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Thought for the Day:

"Everything always has to be about you, doesn't it?"
- Anne Campbell

UPDATED 7.5.02
Announcing new magazine!
Eddie writes op-ed for 9A


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Alec: Three-Piece Suit
Alec: Three-Piece Suit

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Bacchus Magazine #60

Alec: How To Be An Artist
Alec: How To Be An Artist


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Dee Vee 2001


After last month's new book, it's time for a whole new magazine!

tell your retailer: MAY022065 The current distributor catalogues are listing the first issue of our brand new periodical, Eddie Campbell's Egomania. Under a title suggested by Anne Campbell, the magazine is a refinement of the format of the lamented Bacchus Magazine's last few years. Every issue opens with an installment of Eddie's new strip, The History of Humour, and is packed full of essays, articles and interviews by Campbell. (The first issue is allowing Hayley to sneak in on a technicality.)

Do you remember the last magazine fondly? Did you never see a copy of it at all? Then you'll want to make sure your local comics retailer knows that you and all your friends will be wanting to get in on the ground floor of the artist behind From Hell's exciting new venture. March down there and be sure that they know the Diamond order code is MAY022065, and that it's coming out in July.

The format is similar to the Alan Moore performance adaptations - 48 pages of white paper under a sturdy cardstock cover - but with the dimensions of the Three-Piece Suit book, hopefully setting it off on the shelves as something more than an ordinary comic book. You can read more about it, including details on all of the first issue's features, right here.

The good people at Ninth Art have been on something of a Campbell kick lately. This week sees Eddie writing an editorial piece entitled On The Comic Industry, That Poor Slob, featuring more of his ranting about the state of the medium and the business and art and history and whatnot. And the regular column analysing upcoming books from Diamond's Previews catalogue has bigged us up two months in a row, with writer Chris Ekman mentioning Egomania now, having already made After The Snooter the Pick Of The Month for July!

Churn-heavy comics site Newsarama took a frantic second away from rewording Marvel press releases to mention both of the upcoming projects. Eddie even lets slip a hint or two about Egomania's second issue...

The man who commissioned and originally edited From Hell, Stephen R. Bissette, has a new message board where someone asked his opinion of the film version. from hell movie

Popimage's Adam Ford just got around to reviewing last year's Dee Vee annual. Look out for news about this year's -to be called Molotov- here soon. And have you seen the revamped official site?

Will he ever learn? Eddie got involved inyet another discussion about the nature of art on the Comics Journal message boards. He's only on the first couple of pages, though.


Eddie's new graphic novel, After The Snooter, can now be pre-ordered from your local comics retailer! you want this book. really.

This 160-page autobiographical work collects pieces from the last seven years, previously published in Dark Horse Presents, Dee Vee: Blokes, The Glasgow Herald, Streetwise and our own lamented Bacchus Magazine. This complete volume will also feature a number of new pages, including Campbell's showdown with the titular anthropomorphic representation of his mid-life crisis at the From Hell premiere in Hollywood.

See also the author assembling a new gang of young reprobates around him, taking charge of his own publishing destiny, dealing with the success of From Hell and observing Alan Moore responding to his own mid-life crisis by becoming a magician.

The book will sell for US$14.95, and can be ordered now from Diamond, Cold Cut and Top Shelf for June shipping. The Diamond order code is APR02 2262, and the ISBN 0-9577896-6-1. Order two, and give one to a friend!

We forgot to mention, a couple of weeks ago, that we've been nominated for a Harvey award! How To Be An Artist is competing in the category Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work against Dark Horse's monster-selling manga series Akira and Lone Wolf & Cub, Jason Lutes' Berlin (named in our entry as one of the greatest graphic novels ever!), the long-awaited collection of Joe Sacco's Palestine into one volume, and our pals at Top Shelf's doorstop Box Office Poison. Be sure and check in here a month or two after the awards to find out if we won.

click on the bottle to go to the interview Everyone loves the big unedited interview that The Idler did with Alan Moore, as hosted on this very site. But Martin Cutbill of La Fée has tipped us off that the magazine has now uploaded a more recent interview to their own webthingy, this conducted by multimedia personality and comics nerd Jonathon Woss (see right).
"When Idler HQ asked me if'd like to meet the great and beardy one, I rushed at the chance like Charlie Sheen at a porn starlet."

