says, but after translating it we discovered it was really just a phone number to the place.
Unfortunately, due to the lack of currency, theres no way we can actually test that number.  It'd be somewhat amusing if it turned out to be real and to an actual gaming school like STI (Sega Technical Institute).



stuff-your-not-suppose-to-see.jpg (16389 bytes)
(But can thanks to your Game Shark!)

In this area we'll be showing you all the wierd little things you can see in Megaman Legends using stuff like Walk Through Walls Codes and "Air Walk" codes.

If your also intrested in seeing these things up close feel free to use these codes from the Game Shark Code Creators Club that were created by Thunder 2 and the one and only Code Master! 

NOTES:  Please note that these Game Shark codes require at least Game Shark version 3.x.  The Walk Through Walls code can be severely troublesome if you walk too far out of the playing field and fall off.  Most of the time you can steer yourself back into a position where you can continue, while other times you'll find yourself falling infinitely and be unable to locate the field.   For the Air Walk code i recommend you use a Game Shark Pro and download the psx utility from interact and use the code this way.  You can often get stuck in areas where you must turn off the code.  It also sometimes won't even work without you activating it directly in game. "Walk Through Walls"
D004B464 0052
8004B466 10E0
D00B51B8 0201
8004B466 1000
D004B464 0052
8003C706 0441
D00B51B8 0201
8003C706 1000
"Air Walk"
D00C0C26 4000
800B51B8 0001

"Bank Entry Without Permission"
"Keep the motor runnin' Roll.. i'm goin' in.."
I've head that it's possible to actually enter into here without the use of a code.  But i haven't been able to do it yet.  This person told me you just need to do a roll into it.  I think he's fulla hot air but if anyone else has done it and can give me a bit more details over it then let me know!

Entering past the counter allows you to speak to two men whom aren't normally able to be spoken to.   They don't have much to say and repeatedly question you about how you got in and if that back door was open, but YOU'LL never tell! HA!  Wanna see more? check out this Real movie.

"This, Is ONLY a sample, If this had been a real Sub-ruin you would have been instructed to be eaten by the nearest Karumuna Bash"
Here we have an image of a message you can only get if you have the Air Walk code on and do it before you repair the Flutter.   I've snapped this during the battle with the Marlwolf.  Apparently the americans translated every single bit the Japanese had, including the pieces that were never meant to be seen.


This of course, is not the only example of full translations that I have to show you.   Please feel Free to check out this Real Movie.

"Let Sleeping Buns Lie. (So that you have an excuse to beat the Energy Cubes outta 'em.)"
"We're not d-d-doing anything in the warehouse, nope!"
Here we have proof positive that Capcom goes out of it's way to display things that'll never really be seen by people unless they're cheating like I did.  Using the Walk Through Walls and Air Walk code I snaped this picture of our impossible to reach Kobun chatting away with Megaman while he tries in vain to keep him from entering the dreaded warehouse that holds our beloved Bruno.


Pretty Interesting yes? Follow the next sample as we continue to see Capcom's strange acts of weirdness.

"I Knocked, But Apparently They Aint Home!"
"The Dark And Gloomy Warehouse"
This one I've gotten before by sheer accident and without the use of any codes.  This is what got me inspired to actually sit down and see if there was any other stuff that could happen that was similar to this.

This is the inside of the Warehouse before the Bonnes enter it and construct the dreaded Bruno.   You'll need the walk  through walls code and you'll have to be able to not care about resetting your game - cause theres no way outta this place!   Theres a few unused textures laying around that can only be seen inside here if your curious.   Pretty neat eh? Check out this Real Movie.

"Yasmar-Whatza? Hidden Area? What the HELL?!"
hiddenarea.jpg (39323 bytes) mistranslation.jpg (42803 bytes)

THIS! I feel really special in discovering.  I came across this while I was writing up this entire section.  Using one of the many codes at the Game Shark Code Creators Club (This one gave me the Red Refractor early in the game ) I ended up freezing the system for a short period of time when I spoke to Roll and she insisted we get it hooked into the Flutter.  I started pressing buttons in hopes of maybe jogging it back into reality (my PSX fails to load up things or loads really slowly.  It's a modded system and those tend to die after 5 or so years.) and I sent myself into the Status Screen.  Unpausing it I found myself back on Kattelox Island, but trapped in what looked like the Flutters Landing site.  I don't remember where exactly i've seen those Rocks before, but i know they were NEVER in the final release of the game!   They're blocking the path to the Cardon Forest Ruin.  It wouldn't have done much good anyway since the area hadn't been loaded into memory yet and all that was there was a blank area.  The path to Apple Market is also the same.  Out of strange curiousity i ended up talking to the "To Town" sign post and got 00"The Yasmar Woods are this way. instead of the regular message!

