Who is The Conservative Guy anyhow?

In many circles, I have become known as "the conservative guy".  Some people don't remember my name because I am an average type guy.  In the course of my life I have been a preppie, a yuppie, blue-collar, green-collar and white-collar.  I've served in the military, graduated from college, taught in the public school system, was a truck driver, a management consultant, a union member, a fitness instructor and an entrepreneur.  In short, I've been around.  Kind of a "been there, done that" thing.  I'm a two-holiday Christian and I usually vote Republican because they most often support conservative positions.

I am not a conservative by birth as you might assume.  My conservatism has evolved through my life experiences.  I come from a very average white rural working-class family.  My parents and brother are lifelong Democrats with a tradition of labor union membership.  Growing up, there were many rough spots, but we never had to go on welfare.  My parents' marriage had its ups and downs, but they stayed together - kept us all together.  Mom always made sure we went to school and to church, even though many times we didn't want to.  I put myself through college, earning a scholarship and holding a job while attending classes.  I enlisted in the military more as a challenge to myself than anything, but got so much more than I ever expected.  I learned the importance of self-discipline and self-reliance.

and what is he trying to do?

I believe there are many men and women in America who are conservative.  Many more than one would imagine.  Many more than would think of themselves as conservatives.  When I meet people, and the conversation turns to politics, as it always seems to with me, some of them sheepishly confess that they are Republicans or that they agree with the opinions I have just spoken.  It's almost as if they fear the reaction of their peers, that there is something wrong with having conservative views.  I am here to tell them that they are not alone.  Day after day, more conservatives are speaking up as they have had enough of liberalism run amok.

Therefore, my mission is simple:

1.  Help people to realize that they have conservative core values and are therefore conservatives.

2.  Help people to be proud that they are conservatives.

3.  Help people to allow their conservative values to govern their actions.

and how is he going to do it?

I am going to tell you what I think.  I will be passionate.  I will be cynical at times.  I will employ some humor and some sarcasm.  The expression of my opinions will be controversial because I don't have to be politically correct.  I'm not running for office.  I'm not trying to be fair and balanced.  I am a conservative and I am speaking my mind.

I encourage you to do the same.


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