In a lovely bit of synchronicity, Moore quotes Ditko's opinion on Rorschach, which this correspondent first saw cited in a Heartbreak Hotel interview with Ross himself in the late '80s. Alan also reveals the inspiration behind Zander Cannon's Top Ten short:
"...I don't know whether it's The Sopranos but recently I've found myself really getting hooked on the mafiosi… It's Shakespeare, it really is. I mean I'm very, very hard on most television work, and most film work, but The Sopranos is like Shakespeare. The characters are so wonderful, the writing is terrific.

Speaking of interviews, national youth radio station Triple J recently spoke to Eddie himself, and have transcribed the broadcast version along with their review of the Hellflick.
"An author in the privacy of his/her home can cheerfully depict sex in all its daftness but in the public environment of the movie set all the quirky idiosyncracies are doomed to be ironed out. In fact, completely steam-rollered."

Click for a gigantic half-meg version Diamond accounts should now finally have their ordered stock of the new edition of Immortality Isn't Forever. And if they've run out, or heaven forfend, didn't order any, they can get more.

You probably won't convince yourself to ask them to by reading this hilariously bad Bacchus review at Spinnerrack, but you should read it anyway. The guy knows a lot of words, but he's not too sure what to do with them now he's got them.

While his work on Alan Moore's From Hell is often championed as his career best, I feel that the neat pencilwork on show over the lengthy course of Bacchus is marginally superior. At its worst, it is as descriptive and provocative as the above Ripper myth, and—to defile to term somewhat—it can be, at its best, quite awing. Awing not in its scope, but in its provocative and evocative nature. Bacchus is penciled as a wise and wizened gentlemen, and the locations and folk surrounding him are as impressive as they are effective.

It gets even better than that. Honestly.

Grovel, a new UK-based site dedicated to graphic novels, has reviewed Alec: the King Canute Crowd.

The book club at Joe Bob Briggs' site has reviewed How To Be An Artist. The review isn't by Joe Bob himself, sadly.

Did you know you can get the Delcourt edition of From Hell in Dymocks main branch in Sydney? It's snazzy. The French must love Eddie, as we've been listed on the Annuaire des Bandes Dessinées.

The recent Corner by Eddie prompted some theorising on the Comicon boards, but it had to die once Joe Zabel and Pat O'Neill started agreeing.


Believe it or not, but the workshy Campbell, in the midst of a return to active cartooning duty, has actually sat down and churned out a new Eddie's Corner. Eisner at UF. The Fan not pictured On a more rarefied level than the above Thought, he's been turning his wine-soaked mind to the academic attention that comics have been receiving lately. For outside input on the matter, the interested reader is directed to this Gainesville Sun article on the University of Florida conference that Campbell took part in last month, and more detailed (and worthwhile) reading can be found at Art Papers and the New York Times.

looks like the characters aren't the only drunken ones You never know what secret shames DC executives might hide, do you? Wildstorm editor type John Layman not only collects sketches of Cerebus, he puts them up online. Since Eddie refused to scribble an aardvark in Bacchus Magazine #1 for yr webmaster when he and Dave Sim were signing copies of their collaboration at a Sydney convention last century, does this mean he's schmoozing for the gig as penciller on The Authority?

Attention Portugal! The Central Comics webzine has just put up a fairly informative conversation with our esteemed Imperrator Mundi. Those fluent in Portugese can read the whole thing here, while the rest of us can just laugh at Campbell's skimpy pink shorts (can you believe this man wouldn't print photos of me and Evans at last year's Mardi Gras?)

Eddie Campbell is the Australian artist who drew the album From Hell, written by Alan Moore, as well as other works left the penalty of this British writer. However, Campbell is an artist with other universes and very personal artistic inclinations that urge to discover, such as Bacchus, a new version of the adventures of the Greek God, dear escansão and labrego, and histories of Alec MacGarry, in a auto-biographical register. As if an amusement to help to support rainy afternoons if he dealt with, I spoke with it on its work, its intentions and Deuses, Kings and alternative bandes desinees. Between a black beer and another one, this was what the computer captured. Indeed!

And wrapping up the multilingual theme, our correspondent Steve Lieber alerts us to the popularity of Eddie Campbell's art as a discussion topic among Italian comics enthusiasts. One thread on it.arti.fumetti spun out of another argument on whether or not From Hell is 'brutto' (or 'ugly' - why, those rude bastards!), and was later supplanted by a discussion as to whether the work is Embe' (why, those... er, babelfish-resistant bastards). If you read Italian, or have the time and patience to feed chunks of threads into a translator, check the Google archives for From Hell brutto? and From Hell...Embe'?.


Eddie will probably be down the pub this weekend, and at San Diego in a couple of months.

Click here for old news.


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