"Yasmar Woods" ... I like that name, but obviously this was either a mistranslation, or perhaps some small remains left over from the games early developments got translated by accident.  Hm, i don't think we'll ever really know...   Anyhow, Check out this Real Movie I created for more stuff on it.  You'll notice there's also no music and when looking at the map, your WAYYY off the area!


(Sob, Sniff, They were so young...)

You've seen some of the things that can be offered through the help of a GameShark, now it's time to go beyond what the gameshark can give you and dig nice and deep inside the actual textured files themselves.  If you've ever looked at the Megaman Legends CD through your system (Like, in DOS or something) you'd probably see something like this:

 Volume in drive D is MEGAMAN_LEG
 Volume Serial Number is 7F33-5A69
 Directory of D:\
CDDATA         <DIR>        03-13-98  2:13p CDDATA
ROCK_NEO EXE       825,344  08-16-98 12:35p ROCK_NEO.EXE
SLUS_006 03        305,152  08-16-98 12:35p SLUS_006.03
SYSTEM   CNF            69  03-13-98  2:47p SYSTEM.CNF
         3 file(s)      1,130,565 bytes
         1 dir(s)               0 bytes free
Not much to look at is it?  Well, I don't blame you for not being interested, but it's the basic foundation of the happy little CD.  Upon going into the CDDATA directory we find:

