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Cover Feature
In a column last year, Ernest Adams introduced his vision of Dogma and a three-word manifesto: Technology Stifles Creativity (at least for a while). But what would happen if we took a technology and told designers explicitly to think of new kinds of games we could make with it, without regard for their commercial viability? What if we took a technology, and instead of letting it stifle us, we let it inspire us?

[05.10.02] Post Your Student Internships
If you're a company looking for a student intern for the summer, post it on Gamasutra. It automatically gets posted in the Contract Work Project Listings and on our Education page.

[04.30.02] Always A Bridesmaid?
For the third year in a row, Gamasutra has been nominated for a Webby Award (best of the web). Will we win, or will we "Susan Lucci" it? Vote for us!


Latest Profile:
Phelan Sykes, Art Director

After some classical art training at Rhode Island School of Design and dozens of truly undignified jobs, Phelan Sykes happened upon a small start-up game company in Virginia, Hurricane Graphics. Three thousand miles and several Might and Magic titles later, she's now an Art Director at Rapid Eye Entertainment in San Diego.

Previous Profile:
Darryl S. Duncan, Composer

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Latest Letters to the Editor:
Pop-up Ads on Gamasutra by Chris GauthierDickey [05.23.2002]
Newer Robotics Textbook Reference For "Complex Matrix Transforms" by Craig Turner [05.23.2002]
Comment on: Social Activities: Implementing Wittgenstein by Tobias Karlsson [05.08.2002]

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Latest News:
Xbox Security Defeated By Grad Student [06.03.02]
Activision Raises Guidance For Q1, Fiscal 2003 [06.03.02]
Nintendo Reports Record Profits For Fiscal 2001 [05.30.02]
NXN Releases Asset Management Suite For Small Dev Teams [05.29.02]
Two New Execs Join Ubi Soft [05.29.02]
Toon Boom Releases Toon Boom Studio 2 [05.28.02]
Interplay Forced From Nasdaq Market [05.24.02]
Yamauchi Steps Down From Nintendo's Helm [05.24.02]
THQ Acquires Budget Publisher ValuSoft [05.23.02]
Nvidia Triples Quarterly Revenues, Income [05.23.02]
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  Latest Articles:

Designers Notebook: Indie Game Jam Inverts Dogma 2001 by Ernest Adams [05.31.02]
Gamasutra 1997: Fifth Anniversary Flashback [05.29.02]

Game Audio Resource Guide 2002 [05.20.02] Gamasutra presents its second Game Audio Resource Guide. Highlights include: Todd Fay on the wonders of Performance Modeling, Marty O'Donnell discussing audio produciton for Halo, The pros and cons of using a live orchestra from Jack Wall, Gene Porfido reviews Digidesign's portable Mbox, the Fat Man offers unasked for advice, Gavin Andersen explains using audio to make games accessible to the blind, and Andrew Barnabas makes an appearance in the Game Audio Gallery.

Complex Matrix Transformations by Scott Johnson [05.17.02]
GDC 2002: Moving to Multiple Projects by Ray Muzyka [05.15.02]
GDC 2002: Realistic Level Design by Aki M��tt� [05.08.02]
Artist Gallery: Phelan Sykes [05.03.02]
Postmortem: Factor 5's Star Wars: Rogue Leader by Thomas Engel [05.01.02]
Putting the Madden in Madden by Ernest Adams [04.26.02]
GDC 2002: Social Activities: Implementing Wittgenstein by Richard Evans and Thomas Barnet Lamb [04.24.02]
GDC 2002: Manhattan as Muse by Duncan Brown [04.17.02]
Lost Along the Way: Pitfalls on the Road from Concept to Completion by Rob Irving [04.12.02]

Better Game Design Through Cutscenes by Hugh Hancock [04.02.02]

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Latest Contractors:
Swamiware LLC [05.30.02]
MURPE [05.30.02]
Wonder Show Studios Inc. [05.29.02]
DotPublishing Inc. [05.28.02]
Demiurge Studios [05.27.02]

Featured Contractors:

New Pencil: Offering the best in battle tested, top-quality video game art production.
Omni Interactive Audio: Ex-EA sound department, with multi-platinum credits.

