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Black Edge Games is proud to announce Freeride Thrash Gold.
If you've played the original Freeride Thrash then I'm sure you thought it was great fun, but it needs more tracks and ships and more features (If you haven't played it then download it now right here.), well now with Freeride Thrash Gold you have all this and more.

Heres just some of the new game features:
  • Over 10 new and different tracks
  • More than twice the amount of ships
  • All new championship mode
  • Better and more realistic AI opponants
  • More detailed and longer tracks
Freeride Thrash Gold will be available on the 15th April.

There will be a small demo you can download to try it, but to get all the tracks, ships and features you will need to buy the full version for just $14.99.


FREE Game Downloads

Freeride Thrash - Fast paced Racing game
Download Now - FREE
Freeride Thrash Fast Paced Futuristic Racing Game

Take on the challenging AI opponants as you race around in a futuristic ship that can reach speeds up to 250 Mph. Fly through the tunnels, jump off the HUGE drops and slide your ship around the twisting track.

Download Now - Totally FREE
Buy Freeride Thrash Gold for just $14.99.

Shaolin Soldier - Classic Arcade Game
Download Now - FREE
Shaolin Soldier Classic Arcade Game

Work your way through a multitude of levels in this classic arcade game. Avoid the baddies and collect bonuses to help you make your way to the exit.

Download Now - Totally FREE

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