 Volume in drive D is MEGAMAN_LEG
 Volume Serial Number is 7F33-5A69
 Directory of D:\CDDATA
.              <DIR>        03-13-98  2:13p .
..             <DIR>        08-16-98  9:00p ..
DAT            <DIR>        08-14-98  7:39p DAT
STR            <DIR>        03-13-98  2:13p STR
XA             <DIR>        03-13-98  2:14p XA
         0 file(s)              0 bytes
         5 dir(s)               0 bytes free
Boy! we're getting into some exciting new areas here aren't we?!    Your main concern isn't really anything beyond the DAT Directory and the XA directory.  You can ignore the STR one because basicly, theres nothing of interest in there.  (one single file that's the Capcom logo movie. *yawn*) - Let's go into the DAT Directory first shall we?
Volume in drive D is MEGAMAN_LEG
Volume Serial Number is 7F33-5A69
Directory of D:\CDDATA\DAT
.              <DIR>        08-14-98  7:39p .
..             <DIR>        03-13-98  2:13p ..
ARM00L   BIN        18,432  08-16-98 12:54p ARM00L.BIN
ARM00R   BIN        18,432  08-16-98 12:52p ARM00R.BIN
ARM01R   BIN        47,104  08-16-98 12:52p ARM01R.BIN
ARM02R   BIN        45,056  08-16-98 12:52p ARM02R.BIN
ARM03R   BIN        43,008  08-16-98 12:52p ARM03R.BIN
ARM04L   BIN        22,528  08-16-98 12:53p ARM04L.BIN
ARM04R   BIN        22,528  08-16-98 12:53p ARM04R.BIN
ARM05R   BIN        49,152  08-16-98 12:53p ARM05R.BIN
ARM06R   BIN        47,104  08-16-98 12:53p ARM06R.BIN
ARM07R   BIN        47,104  08-16-98 12:53p ARM07R.BIN
ARM08R   BIN        45,056  08-16-98 12:53p ARM08R.BIN
ARM09R   BIN        45,056  08-16-98 12:53p ARM09R.BIN
ARM10R   BIN        45,056  08-16-98 12:53p ARM10R.BIN
ARM11R   BIN        45,056  08-16-98 12:53p ARM11R.BIN
ARM12R   BIN        38,912  08-16-98 12:53p ARM12R.BIN
ARM13R   BIN        47,104  08-16-98 12:53p ARM13R.BIN
BS16VAB1 BIN       147,456  08-16-98 12:53p BS16VAB1.BIN
DEMO_DAT BIN       823,296  08-16-98  1:22p DEMO_DAT.BIN
EXIT_MAP BIN        83,968  08-16-98 12:53p EXIT_MAP.BIN
EXIT_SUB BIN        40,960  08-16-98 12:53p EXIT_SUB.BIN
EXIT_SUP BIN       307,200  08-16-98 12:53p EXIT_SUP.BIN
FONT     BIN        36,864  08-16-98 12:53p FONT.BIN
GAMEOVER BIN       327,680  08-16-98 12:53p GAMEOVER.BIN
GAUGE    BIN        43,008  08-16-98 12:53p GAUGE.BIN
HEAD00   BIN        14,336  08-16-98 12:53p HEAD00.BIN
HEAD01   BIN        14,336  08-16-98 12:53p HEAD01.BIN
INIT_DAT BIN       204,800  08-16-98 12:53p INIT_DAT.BIN
KAIFONT  BIN        36,864  08-16-98 12:53p KAIFONT.BIN
LEG00    BIN         8,192  08-16-98 12:53p LEG00.BIN
LEG01    BIN         8,192  08-16-98 12:53p LEG01.BIN
MAP_A1   BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:53p MAP_A1.BIN
MAP_A2   BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:53p MAP_A2.BIN
MAP_B1   BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:53p MAP_B1.BIN
MAP_B2   BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:53p MAP_B2.BIN
MAP_B3   BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:53p MAP_B3.BIN
ST00     BIN     1,024,000  08-16-98 12:53p ST00.BIN
ST00_00  BIN       161,792  08-16-98 12:53p ST00_00.BIN
ST00_01  BIN       225,280  08-16-98 12:53p ST00_01.BIN
ST00_02  BIN       221,184  08-16-98 12:53p ST00_02.BIN
ST00_03  BIN       188,416  08-16-98 12:53p ST00_03.BIN
ST00_04  BIN       333,824  08-16-98 12:53p ST00_04.BIN
ST01     BIN       331,776  08-16-98 12:53p ST01.BIN
ST02     BIN       952,320  08-16-98 12:53p ST02.BIN
ST02_00  BIN       946,176  08-16-98 12:53p ST02_00.BIN
ST02_01  BIN       581,632  08-16-98 12:53p ST02_01.BIN
ST02_02  BIN       491,520  08-16-98 12:53p ST02_02.BIN
ST03     BIN       643,072  08-16-98 12:53p ST03.BIN
ST03B    BIN       718,848  08-16-98 12:53p ST03B.BIN
ST03_00  BIN       716,800  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_00.BIN
ST03_00B BIN       567,296  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_00B.BIN
ST03_00C BIN       608,256  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_00C.BIN
ST03_00D BIN       569,344  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_00D.BIN
ST03_03  BIN        88,064  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_03.BIN
ST03_05  BIN       419,840  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_05.BIN
ST03_06  BIN       665,600  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_06.BIN
ST03_07  BIN       743,424  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_07.BIN
ST03_08  BIN       485,376  08-16-98 12:53p ST03_08.BIN
ST04     BIN       538,624  08-16-98 12:53p ST04.BIN
ST04B    BIN       436,224  08-16-98 12:53p ST04B.BIN
ST04_00  BIN       780,288  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00.BIN
ST04_00B BIN       641,024  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00B.BIN
ST04_00C BIN       698,368  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00C.BIN
ST04_00D BIN       698,368  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00D.BIN
ST04_00E BIN       712,704  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00E.BIN
ST04_00F BIN       778,240  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_00F.BIN
ST04_01  BIN       331,776  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_01.BIN
ST04_02  BIN       315,392  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_02.BIN
