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Energetic Medicine
by Health Action Network Society

It was an overflow in the ballroom of the Emissary Foundation in Vancouver of February 17th as people came to hear Dr. William Nelson, Ph.D. founder of Energetic Medicine. In his introduction, the audience heard that Nelson, while still a teenager, invented a heat pump for General Motors: as an engineering student he reprogrammed an Apollo Space Mission to bring the Satellite back to earth. Twenty years of study later, with qualifications in Biology, Physiology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Biofeedback, Electro-Energetic Medicine, Behavioral Medicine and Well-ness, Nelson has a uniquely comprehensive understanding of the energy that surrounds the human body. His vision of energetic medicine sees healing as a compassionate art, not relying on systems and products that are complex and hurtful at times, but on sympathetic technology which "first of all, does no harm."


One of the personal experiences Nelson recognizes as a formative experience which got him interested in natural healing is the experience of his son Daniel. Daniel was mildly damaged by a drug similar to thalidomide, a SINthetic [as he insists it should be spelled] drug called Bendectin. One of Daniel's problems was chronic ear infections or 'glue ear', otherwise called 'Otitis Media'. Nelson was teaching statistics at the time, and mentioned Daniel's problem to a medical friend. The medical friend suggested an immediate operation called 'Myringotomy', or 'tubes in the ears'.

Nelson said "Bob, if you went home today and the bathroom had three feet of water, would you just cut a hole in the floor? Wouldn't you want to know how it got there?" Needless to say, surgery was not what he had in mind.

Nelson went home, picked up a book on Russian Herbal Remedies, and discovered that 'Urtica' [Latin for stinging nettles] was known to the Russians as a mucous dissolver; "Equisetum' [horsetail or shave grass] was known as nature's lancet, because it helps to lance open different areas. He made a concoction for Daniel.

Nelson gave his son the concoction, used massage around the ears and neck, and restricted white sugar [also known to be detrimental in Otitis Media]. In a short time, his son's hearing had returned to better than normal. Nelson went to tell his medical friend, Bob, but Bob wouldn't stay to listen.

Because Nelson was teaching statistics at Youngstown University, he started doing statistical analysis. He took 65 children with Otitis Media: 30 of them were scheduled for a Myringotomy. He put them of his herbal concoction, taught the parents how to massage the ears and neck to facilitate draining, and told them about the problems related to sugar. Within three weeks, each one of them was clear. The surgeries were aborted.

This paper was delivered to a group of twelve pediatricians in Philadelphia. It was initially received with great enthusiasm. They said they really wanted to get involved, to use this technique. Ear infections is the number one problem in American children; Myringotomy is one of the most common surgical procedures carried out in the United States.

Afterwards they all said "No." Why? They were told "It's not standard accepted medical practice."

Nelson called the FDA and asked what was required to make something "standard accepted medical technique." They said it was simple; all it would take is $50 million dollars [it now takes $200 million dollars!] $50 million dollars is what it cost, at the time to pay the FDA for the testing of the drug. Why? Because they take a formula and patent it, if they make a synthetic drug and patent it, they can control the patent for seven years and get their money back. It was at this point that he realized that the decision-making for pharmaceuticals was based on making a profit.

Four pharmaceutical companies approached Nelson with impressive financial figures for the rights to make a synthetic drug out of his herbal concoction. He wasn't in it for the money.

Nelson then embarked on his calling, to create a non-invasive biofeedback method of assessment which tests for 5000 items: and to support his diagnostic tool, he has registered 5000 different homeopathic remedies with the HPUS [Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US].

Other topics covered during this lecture were hyper-sensitivity, and the relationship of adenoids, tonsils, and appendixes to AIDS, amongst others.


Dr. Nelson's first vocational experiences were in quantum physics and electrical engineering, when he worked on the navigation system for the Apollo project. He taught mathematics, meditation, and mystic philosophy at Youngstown State University for over eight years. He became a Medical Doctor and a Licensed Clinical Counselor in Ohio to diagnose and treat the ailments of mankind.

Dr. Nelson has been one of the most prolific lecturers and writers on the subjects of quantum biology, energetic medicine, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and the entire field of naturopathy. He has lectured around the globe on these subjects, and brought his unique synergistic prospective to integrate the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, electronics, naturopathy, homeopathy and energetic medicine. His lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine in London is still talked about. Having authored over 70 studies and 20 books on Homeopathy, Dr. Nelson is one of the greatest contributors to natural medicine ever.

To those who have always said that there is no scientific perspective behind these alternative medicinal techniques, we can only say that these people have not read Dr. Nelson's work, or they have not met and interacted with him. Even the greatest skeptic, once he hears Dr. Nelson, will realize that alternative medicine has much to offer to the future of medicine and the future of life on this planet.

Dr. Nelson was elected President of the American Nutrimedical Association and has doctorates in homeopathy, naturopathy, science, business, and International law. His unique presentation captures the extreme scientific, mathematical perspective, along with a reverent, compassionate and charismatic quality.

Dr. Nelson is an accomplished medical doctor, quantum physicist, mathematician, computer expert, naturopath, acupuncturist, and homeopath. He unites these arts in a dynamic way that all can understand.

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