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SATURDAY, JUNE 8th: Starscape
SATURDAY, JUNE 15th: House+Techno by Metatrack @ Black Cat Backstage

al3x posts at 06.4.02 :: 08.18.am
dan, in case you forgot, the name of the place is Jinx Proof.

alyx posts at 06.3.02 :: 03.00.pm
getting a new camera. ain't it pretty?

al3x posts at 06.3.02 :: 01.56.pm
if i had an arty whiteboy blues band i would name it "alex payne and the single points of failure" or "alex payne and the fault tolerence analysis procedures".

al3x posts at 06.2.02 :: 11.45.pm
after a weekend of rampant automotive use and tomfoolery, i am prepared to resume my dutiful routine as a public-transit using member of the professional workforce. until NEXT weekend, anyway.

dan posts at 06.2.02 :: 08.29.pm
in space?

lara posts at 06.2.02 :: 01.39.pm

dan posts at 06.1.02 :: 04.58.pm
ok i now have 3 tixx to starscape. rawk.

dan posts at 06.1.02 :: 08.13.am
either i have a wicked hangover or my body thetans are acting up again. i like to think the body thetans.

alyx posts at 05.31.02 :: 01.42.pm
what's even wierder is I can relate to some of that list, and the raver geek quiz [more the geek], and i don't rave.

give me liberty or give me death. preferably in a cute little aluminum case.

dan posts at 05.31.02 :: 10.49.am
i am only 60% raver geek

dan posts at 05.31.02 :: 10.45.am
the funny part is that like 95% of the things on the jaded raver list apply to me. oh well. anyways alex just call my cellphone thatll wake me up better than my main phone anyways.

al3x posts at 05.30.02 :: 11.24.pm
i am 70% ravergeek. (guess who was googling for rave-related words?)

al3x posts at 05.30.02 :: 11.19.pm
you might be a jaded raver if.... also, dan, please e-mail me your home phone # so i can wake you up on saturday...

dan posts at 05.30.02 :: 10.57.pm
i like chicken. also, liver.

alyx posts at 05.30.02 :: 01.19.pm
aawww. >_<

al3x posts at 05.30.02 :: 11.06.am
i am now a legal and insured driver. who wants to be driven someplace? 'cause i can do that now. legally. yeah!

dan posts at 05.29.02 :: 10.45.pm
a more pressing concern: am i EVER going to get rid of these damn body thetans???


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