ST04_03  BIN       235,520  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_03.BIN
ST04_04  BIN       311,296  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_04.BIN
ST04_05  BIN       387,072  08-16-98 12:53p ST04_05.BIN
ST05     BIN       716,800  08-16-98 12:53p ST05.BIN
ST05_00  BIN       835,584  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00.BIN
ST05_00B BIN       772,096  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00B.BIN
ST05_00C BIN       473,088  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00C.BIN
ST05_00D BIN       813,056  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00D.BIN
ST05_00E BIN       770,048  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00E.BIN
ST05_00F BIN       780,288  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00F.BIN
ST05_00G BIN       868,352  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00G.BIN
ST05_00H BIN       882,688  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00H.BIN
ST05_00I BIN       864,256  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00I.BIN
ST05_00J BIN       821,248  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_00J.BIN
ST05_01  BIN       868,352  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_01.BIN
ST05_01C BIN       284,672  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_01C.BIN
ST05_02  BIN       698,368  08-16-98 12:53p ST05_02.BIN
ST05_04  BIN       690,176  08-16-98 12:54p ST05_04.BIN
ST06     BIN       393,216  08-16-98 12:54p ST06.BIN
ST06_00  BIN     1,105,920  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_00.BIN
ST06_00B BIN     1,140,736  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_00B.BIN
ST06_00C BIN     1,130,496  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_00C.BIN
ST06_00D BIN     1,177,600  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_00D.BIN
ST06_01  BIN       583,680  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_01.BIN
ST06_01B BIN       364,544  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_01B.BIN
ST06_02  BIN     1,136,640  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_02.BIN
ST06_02C BIN        86,016  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_02C.BIN
ST06_02D BIN       661,504  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_02D.BIN
ST06_03  BIN       305,152  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_03.BIN
ST06_04  BIN       583,680  08-16-98 12:54p ST06_04.BIN
ST07     BIN       139,264  08-16-98 12:54p ST07.BIN
ST07_00  BIN       641,024  08-16-98 12:54p ST07_00.BIN
ST07_05  BIN       530,432  08-16-98 12:54p ST07_05.BIN
ST07_05B BIN       546,816  08-16-98 12:54p ST07_05B.BIN
ST08     BIN       342,016  08-16-98 12:54p ST08.BIN
ST08_00  BIN     1,040,384  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_00.BIN
ST08_00B BIN     1,026,048  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_00B.BIN
ST08_00C BIN     1,003,520  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_00C.BIN
ST08_01  BIN       790,528  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_01.BIN
ST08_02  BIN       778,240  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_02.BIN
ST08_03  BIN       415,744  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_03.BIN
ST08_04  BIN       432,128  08-16-98 12:54p ST08_04.BIN
ST09     BIN       935,936  08-16-98 12:54p ST09.BIN
ST09_00  BIN       407,552  08-16-98 12:54p ST09_00.BIN
ST09_02  BIN       153,600  08-16-98 12:54p ST09_02.BIN
ST09_03  BIN       477,184  08-16-98 12:54p ST09_03.BIN
ST09_05  BIN       471,040  08-16-98 12:54p ST09_05.BIN
ST0A     BIN       288,768  08-16-98 12:54p ST0A.BIN
ST0A_00  BIN       958,464  08-16-98 12:54p ST0A_00.BIN
ST0A_00C BIN       862,208  08-16-98 12:54p ST0A_00C.BIN
ST0A_00D BIN       849,920  08-16-98 12:54p ST0A_00D.BIN
ST0B     BIN       700,416  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B.BIN
ST0B_00  BIN       706,560  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_00.BIN
ST0B_00B BIN       516,096  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_00B.BIN
ST0B_00C BIN       608,256  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_00C.BIN
ST0B_00D BIN       108,544  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_00D.BIN
ST0B_00E BIN        94,208  08-16-98 12:52p ST0B_00E.BIN
ST0B_01  BIN       350,208  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_01.BIN
ST0B_01B BIN        38,912  08-16-98 12:54p ST0B_01B.BIN
ST0C     BIN       919,552  08-16-98 12:54p ST0C.BIN
ST0CB    BIN     1,046,528  08-16-98 12:54p ST0CB.BIN
ST0CC    BIN       739,328  08-16-98 12:54p ST0CC.BIN
ST0D     BIN       569,344  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D.BIN
ST0D_00  BIN       466,944  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_00.BIN
ST0D_00C BIN       483,328  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_00C.BIN
ST0D_00D BIN       477,184  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_00D.BIN
ST0D_01  BIN       342,016  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_01.BIN
ST0D_02  BIN       448,512  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_02.BIN
ST0D_03  BIN        96,256  08-16-98 12:54p ST0D_03.BIN
ST0E     BIN     1,236,992  08-16-98 12:55p ST0E.BIN
ST0F     BIN       114,688  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F.BIN