GameBeat: Custom music & SFX - recent clients include EA, Sega, Microsoft. Music, sound effects, voice acting and audio-post production services.
WetFire Audio: Full-service audio production for the gaming industry.
Dhruva Interactive: India's leading provider of outsourced services to studios worldwide.
Her Majesty's Righteous Beat Squad: Music composition, sound & voice creation, more.
Ballistic Pixel Lab: A production facility that will take your game to the next level.

Liguid Development : The only art resource you need for video game development.
Code Triangle: We have a passion for writing code. Code is always on our minds.


Latest Jobs (Requires Login):
Rock Solid Studios AB: Programmers
Acom Computer Systems Ltd.: Senior 3D Graphics World-Builder
Pandemic Studios: Programmers/Senior Programmers
S2 Games: Game Play Programmer
Coresoft Inc.: PS1 & PS2 Programmers
Volition: Art Director
Swingin' Ape Studios: Texture Artist
Electronic Arts Canada: AI Coders (Software Engineers)
Crystal Productions BVI (Corp.): Producer
Firaxis Games: 3D Game Programmers
HopeLab: Video Game Producer

High Score! The Illustrated
History of Electronic Games

A history of the of games from the '70s through the '90s, with excellent commentary.
Price: $19.99

Game Developer CD-ROM, Vol. 4
All issues from May '01-April '02. Articles look as they appeared in print, fully searchable. Price: $49.00

Latest Features:
Master's Thesis: Statistical Person Tracker by Daniel Borthwick, University College London [05.29.02]
Master's Thesis: The Technoludic Film: Images of Videogames in Movies (1973-2001)
by Matteo Bittanti, San Jose State University [05.01.02]

Doctoral Thesis: Curious Design Agents and Artificial Creativity: A Synthetic Approach to the Study of Creative Behavior by Rob Saunders University of Sydney [04.17.02]
Master's Thesis: The Architechtures of Trust: Supporting Cooperation in the Computer-Supported Community by Jonas Heide Smith, University of Copenhagen [04.10.02]
Master's Thesis: Gameplay: The Elements of Interaction by Patrick Mount, John Moores University [04.03.02]

[More Features and Theses...]

Latest Schools:

Otto-von-Guericke University: Magdeburg, Germany
Universit� de Sherbrooke: Sherbrooke, Canada
Unicenp: Curitiba, Brazil
University of Sheffield: Sheffield, United Kingdom
The Art Institute of California-Orange County: Santa Ana, CA

Featured Schools:
Academy Of Art College: San Francisco, CA, United States
Center for Digital Imaging and Sound: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
University of Advancing Computer Technology: Tempe, AZ, United States


Latest Companies (Requires Login):
Figment3D Enterprises Inc. [05.30.02]
INTRAG Int'l [05.25.02]
Magenta MultiMedia Tools B.V. [05.24.02]
Otto-von-Guericke University [05.23.02]
Universit� de Sherbrooke [05.23.02]
Froghop [05.22.02]
Unicenp [05.16.02]
University of Sheffield [05.16.02]
The Art Institute of California-Orange County [05.14.02]
Academy of Intertactive Entertainment [05.13.02]

Featured Download

ActiveMARK Demo (Trymedia Systems)
29MB, Level-locked demo game

BeachHead 2002, a game from Digital Fusion and Infogrames, demonstrates the ActiveMARK Technology for games distributed via the Internet. All security and level-locking features within BeachHead 2002 were created without source code or programming using the ActiveMARK Content Packager.

Featured Products:
ActiveMARK: Powerful security and broad distribution for Internet-distributed games.
BREW: An application platform from Qualcomm for developing wireless games.
3D Game Studio: Conitec's suite of game tools using a JavaScript-like language.
GlobalWave: A secure way to distribute rich media, using flexible payment technology.

No projects currently listed.

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