ST0F_00  BIN       704,512  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_00.BIN
ST0F_02  BIN       561,152  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_02.BIN
ST0F_02B BIN       579,584  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_02B.BIN
ST0F_02C BIN       579,584  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_02C.BIN
ST0F_02D BIN       563,200  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_02D.BIN
ST0F_03  BIN       647,168  08-16-98 12:55p ST0F_03.BIN
ST10     BIN       577,536  08-16-98 12:55p ST10.BIN
ST10B    BIN       587,776  08-16-98 12:55p ST10B.BIN
ST10_00  BIN       462,848  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_00.BIN
ST10_00B BIN       389,120  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_00B.BIN
ST10_00C BIN       454,656  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_00C.BIN
ST10_01  BIN       133,120  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_01.BIN
ST10_02  BIN       133,120  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_02.BIN
ST10_03  BIN       169,984  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_03.BIN
ST10_04  BIN       215,040  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_04.BIN
ST10_05  BIN       104,448  08-16-98 12:55p ST10_05.BIN
ST11     BIN       522,240  08-16-98 12:55p ST11.BIN
ST11B    BIN       532,480  08-16-98 12:55p ST11B.BIN
ST11_00  BIN       389,120  08-16-98 12:55p ST11_00.BIN
ST11_00B BIN       327,680  08-16-98 12:55p ST11_00B.BIN
ST11_00C BIN       372,736  08-16-98 12:55p ST11_00C.BIN
ST12     BIN       491,520  08-16-98 12:55p ST12.BIN
ST12_00  BIN       530,432  08-16-98 12:55p ST12_00.BIN
ST13     BIN       303,104  08-16-98 12:55p ST13.BIN
ST13_00  BIN       964,608  08-16-98 12:55p ST13_00.BIN
ST13_00B BIN       839,680  08-16-98 12:55p ST13_00B.BIN
ST14     BIN     1,216,512  08-16-98 12:55p ST14.BIN
ST14_00  BIN       249,856  08-16-98 12:55p ST14_00.BIN
ST14_00B BIN       223,232  08-16-98 12:55p ST14_00B.BIN
ST15     BIN        69,632  08-16-98 12:55p ST15.BIN
ST15_00  BIN       493,568  08-16-98 12:55p ST15_00.BIN
ST16     BIN       186,368  08-16-98 12:55p ST16.BIN
ST16_00  BIN       534,528  08-16-98 12:55p ST16_00.BIN
ST16_00B BIN       675,840  08-16-98 12:55p ST16_00B.BIN
ST17     BIN     1,366,016  08-16-98 12:55p ST17.BIN
ST17B    BIN       106,496  08-16-98 12:55p ST17B.BIN
ST17C    BIN       296,960  08-16-98 12:55p ST17C.BIN
ST18     BIN       139,264  08-16-98 12:55p ST18.BIN
ST18_00  BIN       569,344  08-16-98 12:55p ST18_00.BIN
ST19     BIN       589,824  08-16-98 12:55p ST19.BIN
ST19B    BIN        55,296  08-16-98 12:55p ST19B.BIN
ST19C    BIN       309,248  08-16-98 12:55p ST19C.BIN
ST19_00  BIN       753,664  08-16-98 12:55p ST19_00.BIN
ST19_03  BIN       626,688  08-16-98 12:55p ST19_03.BIN
ST1A     BIN       929,792  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A.BIN
ST1A_00  BIN       651,264  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_00.BIN
ST1A_01  BIN       548,864  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_01.BIN
ST1A_01B BIN       241,664  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_01B.BIN
ST1A_01C BIN       296,960  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_01C.BIN
ST1A_02  BIN       823,296  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_02.BIN
ST1A_02B BIN       301,056  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_02B.BIN
ST1A_02C BIN       393,216  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_02C.BIN
ST1A_02D BIN       192,512  08-16-98 12:55p ST1A_02D.BIN
ST1B     BIN       309,248  08-16-98 12:55p ST1B.BIN
ST1B_00  BIN       894,976  08-16-98 12:55p ST1B_00.BIN
ST1B_00B BIN       966,656  08-16-98 12:55p ST1B_00B.BIN
ST1C     BIN       839,680  08-16-98 12:55p ST1C.BIN
ST1D     BIN       325,632  08-16-98 12:56p ST1D.BIN
ST1D_00  BIN       739,328  08-16-98 12:56p ST1D_00.BIN
ST1D_01  BIN       813,056  08-16-98 12:56p ST1D_01.BIN
ST1D_02  BIN       815,104  08-16-98 12:56p ST1D_02.BIN
ST1E     BIN       845,824  08-16-98 12:56p ST1E.BIN
ST1E_06  BIN       350,208  08-16-98 12:56p ST1E_06.BIN
SUB_KEY  BIN        55,296  08-16-98 12:56p SUB_KEY.BIN
SUB_WPN  BIN        55,296  08-16-98 12:56p SUB_WPN.BIN
SUPPORT  BIN       333,824  08-16-98 12:56p SUPPORT.BIN
SUPPORT2 BIN       333,824  08-16-98 12:56p SUPPORT2.BIN
       205 file(s)     97,239,040 bytes
         2 dir(s)               0 bytes free
Holy Cow Eh?  Inside these files lurks the millions of textured skins you see on each character and each object.   Of course, each one is ecrypted in it's own special format.   Accessing them without the aid of a program of knowledge pretaining to the format is pretty much impossible.   However, Though the Megaman Legends PLAYSTATION version is protected even from such programs as Yu_Ri, there's always the -PC- version.  And this my friends, is how you get what you need.
Thanks to a friend of mine who got me the chinese version (E-mail me! i lost alot of stuff when my internet and system went down!) I was able to check out alla this stuff long before the Japanese and American versions came out.  Not only that, but my friend Stealth created a private program for me to use to correct the offsettings on the pcx files.

Let's take a closer look at some of this stuff, okay?

The Init_dat.bin contains the entire skin of Megaman.  This is automaticly placed into memory before the game even fully starts up.   Since your always gonna see Megaman it's only the logical area to be in   Yes?

This of course is the image.   Megaman's scattered in many pieces and has to be built back together by the program.   Wondering where his face is?  That's an entirely different file all together.

The files such as the ST*_*.bin ones contain graphics around the area and skins of the characters.   Some pieces are never used in the game, and remain there simply because the programers never bothered to remove them.   Let's take a look at them, shall we?

"Dynamo Cola Despensing Machine Plus More!"
wpeA.jpg (15029 bytes)This is a nice little piece of stuff that never appeared before. It's located in
St05.bin The Dynamo Cola was never seen before except in the Rockman Dash Beta.

I don't believe ANYTHING in this image was used in the final version except for maybe the flower bed, the rounded trash cans and the bus sign. 

I guess i can sorta understand. alot of these images aren't up to the same status as what we see in the final.   But i DO like the Dynamo Cola Machine myself...

"Funny Face?"
wpeB.jpg (8667 bytes)This is one of at least two images i've seen with mysterious faces on it.   Maybe it's some Capcom character.. or maybe one of the workers who helpped with Rockman Dash, i'm not quite sure.

Yet another mystery in the old Dash world. 


This was located in the St06.bin pretty cool eh?

"The Kobuns With Teasel"
wpe10.jpg (5748 bytes)This ones kinda cute. It has an image of a badly sketched Teasel sitting down with a Kobun looking over his shoulder.  Sorta like how the Marlwolf battle ended.

Located in the St0a_00.bin file.

"Hayato maybe?"
wpe11.jpg (5614 bytes)Remember him from Star Gladiator and Marvel Vs Capcom 2?

Sure looks like him don't it?  In fact..

The Katakana at the bottom reads "Funya!"   ..doesn't he say somethin' like that?

Located in the St10_00c.bin  file.

"Tron's Mysterious Chibi-Face!"
wpe12.jpg (11637 bytes)Heheh, Trons getting angry since i didn't cut out the Crotch area of her picture and thinks the perverts're gonna get to it.


This is the only skin of Tron that has those chibi images of her inside it.  The translated words mean "Too much!" which makes sense. :P

This image was located in the St06_00.bin  file.

"The astrange facial profiles"
wpe15.jpg (14905 bytes)wpe14.jpg (8719 bytes)
These two images stand out the very most to me.  Though i believe that almost all of the Kobun faces could have been used during the title screen, there was definitely NOT a toothless Teasel image.   There's plenty of facial images of Teasel, more of him than any other character.

We'll be adding to this archive as time goes by.


vocals.jpg (12390 bytes) There's a few things that'll never be used in the final product of the Megaman Legends CD.   Most are in the XA directory that was shown above.   We'll be showing you a bit about what's inside.   To the best of my knowledge, this is all unused parts.
"Why do these things always chase me?"   .wav
    Tron Bonne complaining about Paprika giving her a chase.
    Could this have been a mistranslation?

"Shoo!  Don't come over here!  SHOO! go away!"   .wav
   Tron once again, complaining about Paprika.  I find this one really cute because of the way her voice squeals like that.  heheh.  Er, Sorry Tron..

"Um Uh... um.."  .wav
    This is once again Tron. You may realize that the first part is used when Mega saves her from Paprika.  But have you ever heard the very last part?   I don't think it plays..